Sweet Tooth: Last Minute 4th of July Treats



Tomorrow I’m hosting my annual 4th of July party… While researching snacks and desserts to serve at my BBQ, I came across this adorable idea for chocolate dipped marshmallows on a stick (or as I call them, Sprinkles on a Stick). For those of you scrambling to put something together for a 4th of July barbeque, this is a great option. It’s simple, delicious and can be made in minutes!

Sprinkles on a Stick

I found this idea on Whimsical Creations (which is a very cute blog, by the way). They are quick and easy to make and the recipe only calls for a few simple ingredients.

Here’s what you will need…

  • marshmallows
  • melting chocolate (most grocery stores sell microwaveable dipping chocolate in the produce section)
  • sprinkles
  • kebob skewers or lollipop sticks


  1. Put a skewer stick into each marshmallow.
  2. Dip each marshmallow into melted dipping chocolate.
  3. Roll freshly dipped chocolate covered marshmallow in sprinkles (covering all chocolate).
  4. Let chocolate dipped skewers cool on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper in the fridge until chocolate is firm.

For a pretty presentation, fill a mason jar half full with seashells (dry rice, confetti, pebbles or coffee beans work too) and stick the skewers into the jar. Tie a bow around the lip of the jar… and voila–you have a Martha Stewart worthy treat to share for the 4th!

If you decide to give these a try, snap a photo of your feat! Upload the photo to your LaurenConrad.com profile page and link the image in the comments below.

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XO Lauren

Photo: melaniescrafts
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  • Arwa Abdullah

    I’m so making these =D

  • Julie Haugan

    Looks delish! :)

  • Julie Haugan

    I`m actually celebrating my 24th birthday tm, also with a BBQ. I`m soo going to make some of thees! Maybee with some different kinds of sprinkles!

  • Dominque Finney

    This is an awesome idea. They look cute & super festive!

  • Meredith Campbell

    I was looking for a dessert to make for tomorrow when you posted this, thanks!

  • Andry Paez

    im making these tomorrow!!!!! greaaat tip!

  • Cassie Hanson

    love the presentation idea! thanks for the tip :)


  • Flavia Roque

    How cute is that! Such a great idea… You can also do it for every type of hollyday… Thanks LC !

  • Julia Renkert

    What a cute idea for a 4th of July snack! My sister and I are are heading to the grocery store now to get the ingredients!

    I, too, thought of a cute and easy DIY for the 4th! If you’re interested, check it out here! http://cupoftea-style.blogspot.com/2011/07/diy-patriotic-candles.html

  • Monica Castillo

    Cute!! I made these for Christmas when I saw them in a magazine. They were called hot chocolate dippers. As a secret santa gift I made 2 of them, wrapped them up and placed in a cute Christmas mug with 2 packs of hot chocolate :)

  • Morie

    I absolutely love it! Great idea!

  • Cynthia Fu

    Such a great idea. I’m defintely making these tomorrow. This saved my day.

  • Veronica Panduro

    So cute, love them…will def try them.

  • Erin Williams

    Those look wicked good! I’m gonig to try them :)

  • Jamie Vega

    This is a such a cute idea!, I will try these at my next BBQ :) I normally make cupcake pops, but they require so much time. For anyone that has extra time, give cupcake pops a try! http://jmvg.tumblr.com/post/7194962825/cupcake-pops

  • Sasha Gonzalez

    This is a wonderful idea I love it thanks Lauren for the tip!

  • Avery McKinney

    Looks wonderful, Lauren! Thanks for the idea :]

  • Sabrina Macaluso

    These are super cute! My family will love these. Thanks for the idea, Lauren!

  • Mithra

    It looks so delicious! I will try it out! Thanks Lauren!:D<3

  • Stephanie Kuhlman

    these are so cute! i’m definitely going to make them for my barbeque tomorrow!

  • Mike Thomas

    hey lauren im huge fan

    whats ur fave cologne for guys to wear

    how often do you go shopping

  • Katie Lysejko

    This is super cute! If i had a party for Canada day i would have done it in red and white…

    I wonder what other ideas you could use insead of marsh mellows…hmmm

    Have fun with your 4th of July party Lauren!



  • Kellie Norton

    Oh my word!! This looks absolutely delicious! I’m not hosting a 4th of July party but heck, I’ll have a party by myself just so I have a reason to try these :) thanks for sharing!!

  • mara sofia

    And of course it’s another great idea and looks delish!!


  • T

    This looks amazing! Defenaitly trying this on Kuwait’s national day & independence day using red, white & green sprinkles. :D

    cheers! & happy 4th ofJuly:*

  • Anna Cummings

    Yum! Yum! Yum! I’m so gonna make those!

  • Jessica Gyllenskepp

    Yum! I’ll test to do those, it looks tasty! :)

  • Sarah Elizabeth Quick

    I spent the afternoon at 10 different stores looking for sprinkles, and finally found a bakery that put them in a container for me! It was such a simple last minute treat for a dinner I am going to at the last minute!! Thank you for the recipe, I will post pictures when I get home!!

  • Katie Bettelyoun

    OH WOW!!!!! Yum!!! I WANT one!!! :D

  • Carli Munhoz

    delicious! :)

  • Vanise Frazier

    I love Marshmallow pops! I just recently started making cake pops and I would love to send you some

  • kirsty waldron

    oooh I can’t wait to make these!!

  • kavita singh

    These are so fun and innovative! I am definitely going to try these out. Thank you =) Do you have any tips on how to throw a simple dinner party? I want to throw one for a couple friends. Thanks again in advance!

  • Lyndsey Kneebone

    Easy meets festive – love it! Also, from Bakerella, these Cupcake Pops are an adorable option too:


    How to:


  • Stephanie

    i loved this idea so much i had to try it !! they don’t look quite as cute as the ones in the picture, i just used stuff I had around the house. i uploaded a picture to my page :)

  • Paige Marie

    Thanks for the great idea!

    Here’s the ones that I made :)


  • Natasha Hussain

    I decided to make these today, just because. They came out really cute, and I arranged them in a vase for aesthetics.

    View here:


  • Katie Barth

    Hi, Lauren! I couldn’t resist trying these out! Thanks for the great idea! My friend and I got a little creative and even tried to make an American flag on one! :)

    Check ‘em out!


  • Katie Stuart

    I’m definitely making these tomorrow!!!

  • Gabriela Mina

    I will be making these tomorrow for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll try to snap a pic before they are all gone!! :)

  • Emily Kate

    I was thinking after reading about these, you could always toast them over the campfire at the end of the night and smush them between two graham crackers… messy, but delicious 4th s’mores !

  • Lindsay Jewell

    The same day as your sprinkles on a stick post I had made something similar–Fourth of July Cake Pops! patriotic funfetti cake crumbled and mixed with half a can of frosting, formed into balls, and coated with Wilton’s Candy Melts. :) They were a hit!


  • Nicole Wilson

    I’m not a fan of marshmellows but I just might have to try these! =]

  • Laura Ledesma

    This is agreat idea for kids… simple and delicious!!!

  • mary1024

    cute and looks delish

  • Lizeth Gonzales Cuya

    Yumiiii!!! I have to do it!

  • Carly Berry

    I made Red, White, & Blue Dipped Strawberries for the 4th. Take a look!


  • saffy bt

    thats a very delicouzio cady!!! i will try ur recipe in my recipe book.thanks alot!!!

    take care “”;)

  • Victoria Malagrino

    U should also make a video making them!!

  • simme-own

    These sound quite sweet easy and fun to make i’ll try it out at home!

  • Vicky Rivera

    These look so good! Ima have to try them..

  • Liz Ashbaugh

    I made these and they were a huge hit! I couldn’t find any red, white, and blue only sprinkles, so I used the rainbow kind and called them “”firework”” marshmallow pops. Thanks so much for the awesome idea! I’ve had tons of compliments!


  • Lauren Taylor

    Those are so cute and I bet they taste great. They look really easy to make, too.

  • Kiwi

    This is such a cute and yummy idea! I love it! It’s festive and fun for everyone! They also really easy to make which makes it even better in my life! :)

  • Emmy Rho

    Oh man I wish I had seen these before I went away this weekend! I was looking for something cute to make! They would have been perfect..oh well. I guess I can adjust the coloring for a different holiday!



  • ashley davis


    i made these for the kids of the family for the firework show. It was a HUGE hit thank you!

  • Marisa Leon

    delicious!! =)

  • Shantelle Bolduc

    Love the Dine section…always looking for new food ideas for my family and friends! Keep the ideas coming! I love the inspiration to try new things! :)

  • Sarah Azizah

    looks yummy!

    i will try to make, thanks

  • Valarie Mullen

    I made these and they were gone in 20 minutes! I didnt have sprinkled either so I rolled them in grahm crackers that I had crushed up :) Thank you for the idea!

  • Kristin Kureczka

    When making these I came up with some tips:

    I used Godiva milk chocolate chips & the chocolate really complimented the Marshmallows

    Dipping the mellow into the chocolate left too thick of a coating on the mellow. So I used a butter knife iced the barrell with the chocolate like a cake and topped the top with a thin layer as well.

    When I rolled the mellow with chocolate into the sprinkles its left chocolate in the sprinkle bowl that created clumps for uneasy rolling when it cames to the next mellow so i just dipped the end in the sprinkes and took a handfull sprinkles the mellow rather than rolling


  • Christina Libbing

    My computer wasn’t working when this post came out, so darn! lol But I wanted to add for anyone who might read this that I’ve done these before and if you use a pretzel stick instead of kaboob skewers or lollipop sticks you get a nice sweet/salty bite at the end. And another thing to try is crushed up graham crackers for smores on a stick. These were a huge hit with my family for mothers day when we were hosting that and a going away party(large crowd! lol) I didn’t have a single one left and they went fast!

    I made these with the JUMBO marshmellows, they were huge and a huge hit!

  • Stephanie

    i tried them out !! have a couple of pictures on my page… thanks for the cute idea !


  • Kate Shaw

    My sons birthday is also on the 4th. The weather called for thundershowers when we would normally have the firepit going and preparing smores. Since I knew this in advance I made these. What a hit!!! I placed them in some floral foam wrapped in foil (left over from a previous project) and they looked like fireworks! Unbelievably delicious…. and I don’t usually like marshmellows. Thank you for this!

  • Liz

    Hey Lauren! My boyfriend proposed to me on the 4th of July & I am definitely incorporating these into our engagement party! YUM! :)

  • Kimberly Reed

    GREAT…summer cake decorating idea!

  • shernell elibox

    I served this @ my 20th bday get together! the guests loved it! http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/33744/2204/10057/1

  • Kathy Dorf

    I want to pin this on Pinterest, but it won’t let me! I don’t want to forget to make these. :)

  • Cristy Gonzalez

    love it!

  • Mandy Farmer

    what a great idea

  • tina john

    This blog is fantastic. I would like to introduce this nice website to my friends.

    shabby chic


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