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Ready, set, shop! Paper Crown is officially in stores nationwide (US only for now)! Words cannot explain how excited I am about the launch of this line. The collection is full of wearable pieces that can be easily worked into any outfit. Whether you’re headed for a night on the town, a day with the girls, or just making your way to class, Paper Crown’s chic multitasking pieces will have you covered…

A few of my favorite Paper Crown pieces for fall include the Ryder Blazer, the Serena Leggings, and the Camilla Sweater…

Ryder Blazer. No matter your style, a great blazer is one the best versatile pieces you can have in your closet. A blazer can be layered over a flowy chiffon frock, toughened up with leather shorts or dressed down with jeans and a lightweight tank. Plus, the camel colored Ryder Blazer (see photo on left) is the perfect hue to transition your summer wardrobe into fall.


Serena Leggings. It’s no secret that I love faux leather leggings. They are edgy yet chic and can be worn day or night. I dress mine up with heels and a great top. For more casual outings, I wear them with flats and loose tee. The best part? The Serena Leggings (see photo on right) are incredibly comfortable and go with nearly everything.

Camilla Sweater. Neutral crew-neck sweaters are one of the few clothing items that have withstood the test of time. They may get styled differently as trends come and go, but ultimately they serve as the anchor to a number of classic looks. I love the androgynous cut of the Camilla Sweater (see bottom photo). It’s perfect for that borrowed-from-the-boys look. Yet, its lightweight draping is feminine and delicate. I love to wear the Camilla with cropped pants and a sparkly bib necklace or with faux leather leggings, flats and a blazer.

I obviously love everything else in the collection as well, so make sure you flip through the complete look book here.

Wondering where to buy Paper Crown? Shop the collection at Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Planet Blue, Ron Herman,, 5988981982:Yahoo:photo

tbd:Amazon:photo, or find a store near you with Paper Crown’s store locator!

I hope you love the collection as much as I do! If you snag any Paper Crown pieces, be sure to share photos with me by uploading them to your profile page.

And don’t forget to check out my exclusive behind-the-scenes Paper Crown photos in my Chic Peek: Paper Crown album on my profile page! (You must be a member to see it, so if you haven’t already–sign up!)

XO Lauren

P.S. In case you missed it, take a Chic Peek of my Behind the Lens blog about shooting the fall look book.

UPDATE: Just wanted to let everyone know that it may take a day or two before you can purchase Paper Crown online since the actual clothing pieces are en route to retailers as we speak!

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  • Emma Haw

    I am so excited to see your line in the store! I have an all day shopping trip comming up and I will be sure to put Paper Crown on my list! Love it!

  • Melissa Panici

    Yay Lauren!! Conrgrats on your line coming out! I can’t wait to buy pieces from Paper Crown! I need a whole new fall wardrobe and Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad will be my go-to!! So happy for your success Lauren:) Love you bunches!

  • Hanny R

    I love the pieces you have chosen from your collections. Very versatile pieces.

  • Christina Shumway

    Congratulations Lauren! I love the line and can’t wait to see it in person. Much success to you!! xo

  • Mary Rawley

    You should open a store by me!!!

  • Giulia De Luca

    I’d like to shop your collection, but unfortunately I live in Italy!!

  • Ashleigh Hollier

    I’ve searched all weekend (and the sites listed above) for a way to purchase the line online… but paper crown isn’t listed as a brand or available in search on those sites. What’s the deal?!

  • mara sofia

    so happy for you and for the rest of the team. you guys can make amazing work everyday. congrats. And now : Hello PaperCrown Collection, welcome to my wardrobe! ^^


  • Jessalyn Chavez

    Love it! Do the leggin’s come in different lengths? i’m short, so thats always an issue :)

  • Emma Thezan

    I wish I could buy the blazer, but I live in France. J’adore la collection Paper Crown <3

  • Kirsty North

    Please, please, please bring your collection to England!!

  • Maribel C

    Is therer a way order items off the Paper Crown website?

  • Mariana M

    I love you collection, Lauren! The pieces are simple, feminine and versatile, I’m from Romania and I’m glad Paper Crown is available at revolveclothing, because the shipping is free:)

  • Arwa Abdullah

    i’v been waiting for your line for so long to end up US only :(

    i wish it’s worldwide

  • Kellie Norton

    OHHH Lauren!! This is the best day ever :) except I am overseas traveling for another week but as soon as I get home, it’s to Nordstroms I go :) your hard work as definitely paid off because this line is absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!!!

  • veronicag

    Please make the collection available in CANADA!

  • Aimee Major

    Congrats looks great hopefully il get to buy from uk soon enough :) well done xx

  • Vivian De La Cruz

    Congrats on the line. I really like the Camilla sweater and the blazer great clothes for interning :)

  • Emmy Rho

    I am soooo excited!! I have been waiting for this day for a long time..however I am experiencing the same problem as a post above..I can’t seem to find the collection on the two internet sites? Any help? Thanks!

    Check out my post on paper crown from a while ago!


  • Lauren Conrad

    Hi everyone! Lauren here. I have an UPDATE about buying Paper Crown online: Just wanted to let everyone know that it may take a day or two before you can purchase Paper Crown online since the actual clothing pieces are en route to retailers as we speak!

  • Lauren Conrad

    @Emmy Rho- Thanks for the cute blog about Paper Crown :-)

  • Romante Urbonaviciute

    Love Paper Crown!! Sadly, I won’t be able to flaunt it, because I live in Europe. Please, Lauren, make it available in EU. :)

  • poppyroses

    Lauren! are they at nordstrom yet???

  • Ana Castilho

    Hi Lauren! I’m from Brazil and would love to buy some pieces of your line. You should make Paper Crowed an online store that ships internationally. Why not? Think about it!

  • stephanie militello

    great idea for what to do with that staple paper crown tee :

  • Carolyn Drover

    Please make Paper Crown available in Canada :)

  • Nina Kallas

    I’m sososooso excited for this! I’ve honestly been waiting for the faux leather leggings forever! :-)

  • Anna-Frances Bainbridge

    Cant wait to see the full collection!! living in Ireland, and saw on TV that a store in Dublin will be stocking Paper Crown! So excited!!

  • Kelly McIver

    I tried to go to Nordstrom this weekend, and was shocked when no one knew what I was talking about! I took it upon myself to tell them all about the new line they’d be carrying soon. So excited!

  • Michelle Vinther

    Lauren, your clothes are so beautiful!! I want to buy all of it πŸ˜‰ I’m going to USA in September and I’m diffently going to look for your clothes (and maybe buy something too – if i can afford it)

  • Melissa Panici

    I had the same problem as Ashleigh Hollier. I can’t find Paper Crown in any of these stores online! Please help??:):)

  • Melissa Panici

    Never mind I just read your post Lauren! Thanks! xoxo

  • Leisha Jones

    Can’t wait to get a hold of that gorgeous Camilla sweater!!!! πŸ˜€ super excited!!

  • Summer Rice

    Eversince I saw you on Chelsea Lately in your black dress from Paper Crown I had to have it!! I seriously looked EVERYWHERE online to buy it & now in a few days I finally can! ahhh So excited.

    I’m officially a fan of Paper Crown.

  • Julia Renkert

    I love love love this line! I posted about it in my blog:

    I cannot wait to hop on over to Nordstrom to check it out in person!

    Love love love. :)

    Cup of Tea

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    I am in love with literally EVERYTHING in your collection. I can’t wait until the pieces are available online. I’ll bookmark this post for refrence.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Renos Fy

    Never mind I just read your post Lauren!
    And I liked all the designs here Thanks for the i love you Lauren

  • Allison Lowry

    I can’t wait to start shopping for Paper Crown items! I am in love with the fall collection and can’t wait for the holliday collection as well!

  • Lucie Bartlett

    Lauren – you must let us know when Paper Crown is available in the UK! So keen to get my hands on a couple of gorgeous pieces and no trips to the States planned in the near future… x

  • Berthille Vannetzel

    The link works but there is nothing on the website AT ALL :(

  • debora f

    lauren i love this line

  • tinamarie

    ahhh! so EXCITED, i’m speechless. i agree with julia, i CAN NOT wait to go to Nordstrom.

  • Mariella

    I love the EMMA and AUSTEN dress!! congratulations Lauren, your collection is lovely!

  • Shelby Stallsmith

    I went to those two websites and couldn’t find it ):

  • Shelby Stallsmith

    Nevermind, it’ll take a few days haha

  • Haley Anderson

    I can’t wait to have these looks in my closet! <3

  • Diana

    Thank you for the update about the online purchase! I can’t wait for the international shipping!!

  • CC

    I was excited enough to see your first line out at kohls, so it’s safe to say how STOKED I am about this line!

  • Laura Findley

    Hopefully paper crown will be avaliable in the UK soon :)

  • Logan

    waiting for the international shippin…..

  • Koceva Tamara

    OMG your collection is fabulous!! I love it! Especially dresses,they’re soo cute and chic! I also love blazers,you can combine it with so many clothes and that’s what makes your collections so special. You can combine so many outfits from one single piece which is awesome! I wish your collection is worldwide and i hope you’ll be working on it! Keep doing this,’cause you’re the best and we will always support you no matter what!

  • Katelyn Merrill

    I love this collection. Its a little expensive for my budget, but Its still gorgeous.

  • Kimberly

    I love the collection!!

  • Ana Maria Manrique Silva

    The collection is amazing!

  • ale pavez

    I want that sweater ! is there any chance for me to buy it by paper crown from Chile? please Lauren let me know :)

  • cheryl denise

    when will you add stores where you can purchase paper crown on the website? i’m dying for those leather shorts and khaki blazer!!

  • Sylvi

    I want the collection in Europe too! :(

  • Sarah Jarvis

    Such a beautiful collection!! :) I’d love some of those faux leather leggings, so classy :)
    Please make this line available in Australia!;)

  • Katja Remes

    Paper Crown is the best, I could wear every single piece! Love it! Hope I can purchase it someday..

  • Miranda Yang

    So happy to heard that can buy from Level 6 in Taiwan.

    Thank you Lauren !!!!!!! XD

  • Danyelle Gay

    Nordstroms as well, right?? I’ve had my eye on that Tan Blazer and Pleather Shorts for quite some time!

  • deepwater deepwater

    Where can we order online your Emma Dress in blue?


  • Vadnais Lisa

    I can not find where to purchase this Blazer ANYWHERE!!! all the locations online do not have them available or even in their search!

  • Mandy Parmar

    I know the Serena leggings came out a few months ago, but I am desperate for them and I can’t seem to purchase them anywhere because they are sold out!! Will you by any chance be releasing anymore?!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top?!

  • PavlynGirls

    We absolutely love Paper Crown – Classic cuts and feminine styles with a modern twist, amazing quality and just to die-for fit!!! We’re so excited to make this beautiful collection available online at for Canadians and the US! Shop now!





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