• Victoria Taylor

    Awww she is soooo cute :)

  • Katie

    How cute! My cat Kiara loves my boyfriend more than anyone else in the world. It’s quite funny. She forgets everything as soon as she realizes he’s there. x

  • Melissa Panici

    Oh so cute!:) Chloe is absolutely the cutest!! Every time I order Chinese food I give my dog the egg rolls. She never eats them right away she always has to hide them first. Lots of dogs do this but she only does it with egg rolls:)!

  • Sarah Wehner

    This is too cute! My puppy Ava does the same thing! Chloe’s adorable btw:)

  • Amanda Ebersole

    omg, soooo adorable! look at those puppy dog eyes! :) absolutely precious!

  • gatorgirl7

    so cute! my kitty, peanut, does the same thing. every time i go to turn off the alarm in the AM he’s up and in my face, wanting to be petted. sooo cute! (even at 5 am!)

  • Melissa Dickson

    My cat Matti fetches like a dog…but only with a Chinese jump rope…she’ll snub any other toy :)

  • Hannah Weiss

    I’m still puppy training, but every thing Lilly does is adorable, except pee on the carpet. Chloe is adorable.

  • Sarah Dam

    her face! I remember that very episode when you got her!!!! She’s grown so big and still freaking cute


  • LilZilla

    My cat chanel is absolutely obbsessed with water. She will “”sing”” to me in the middle of the night to get her fresh water. When i take a bath, she loves to sit on the edge and play with the water, and sometimes daringly get in :)

  • Jessica Kutok

    My dog is mega fat. He’s a pug and his name is Walter. I think that’s funny enough.

    His pic is on my profile page..

  • Danielle Gray

    My cats Bella & Diva takes baths in the sticks and bath tubs before they go to bed or when they get up every monring, they also love playing in the rain they get all wet its so sweet to see them so in love with water and they talk to me a lot in there kitty voices about everything. They are the loves of my life.

  • Shelaine Morrison


    This is Maggie. My 7 year old chocolate lab. She loves to sleep under the bed, the one thing that drives me crazy about it is she snores! I usually don’t mind her snoring, but a 75 pound snoring lab tends send vibrations through the bed. But I can’t get mad! She is a sweet heart and has been through two surgeries to remove her cancers, so how could I get mad?

  • Alba Cuci

    My kitty Blazie is my alarm clock, she sands outside my bedroom door and meow very softly. It’s super cute!

  • Kellie Norton

    Whenever I go home during the holidays, my dog always knocks on my door EARLYYY in the morning until I wake up and open the door for him. I’ve never been able to sleep late at home, but I don’t mind because I love him!

  • Amanda Matthews

    My cat Mei (said like May) sits by my face until I wake up. I’ll open my eyes and she’ll be sitting and just staring at me like 5 inches away from my face until I get up!

  • Pernille Skollerud

    I ride my horse to the school bus every day, and when I come back at the bus stop he stands there and wait for me so i can ride him home :)

  • Lupsie

    That is the sweetest thing. My dog Teddy doesn’t like when I have to go to work, when I’m getting ready to put my make up on, he comes over to me and gives me a sad look as well…I captured it the other day http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/17097/822/10127/1

  • Karolina Cz

    My dog when watching the area lays down, put one paw on the other and thinks she’s freaking queen of the garden :) that always make me laugh

  • Christine Rosko

    My dog never wants to sleep with me when I’m at my parent’s house but the second I leave to go back to my place in the city my bed becomes his.

  • melina h

    such a sweet dog!
    my dog mila (9 monte old) that does the same and when she is awake and wants to play in the morning it pulls me away even the bedspread

  • nadine

    My kitty Lexi is unbelievably cute, especially when it comes to going to bed. When she’s sleepy, she starts to complain about lights being on having the adorable sleepy look on her face and then she comes up and bites on my clothes and starts dragging me to bed, literally :D

    She’s my sleeping beauty – http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/25345/1281/6105/1
    She also LOVES to pose for pictures – http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/25345/1281/6106/1

    xo, Nadine.

  • Binx

    if i fall asleep on the couch, my dog will just put his face right in front of mine until i wake up

  • Lyndsay Scannell

    My kitty Cyrys for the most part cuddles under the blankets with me :))) and my other animals shadow (doggy) fat cat and oreo (kitties) all lay around me

  • Agata Kalinowska

    I have 4 adorable cats and they do a lot of adorable things. F.e one of my cat likes to sleep only on my belly. When I’m lying on the bed he is walking around meowing and purring until I toss onto my back so he can jump on :) Or…he likes to sleep in weird places like…sink? I’ll try to enclose a pic !

  • Hanan A.M

    HI LAUREN … this is my first time ,, after many troubles of sign up … . ANYWAY … a just want to see am from middle east , and i live in Dubai this time.. soo beautiful city … am ur bigs loyalty fans there .. . i always see u like sister that i never have it ,, and how funny ours life similar , in many ways … am soo proud of you cus. ur unique person … and guess what ,, today is MY 24th BIRTHDAY and i was soo excited to go to my partynight ,, so my heels breach in the dance floor .. it was so funny .. xoxo

  • Lindsay Jewell

    I have a Golden Retriever who has to always have her paw on you, whether she is shaking your hand, putting her paw on your knee, or even giving you a high five!

  • michelle woodstock

    thats too cute!!!

  • Marisa Engler
  • cassie williams

    Me and my dog Baxter play hide and seek together, I tell him to stay and then I go hide around the house, when I tell him “”ok”” he runs frantically around and gets so excited when he finds me. It’s adorable!

  • carena klerkx

    that’s sweet! my dog is a cutie. he comes upstairs, to my bedroom and jump at my bed. so he wakes me up. he have sometimes, the crazy 5 minutes, he run the whole house around. haha that’s very funny if you see it.

    you’re dog is very cute!


  • Isabella

    I have a black lab named Gypsy. When I have my feet on the foot rest, she walks really fast under my legs so her back is being pet by the backs of my legs. It’s so adorable when she makes her little spins to turn around and gets really dizzy and kind of plops down. :)

  • Christine Beliveau

    My Marly, a brown labrador mixed with St-Bernard, likes to spoon with my boyfriend. She’ll place her big paw on his shoulder and cuddle. When we tell her to get off the bed she’ll wait till the light is turned off and then get on it again reaaalllyyyy slowly… As if we didn’t know she was back in the bed with us! Makes me laugh every time. She’s so cute. I love her! <3

  • Julie Haugan

    my dog Mira finds her way into my bed and lay down on the pillow next to me:) and starts whining if I deside to sleep in :)

  • Amanda Jenkins

    http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/35035/2239/10142/1 Harlee, the cutest and most gentle rotty/shephard mix ever! rescued from a puppy mill with her 2 sisters, and she landed in our arms! So lucky to have this little nugget!

  • Cara Maio

    Aww that is so cute! I have two cats and they always meow and wake us up in the morning. One of my cats is like a person because he ‘talks’ so much! lol but I love them!

  • Katia Gobbo

    My dog starts wyinning until i wake up!

  • Kayla Robertson

    My Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix will lay in front of my brothers door until he’s home or until he lets her into his room to sleep with him…. So cute!

  • mckalli

    i have an english brown koker spaniel….she loves puting her haid next to mine every morning until she gets was she wants….o big hmorning hug and petting her 2 big hairy ears!!!!i just love her

  • Maria Abbruscato

    Awwwwwwwwwww Chloe is so adorable!!! And something funny about my little angel is that he really loves dryer sheets! The laundry room in my house is right next to his bedroom so he always speeds in and grabs a dryer sheet when I do laundry :)

  • Isabella g.

    my little turtle hide herself in a hole in the garden all the year and comes out on my birthday!! i know it isnt on purpose but it is really cool (:

    i really love the episode that you get chloe with Lo, you 2 are so cute in that moment

  • Lisa Chambers

    Aw, that’s too cute! My black lab Yuki does pretty much the same thing. He jumps on my bed, rests his head on me then wags his tail like crazy! And when I wake up he rolls over for a belly rub and some love. :)


  • Andrea Farrington

    My new kitty, Kiptyn loves attention but when he’s not getting any he attacks especially when you are on your phone he jumps at your hand. He also climbs up the curtains and jumps back down on the bed.

  • Andrea Farrington
  • sari meester

    Technically they’re not our cat, in here we have a lot of street cats, so if you want one all you have to do is giving it a food to eat daily so that they’ll stay at your house :)

    In my house we foster many street cats, they not allowed to enter the house though cause we never vaccine or bathing them, but they all quite healthy.

    And there’s this one cat named ‘putih’ (means white, cause he has white fur), he like to play with some fruit seed as big as a marbles and palyed it as if it was a ball, further more he like to play throw and catch with that seed with my mom. My mom always amazed with his attraction, he’s like one of the animal from a circus.. :))

  • Pearl

    I have a shih tzu and he doesn’t like waking me up. Only because he knows I need my beauty rest! :) My husband wakes up really early and my puppy gets mad when he tries to wake me up. He comes and cuddles with me and he’ll (pretend to) attack my husband if he tries to go near me. :) And when I do finally wake up he’s right there to give me some lovin’!!!! ^_^

  • I know that face. It’s really cute.

    I had a guinea pig once and she was so adorable. She always wanted to lay on my stomach an than she slept there until I moved. When I woke her up she always locked so cute because she wanted to stay asleep. It was really nice. I miss her.

  • Shaden Abu-Hammad

    I really wish that I can find the perfect pet for me..!! =(

  • Glorietta88

    I have two dogs at home (plus 6 cats :D ), Kira and Lucky. I love them!!! Kira is 10 years old and I’m grow up with her; she’s my happiness…I can’t describe what she trasmitts to me everytime she want love!!

    Lucky is 3 years old and he’s crazy..he’s like a baby!! When I come home he begins to jumps ( I’m not joking)…seriously…he jumps, jumps and jumps!!..I lough soooo much..he wants love like a baby..he follows me and my family in every house’s place. Vet says that he’ll never grow up because we found him on the street two years ago and before we found him he was beaten :(.

    Now he’s loved by me, from my family and also from my neighbors.

    Lauren Chloe is simple wonderfull

  • Giulia De Luca

    My Daisy waits for me in the morning and watch to me until I give her something to eat of my breakfast wagging her tail!

  • mary1024

    Chloe is adorable! We are planning on adopting a dog around Chloe’s size soon :-)

  • Michela Garau

    Ohhhhhhhhh Chloe is so sweet

  • Lauren Taylor

    My cat, Hurley, will claw at your legs until you give him attention lol. He’s more like a dog than a cat.

  • Nathalia

    My cat Shaolin wakes me up rather rudely, by meowing, then jumping on my bed and meowing right into my ear, and if the noise and his stinky breath still don’t wake me up, he actually bites my nose. Chloe is much nicer I should think.

  • Heather Kidd

    I have two dogs, camo and remi. Camo is really funny when he’s hungry and I haven’t fed him yet, he goes and flips his bowl up in the air so I hear it and know he needs food! so funny! Would add a picture but I don’t know how!

  • Megan M

    I had a dalmatian named Sparkie but she died a few years ago. It was devastating and I haven’t been able to get a dog since because it was so hard when she died in my house and I will never get that image out of my memory. I love big dogs and she was an amazing dog but I don’t know if I can ever get another dalmatian even though I love them so much because I am worried I will compare the new dalmatian to Sparkie. I was thinking of eventually getting a dog though. What kind of dog is Chloe? She looks like a mix, do you know what kind of mix b/c she is adorable!

  • Gabi Ferrarini

    My labrador always breaks the glasses we leave in a low table and he always gets so scared with that “”what have I done”” face hahahah so funny

  • Elina Peyda

    My parrot can really crave for attention when she/he is in it’s cage. Sometime it wants me to pet it on the head, but suddenly decides to bit me as soon I try to pet her! ^^ She/He is so weird! :D But way too cute.

  • Sam

    When my boyfriend and I play hide and seek with our yellow lab, Chester, he will look for me in the funniest places. He’s even stood on his hind legs to look for us on a closet shelf!

  • sara chaudry


  • Emily Knauer

    i love when my dog oreo is sleeping and has dreams about running or barking. it is adorable to see him running in his sleep and i always wonder what exactly he is dreaming about! haha

  • samah AS

    awwwwwwwwww how cute!

  • Melissa Hebert

    I have a teckel and his name is Pogo. Funny it is, my dog is really fat and his halloween costume will probably be a pogo.

    I Love my dog! :)

  • lorena duarte

    aaaaahhh omg i love Chloe so cute :*)

  • Sabine Zeiger


  • Yaritza Zayas

    My baby a westhighland terrier, domino, is a gem. when i’m having a rough day he nows to just cuddle up with mama! i take him long walks and enjoy playing with him:)

  • Andrea Baez

    My dog marley is the best he jumps in my bed an puts his nose right on my cheek and lies next to me. If I dont get up soon, he sits and stares at me and starts poking mt with his paw…lol love him!

  • V

    Mine is not allowed to come in because she jumps all muddy on my brother’s bed (she is in love with him and she makes jealousy scenes to his girlfriends) so in summer if someone leaves the car windows down at night she jumps in and sleeps inside in the back of the car hahaha and she tells on herself by hitting the car seat with her tail when we call her hahahahahhahahahhahahaha the same when she senaks inside of the house and hides upstairs (where theres only computers and a bed) she tells herself by hitting the mattress or snoring…. hahahhahaha ♥!

  • Aja Doe

    So cute! Can’t wait for the day about a year from now when I can finally get my puggle (pug/beagle). My apartment complex won’t allow it.

  • Karie Montgomery

    I just got a Dwarf Netherland bunny. His attitude is just hilarious! such a stubborn little bugger! He is gray and white with little floppy ears. He does summersalts in the air when he’s playing.(I am not even kidding) he chases the kitten, and groomes me..(bites my clothes) I take it as he loves me and is trying to clean me? :) Your dog is the cutes Lauren!

  • Kelly Burt

    That is too adorable. I used to have a yellow lab named Bonnie. If she slept in my room, in the morning she would start crying and she would put her paw up on my bed to nudge me until I woke up. She would also start licking me if that didn’t work. I miss her so much.

  • Martin M

    Chloe is so cute. Really adorable. Love the sweet girl :)



  • Cherie Dupure

    Our puppies look like they could be twins!! Her name is Bella!


  • DJ Becsta

    Oh Chloe is so adorable!! My puppy, Theodore, is a maltese cross long haired chiwawa and is so adorable!! Since he was a puppy we would hold a treat out for him and say shake. Immediatly he would wave his paw up and down waiting for us to take his hand. He has been doing this all his life and now he’s 10. He has gotten into the habit of, whenever he wants a treat he comes up to us and “”Shakes”” his hand so we give him food!! :) :)

  • pliess

    My hubby makes mine stay out of the bedroom on the tile all night :( they used to be able to cuddle in bed with me but not anymore!! I miss them but its nice having a dog hair free zone!

  • Raven Locks

    Awww! Her face is adorable :) This makes me miss having a dog!

    xo Azu



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