Tuesday Ten: Crafty & Creative Halloween Costumes



Halloween may be a month away, but now is the time to start planning your costume! Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays. Not only is it an excuse to play dress up, it is also a great time to get crafty and creative (and for some, wear minimal clothing). Needless to say, the panic of picking the “perfect” costume can be nerve-wracking. Especially when you’ve already heard what your friends are planning on being. Well ladies, I’ve got you covered! Over the next few weeks, I will be doing a DIY series on making your own costumes and will also be sharing some last minute costume ideas too. For now, check out these ten costume suggestions and get those creative wheels turning!

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors. This is a great idea to do with a couple other friends. I think these girls nailed it!
  2. 1920s Flapper. This is one of my personal favorites. When in doubt, I always go for the flapper girl costume.
  3. Lichtenstein Lady. Be a Lichtenstein gal! Just prepared to wear a lot of face and body makeup (and be excited to accept your prize for best costume too).
  4. Three Blind Mice. This is another cute costume idea you can do with two other friends. Wear grey leotards or bodysuits (American Apparel has great ones) with little tutus or frilly skirts, mouse ears, a bowtie, and sunglasses. And don’t forget to tack on a tail and bring your walking stick too!
  5. Peacock. Why not be a peacock? After all, you could really “shake ya tail feather” all night long…
  6. Ghost. There’s a reason this is an oldie but goodie. Instead of throwing a sheet over your head, try this tulle take on the ghost costume. Did I mention you get to yell “Boo!” all night long? Yes.
  7. Bewitched. Or should I say, be a witch. I mean, if the broom fits–fly it!
  8. Clown. Have fun and clown around! I was a clown a few years ago… Let me know if you would like me to do a DIY post on how I created my clown costume. It’s really easy!
  9. Pinup Girl. Channel your inner Rita Hayworth and be a pinup!
  10. It’s Raining Cats & Dogs. I just thought this was too cute. Leave it to Martha Stewart to be the mastermind behind this one.

Share your costume ideas in the comments below!

And if you have any DIY costume requests, let me know about those too.

XO Lauren

Photo is from here.
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  • Melissa Panici

    These are great costumes!! How creative:) I would love a DIY post on your clown costume! Lovely suggestions Lauren! I can’t wait for Halloween now!

  • Finn

    awesome!!! me and my sister are being wayne and garth from waynes world haha but i need another costume for another night too

  • Daphne Delgado

    Can you do a DIY for a mermaid? and yes i’d love to see your clown costume :)

  • Emilie Jordan

    I’d love to see a diy for pinup girl :)

  • Keeler

    I would love to see a DIY halloween post! I have been making most of my costumes since I was in high school. It just makes so much more sence and it is so mch more creative! Thanks Lauren!

  • Lupsie

    When I was a senior in my all girls HS, they had a Halloween party with the freshman and seniors. My friends and I went as old couples. We all paired up with eachother and dressed up in our grandparents clothes and accessories (walkers, canes). It was such a hit, we won best costumes for the party! Here’s a link to the pictures…http://www.laurenconrad.com/photos/list/17097/2210/1

  • Kellie Norton

    Such cute ideas!! I’ve already decided I’m going to be a German Bier Garten girl since my boyfriend is from Germany, it seems appropriate :) haha can’t wait to see what you’re being for halloween!!

  • Michela Garau

    I would see a future post with your Halloween costume for this year. I love, especially, witches costumes

  • Jessica Poole

    Last year I made Woody and Jessie costumes, and tehy were awesome! I don’t know how to add a picture to this though.

  • StephMarie

    I loveeee the tullle ghost! so chic!

  • Jennifer Fox

    DIY costume for a group of 6 or more! http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/21324/2211/10073/1

    Human Solo Cups!! We just got 6 hula-hoops, red fabric, suspenders, and white spray paint to make the Solo logo down the sides! So easy and so fun! People were shooting into our cups the whole night!!

  • Melissa Kwiatkowski

    This was probably one of my favorite posts ever!! :) I loved all the ideas! I would love to see your past costumes if you ever have the chance to post them! It’d be fun!

  • Courtney Richards

    AHHHH!! Thank you soooo much for mentioning us in this article! I was Scissors in the Rock, Paper, Scissors trio!! You should see our other past costumes.. we kind of have a reputation for creative costumes!!

  • Breezy Svacina

    This year I’m going as Princess Lolly from CandyLand, my cousin is going to be Queen Frostine. I just need to get a short yellow prom dress, sew some decals on it, and get a pink curly wig and attach lollipops to it…and of course pass out lollipops to everyone

  • Jessica H

    I love the ideas! I may just re-create my version of my peacock costume I used a few years ago. Here is the link to my blog and picture of my part of my outfit. http://fashionatabargain.blogspot.com/2010/11/homemade-halloween.html I also re-create celeb looks for less sometimes too! Just have been busy with nursing school this semester

  • Courtney Richards

    BTW.. if you want a write up.. a DIY step by step.. I can provide!!

  • Kaleigh Giammarva

    My boyfriend is really into hunting. So two years ago, I dressed up as a hunter and he was the deer. I bought a Nerf gun and we had this whole shooting scene where he would fall, stick his tongue out, and I’d hold up his rack. Everybody really enjoyed it and it was so easy to do!

  • Caitlin Pickett

    haha The Three Blind Mice idea is sooo cute!! I am still unsure of what to be this year but something will come up.

    @JenniferFox You’re idea is GREAT for a party! hahaha very creative!!!

  • Kris

    Do you have any four person ideas?!

  • Lyndsey Meek

    Could you give some cute couple costume ideas?

  • Leonela Contreras

    Courtney: My coworkers and I really liked the paper, scissors, rock… We are thinking of doing that but do you have any other ideas for a 3 girl group?

  • Brittany Gosney

    These are such cute ideas! One year in college I lived with 6 other girls and we dressed up as dominoes! we got short black dresses that matched and pinned on white felt dots… we were all the number 7 with different combos of dots :) Everyone loved it!

  • Janice Campbell

    I’ve never seen the rock, paper, scissors before & it’s adorable! A girlfriend of mine is throwing a Halloween party & my boyfriend & I are going to do our very first couples costume. We haven’t decided yet, but we might be a stewardess & business man from the 50s :)

  • Kendra Oatis

    i went as a Flavor of Love contestant a couple of years ago…complete with a clock around my neck! my name was Scrumptious :) people got a kick out of it!

  • Karla Mendez

    Yessss couples costume ideas please!! I really want to dress up with my boyfriend as Frankenstein and me his bride :) just because he is really tall and I am very petite and I think it would be absolutely awesome, but he doesn’t want to. He is super boring in Halloween and just puts a mask on, so I need some more ideas to see if I can convince him. Btw: he said that the only way he would totally dress up was if we went as Homer and Marge Simpson, which I’m not for it.

  • Chelsea Spriggs

    Love this, espcially since I just learned how to do a fingerwave in cosmetology school, a pin up girl will be amazing!

  • danielle w

    Last year my friends and I did a simple painters costume. Jean shorts, ripped white hanes with paint splatter all over it. And then we went to home depot to get the hats, toolbelt and paint brushes. simple & easy.


  • Colleen O

    Last Halloween I was a Chia Pet! Green hair, terra cotta colored dress, and I carried a watering can.

  • Kimmy S

    Back in college me and a group of friends did the 7 Deadly Sins… I was gluttony! I wore a mini dress and glued little donuts/treats all over and wore candy jewelry and even affixed little fake donuts to my shoes… It was a total hit! We were inspired by that old episode of America’s Next Top Model: http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/ANTM-america-27s-next-top-model-40987_900_675.jpg It’s a great group costume!

  • Lizzie

    Lauren I was hoping that you were going to do a post like this! I can’t wait to see your future Halloween ideas posts!

    I’ve been brainstorming for this year. I would love to do a costume that’s a pop culture reference. I feel like there are too many Lady Gagas and Katy Perrys out there but I was thinking Kei$ha could be fun. I can’t think of anything else.

    I’ve been also been thinking I could just buy a costume, like a pirate, bo peep, etc. Bridget Marquardt just came out with a costume line and I kinda love her peacock one!

    I’m making my fiance go as the Old Spice guy cause he kind of looks like him and it’s an easy costume, but that means a couple costume is out. I’m looking forward to your other posts so that I can try and decide what to be!

  • Jennifer Sellen

    i saw this cool DIY costume of Mr. Peanut. this girl wore a yellow leotard with white ankle socks and black mary-janes with a bow tie and a top hat which she glued on mr. peanut and she even had the eye-glass or whatever its called. it was so cool… oh and i can’t forget the cane.

  • Jennifer Sellen

    omg i love halloween… i can’t wait to dress up and have fun!! thanks for all the ideas ladies and can’t wait to see Lauren’s DIY for some costumes.

  • Elina Peyda

    This comes perfect, my friend emailed me this morning saying she will have a birtday party with Halloween as theme! I thought to be a ghost or the Gray lady instead of a witch.

  • Maria Camila NR

    I love Halloween :), I’d like a post with DIY costumes! I’ll be waiting… :)

  • kelli sanders

    im really interested in the clown costume!

    please post it in your DIY section!

  • Marie

    Yess! I need this! Can you post a costume idea for cold weather?

  • Jennifer Villarreal

    ahh i love halloween! october is the best month ever its so close to my birthday! i really want to be a penguin for halloween but i want to make it. so it would be great if you could help me with that!! :)

  • Maria Abbruscato

    A great DIY costume is a hula girl!!!!!! All u do is get a lei, a grass skirt, and ur done! Lol!

  • Tirilee Cassel

    totally lol’d when you linked to the Nelly video 😛

  • Cristina Picozzi

    I always have a hard time finding a costume for Halloween because I can never find something that fits. This year I was going through some of my fancier dresses I have worn. I made a list of different people or things that wear those kinds of dresses. I have decided to wear my blue senior ball dress from college, all I need to do is buy a tiara and a sash and I will be transformed into a beauty queen. Sometimes the best ideas are in your closet.

  • Roxanne Cruz

    Halloween is my favorite(: its also my birthday! I turn 18 this year :) I’m so very pumped! I would love to see the Peacock costume 😀

  • Alisa Wang

    I’m gonna be Minnie Mouse this year! :) I’m sewing my own red with white polka dot skirt (it’s really easy!) with red suspenders and wearing a black sparkly bandeau underneath. With, of course, my minnie ears! I’ll be posting a picture when the time comes! I’d love to see the peacock costume as well, and maybe even a mermaid one would be cute, especially a DIY version!

  • Apple
  • Blair Arms

    Last year I dressed up at Tom Cruise from Risky Business. Just get a long sleeve button up, tighty whiteys, tube socks, Ray Bans, and a candle stick!! I wore tan hose for some color and to keep my legs warm and I put a pair of socks in the underwear to look ‘big’ and to get a couple of laughs! Everyone loved it and I looked hot and I was comfortable

  • Lauren Taylor

    If you have an old prom dress that still fits, you could be a princess! I think that’s what I’m going to do this year.

  • Karen Wapinski

    One year I dressed up as a gypsy. I combed through vintage stores and found a great long, elegant crepe like skirt in oranges reds and golds that swirled out when I walked and I paired it with a ton of jewellery and a shawl of my grandmothers from the forties. Very cool and very cheap!

  • Lauren Miller

    Lauren, thanks SO MUCH for picking us!! I’m Rock in Rock, Paper, Scissors!

  • saffy bt

    that cats so scary the huh! thanks “”;)

  • Gina Massaro

    halloween is my absolute favorite. its the best time to experiment with crazy makeup! cant wait!

  • Khyrsten Mieras

    Could you do a DIY for Holly Golightly? And I would love to see a post with your halloween costume for this year. :)

  • Riley Slowinski

    Can u please please post a cute/sexy DIY clown costume ? (:

  • Allison Pisarski

    How did the girl make the “”rock”” costume in Rock Paper Scissors?! I’ve been racking my brain trying to re-create this! :)

  • Danielle Smith

    would love to see DIY ideas you have done for Halloween!

  • Elizabeth McBeen

    We are going as Cesaer and Cleopatra. I figure a little white toga and dress and some gold lame fabric and we are good to go. I am excited to experiment with the black wig and the makeup.

  • Kai Kumalae

    This year, I’m doing the best couples costume; Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak from Breakfast at Tiffany’s! :)

  • Laura Conner

    Halloween is also my birthday and this year I’ll be 25. Trying to figure out some way to do something representitive for a “”quarter of a century birthday.”” Anyone have ideas?

  • Beatrice

    pichatchu (idk how to spell it) you know, the pokemon. G on u-tube and theres a tutorial on how to sew one

  • Braunwyn Feil

    I was thinking about being a sexy clown :) Can you show the picture of one?

  • Kara Van Dahm

    PLEASE DO A CLOWN! i’m bring a clown & i would love a few ideas!


  • Jessica Merino

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