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Whenever I throw a big bash, I like to set up a photo booth so guests can snap silly pictures. Since setting up an actual photo booth is pretty unrealistic, I suggest making your own! Set up a digital camera or a Polaroid on a tripod and face it toward a blank wall or drape a sheet or streamers to create a fun backdrop. If you use a digital camera, upload all of the photos the following day to a photo sharing site or Facebook for everyone to enjoy. Trust me, the photographs are always a hit.

Add an element of fun to your booth by providing guests with a basket full of silly props. One of my favorite props to include is a “mustache on a stick” (pictured below). Click here to learn how to make your own mustaches.


Other fun prop ideas include word bubbles, mini chalk boards (write your own message), hats, feather boas, confetti, lips or glasses or bowties on a stick (similar to the mustache above), empty frames, or anything else that might fit the theme of your party.

Encourage guests to take photos by posting a sign beside your photo booth that reads something like this “PHOTO BOOTH! Pick a prop. Strike a pose. Say cheese!”

Have you made your own photo booth before? If so, share your tips and pics in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photo: elizabethannedesigns, loveandlavender


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  • Melissa Panici

    I have never made a photo booth before but this is a great idea!! The next time I throw a bash, I am definately doing the photo booth! Thanks for the tips!!

  • Finn

    i will def use this idea for the halloween party being thrown at my house!

  • Jaclyn S

    This is so much fun! Photo booths have become a big thing at weddings in my area. I have three weddings this fall and last weekend my friends had a photo booth at their reception. We had a ball with all the props. :)

  • Gabriela Mina

    I love this idea!! so much fun!! can’t wait to incorporate it to my next party!

  • Macarena Guzman

    I love it! good ideas, there is a website about photobooth. . So much fun, i loved photobooth and mustache.

    Sorry, only speak Spanish but I try to write in English. From Chile.

  • Michela Garau

    That’s sounds fun!

  • Elena Last name

    I have a mustache like thattttttttt! can I share my picture?!!! I used it on the independe day of M

  • Lindsay Advincula

    Photo booths are THE best at parties, especially weddings! I love the mustaches!

  • Manuella E

    my birthday is on monday the 3rd of October so I will try this fun idea!thanks!

  • Caitlin Pickett

    Wow! I was at a Bridal Expo yesterday and they had one of these!! All four of us girls hopped in and took a few pics, it was HILARIOUS and SO MUCH FUN! In fact, the bride booked one for her wedding!! CANT WAIT :)

  • Kimmy S

    What a great idea! I’ll def have to give this a try for my Halloween party!

  • Paige Marie

    SUCH a good idea. I love it and can’t wait to try!!!

  • Bianka Berta

    These are such fun ideas Lauren!!! Thanks :) xo

  • Sarah Dam

    YES thanks Lauren. My birthday party is this Saturday and I am so going to make everyone have one of these when taking their pictures! ;)

  • Jennifer Sellen

    i’ve seen them before at weddings and i think it is such a cool idea. the best pictures are sometimes “”silly”” pictures.

  • Amy Yang

    This is such a great idea. I’ve noticed that a few weddings that I’ve gone to, they had photo booths set up. It is very much fun and the pictures are always interesting to look at. MEMORIES. :) I have not thought about this for a party but now I can do something like this for my son’s 3rd birthday party in April.

  • tinamarie

    i’ve never had a photo booth, but i love this idea. it’s pretty simple too, & it gives the host a break from actually trying to get photos.

  • Jennifer Pressley Watts

    My friend’s wedding recently had a photo booth. We had a blast. Here are some of my favorites of my friends and I from the night.

  • Maria Abbruscato

    Omg this is such a cute idea! Must try!!!

  • Shellz

    haha so cute! u inspire me!

  • Kelly

    I never would have thought of this! It’s such a great idea!! We have been looking for ideas for my sisters sweet sixteen this winter, and doing it this way could be so much more fun picking themes and props to match, and way cheaper than renting a regular booth I’ll def. be sharing this idea! Thanks!

  • i10

    Via a link share a pic is not what I like to do here sowwy please do something asap. Now what about the take of part of the both photo both thing how nice is that you and a party of some sort of sexy people lol Ok Bad Joke!


  • Kayla Queen

    i did this last year for my boyfriend’s surprise 25th birthday party! i just hung a striped sheet on the side of my house and made mustaches on sticks, as well as gathered hats, sunglasses, and other random things for props. it was a lot of fun, and made for some really awesome pictures. i posted a few here! :)

  • Andrea

    I LOVE this idea. Definitely having something like this at my wedding :)

  • Marita Hambek

    I love it!

  • gabriela garcia


  • Amina Kirkland

    Love the Mustache on a Stick idea!

  • LillyElla

    My besties are all great photographers, including one who is a student at the Art Institute of Austin! And we always have a blast with photos and they are super awesome cause the girls are pros! We love feathers and faux pearls necklaces, eye patches and anything sparkly for props! Sometimes we even grab a few disposals just for fun! There is nothing cooler than film! And it adds a bit of excitement that the digital lacks bc you gotta wait to see them! If you have a digital like the Cannon Rebal with a time and can set it to take mulitple pics in a row try doing come crazy silly poses!

  • Danielle Bibbs

    I think I’ll have a photo booth at my next party!! I never realized how easy it could be!!

  • Shaelyn McHugh

    I had a photoshoot party in August with all of my closest friends. My cousin is an amazing photographer so we had her come and take shots of us in different back drops. It was tons of fun! Make sure you have everyone bring tons of different outfits and shoes (especially so they can share!) and give everyone enough time to get ready. Also to go to different locations like a park or a boardwalk to take some different shots. They all turned out great and afterwards we put some pretty effects on them. We are currently making them into calenders for everyone! I love love love this post and I know I was always looking for creative props. This is SO easy and I can’t wait to do it at my next big bash!

  • Beth Cameron

    I love this Idea. Im definetly going to try it.

  • Eunji Williams

    love it!

  • Marlene Garcia

    I love this idea! I’ve been seeing this in many parties. I will finally have the privilege of creating my own silly props at my mom’s surprise Black Affair Birthday Party and I am definitely going to include these! Can’t wait! I will post pictures up!

  • Kimberly Reed

    I””m feeling silly!! thanks Kimberly

  • livlab14

    My birthday is coming up this Saturday and I’m definitly going to do this, ILOVE the mustaches it adds an extra quirky touch.

  • Hayleigh McCaffery

    Im not sure how to upload a photo here, but I put one on my LC profile of a photobooth shot that was done at a surprise party I threw for my roommate! : )

  • Stacie Smith

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this until now.. the day AFTER Halloween! This would have spiced up my Halloween!

  • Stacy

    This is such a great idea! I saw the props used at the Polo event on Yahoo! in October that you were featured in Lauren and I looked them up and the event company used Maro Designs. Here is the link to their shop if anyone if interested! I purchased some for my wedding photobooth and they are SO well made!! I am in love! They have so many different styles and they are so original!

  • SKL1

    Love this idea!!



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