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Nowadays, it’s all about downsizing. Many of you may soon be heading to a dorm room (comparable to the size of a shoebox) or moving into your first, lets just say “petite,” apartment… Regardless of your homeward destination, I think we can all agree on the importance of breathing room. When space is limited it’s time to get creative! So, how does one take an inch and make it a mile? The answer is clear.

One of my favorite tricks of the trade is to incorporate clear acrylic or glass furniture or accents (Plexiglas and Lucite are also nice “clear” materials). Just one see-through piece can entirely reshape a room by giving it a more spacious and less cluttered feel. I love classic pieces crafted in clear materials because they maintain a sophisticated look while giving the traditional shape a cheeky and modern spin. (Note: Be forewarned… Clear accents can be dangerous for unwary guests, so please refer to my CFW* precaution at the foot of this post.)


Have a small space? Consider clear your new BFF. If your room is particularly tight, swap out that big black desk chair for an acrylic alternative. Or, if you’re living room is just a bit too cozy, incorporate a clear coffee table or footstool (your pretty rug will thank you for the extra press).

Transparent pieces are not limited to tiny spaces though… Clear furniture is perfect for balancing out rooms that are very ornate or heavy with wood or bold colors. The weightless feel of acrylic and glass furniture allows you the practicality of storage and use as well as the beauty of a sleek, seemingly uncluttered room.


If the see-through thing is just way too space age for you, try flirting with smaller room accessories like lamps, trays (see photo on left) and vases. Even slighter scaled items make a clear difference.

What do you think about clear furniture? Are you inspired?

P.S. If you have clear accents in your home or dorm room upload and submit a photo to your profile page and share the link in the comments below. I will share my favorite personal photos in a Member Spotlight post. Click here to learn how to upload and submit photos.

*CFW (Clear Furniture Warning): Many, if not most, unsuspecting guests might not spot that clear chair or stool amidst your beautifully decorated home. For the sake of safety and to avoid inevitable embarrassment, accessorize the clear item with something (i.e., book, throw, vase etc.). Let’s just say, I know someone who has fallen victim to an “invisible” chair after a girl’s night out… We’re still uncertain as to where to place blame. Some say the chair possessed Cheshire Cat-like abilities, while othersโ€“such as myselfโ€“believe it was due to this friend’s martini-impaired vision. The verdict is still out.

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  • Nuniell

    In the hallway of my house I put a tree in rattan, hanging on the wall, it’s for my cat, a scratching post, eccentric and clean alternative to those ugly and dusty, and sometimes used as hanging bags.

    On the desk you can see an Lamp Berger with jasmine perfume.

    The Hall si clear, fresh and ordered! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Vita

    I love these ideas. I am actually planning on moving out into my own place, and most likely its going to be small. Ive been thinking of what kind of furniture to decorate with, and these ideas are great. I really want to try adding a clear piece of furniture, im excited!

  • DMichelle

    Great ideas, thank you! My place isn’t horribly small – but anything helps to make a room feel bigger!

  • Finn

    i dont have my own place still live with the parents so my decorating is limited to my bedroom haha…but i love be creative and looking for new ideas so thank u!

  • Hillary Coombs

    In my dorm room I took too clear plexiglass frames (no border just the glass over a metal back, and filled 3 of them with collages from vogue magazines) they look clean, and lack of border actually makes the wall look a bit more open. I put them in my dorm above my desk, and have heard nothing but good things about them! It is hard with a dorm room to keep it from being cluttered so I found doing this and one large frame above my bed for pictures (with a quote decal above it) keep my walls looking clean but decorated. I keep most of my other frames on my desk dressers to keep clutter to a minimun.

  • Kellie Norton

    I’ve tried clear furniture and LOVE it!! Although I do need to say, if you have clear furniture in your apartment/home… try not to invite too many boys to a house wamring party… many of my new, clear furniture has been broken because they “”couldn’t see it!”” haha!! Anyway, uploading my pictures soon!! Great advice Lauren :)

  • Corryn Batykefer

    This is an awesome post! thanks for the advice! :)

  • Celine Xo

    This is a great post! The only problem is….many people on a college budget are not able to afford the stuff! When most of my furniture is hand me down and kijiji, lets just say none of it is very trendy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Andrea Gonzalez

    I love this.

  • Janice Campbell

    I have clear chairs for my kitchen table. It’s a big space & we have the room for it, but the clear chairs are so nice & look cool! I’ll have to take a picture later to show you :)

  • Lindsey J
  • Nicole

    I just moved into a small house outside of my college campus and have a very small room. I was having trouble making it look more roomy, so I love this advice. I actually already found this really modern looking computer chair. Thanks so much for the advice!

  • Jennifer Villarreal

    omg i love the idea of clear furniture!!! I was looking for a place to put my jewerly and i really like the clear tray idea!! thanksss!

  • Lauren Diehl

    Love the idea! I just graduated college and I’m in the process of finding my own apartment. Let’s just say it will be extra petite! I would love you to write a post on decorating your bedroom post-college. I want to update my room on a budget without replacing EVERYTHING but still make it fresh and new to me. Thoughts?

  • Juan C Montalvo

    Celine Xo I totally agree with you!! College budgests are the worst!! Being a student sucks!!!

  • maria bissilka

    love it.!!!!..

  • Vanessa Turkel

    I know the problem, when I moved to London for College, my bedroom was really tiny and I had some problems organising the room. What’s also often the case, is that you’re not allowed to paint so you have a boring white room. I found it lightened the atmosphere when I placed some mirrors around as well as some of those images you can glue to the wall, I had some lovely flowers. I’ll try to find a pic so I can upload.

  • Flavia Roque

    Loved your tips! I’m decorating my tinny apartment right now and this was very helpful! The acrylic idea is so simple, cute, modern and I never thought of it :)

    thanks Lauren

  • Sara Davis

    Cool post! I never see clear chairs or anything in stores though. And being broke doesnt help :(

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    I really love that last picture…. Actually, I love all of the pictures and would love to live inside them haha.

  • Khalid Azani

    I soo want those golden decoration hanging on the wall and that golden lamp for my dorm room :)
    one more idea for creating a big space is Mirrors they can create an illusion of a big and wide room too :)

    xo KA

  • Alexx Bukovac

    I love the idea. I have a small bedroom, however, I don’t have any clear tables etc. I however have opted for some acrylic jewelery draws and some small acrylic storage draws to hold some of my bits and bobs.

    I also love to have veises in my bedroom with peonies or roses. x

  • Adriana Gornik

    I am going into interior designing… and i love the idea of clear furniture !! some designing ideas to make your room unique are Stencils. i just moved and stenciled my bedroom in a damask style! looks amazing !

  • Megan Graves

    Lauren, this is genius. I love the idea of clear furniture to make your space look more open. As I live in an apartment with my boyfriend, this post is perfect for me. I especially love the second picture down. Too cute!

  • Tiff

    Re-did this whole room this summer :) I was so excited when i saw this post cause I just picked up that glass table at ikea a few weeks ago! The room still needs a lot of work! Maybe a post about what to do dress up blank walls? (like that space above my dresser)

  • mary1024

    This is a great idea! I never thought of clear funiture or decor making a room look more spacious! I just moved into a new place and this can be something to try. I love the first and last picture! Thanks Lauren

  • Christina Rasmussen

    I love the idea and the pictures are beautiful:) If u have time u should try and check out this homepage. Its a Dansih designer and I just love her style. Theres a lot of fun stuff in her catalogue

  • Melissa Panici

    This is awesome because I have all clear tables in my living room and one in the dining room. If I can get my computer at home to cooperate with me then I will upload my photos!!:) Thanks Lauren!

  • saffy bt

    offc ourse all the clean @ brightest idea r so inspiring,who doesnt want that.i love it much ha…

    the single sofa with a lovely @ soft capet or pretty.thanks for always sharing ur idaeas in my everything u had in mind… “”;)

  • Katia Gobbo

    Very nice tip!!!

  • fiorela vorpsi

    Nice idea,means im working on my space now

  • Cassie Hanson
  • Melissa Panici
  • Stephanie Prior

    I just love transparent furniture, one of my favourite pieces is in fact pictured in the first image. The transparent ‘Kartell Ghost Chair’. A stunning piece and true to its name :) Thanks for the post Lauren, it’s lovely to see how this chair and other transparent or glass like products are placed in the home :) xx

  • Renos Fy

    Very Very Very Very Very nice

  • Stephanie Ramos

    thanks for the tips!

  • Meredith

    i love transparent tables! i recently bought one for my bedroom and my tv sits on it. it really does make my room feel less cluttered

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    Amazing tips! especially for small rooms like mine !

    check out my blog? I’ll follow back :)

  • Stephanie McDonnell
  • Shellz
  • Renos Fy

    Great ideas, thank you! My place isn’t horribly small – but anything helps to make a room feel bigger!

  • Suzy Zhang
  • Raven Locks

    I have a glass vanity and I love it. Clear furniture can do amazing things to a room :)

    xo Azu

  • Liv Cullen

    Love this tip! Especially where beautiful rugs and coffee tables are paired together! You get the best of both worlds as you can still style your coffee table with some pretty books, flowers or ornaments but don’t hide most of the rug while doing so!
    check out for more interior design ideas :)



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