• Celia

    Wow! That is such a good list! I guess the only thing I would also put would be one-on-one deep conversations where you relate to people, the small things (like complimenting a random stranger and making their day that much better),

    and some others that I can’t think of. But I loved reading this list and I agree with everything on it :)

  • Kayla Crugnale

    1. the feeling of knowing when you’ve discovered your true friends.

    2. visiting the most beautiful country side lake knowing its the freest vacation you’ll ever have.

    3. laying in a comfy warm bed listening to your favorite music

    4. the glow one peoples facing when giving a compliment knowing you’ve probably made their day.

    5. succeeding in something you put your heart into

    6. being admired

    7. GREAT purchases while shopping

    8. feeling of finally “”belonging””

    9. laughing so hard at old memories that’ll never fade

    10. blasting music in the car with friends on long car rides and wind blowing.

  • Carrie Sandt

    I love this!

  • Megan Hancheruk

    1. Reheated pizza

    2. Movie night during a girls night in

    3. Singing in the car – and thinking you are a little less tone deaf

    4. Coming home to a happy boyfriend :)

    5. Napping while at the beach without getting an awkward tan line

    6. Still laughing until you cry at the same things you thought were funny as a kid

    7. The feeling you get knowing you made someone else smile

    8. Lazy days with the one you love

    9. Staying a few extra days on your summer vacation

    10. Meeting your goal

  • Stephyy192

    1. Dancing in the rain

    2. Wrapping up in a warm blanket after a cold night

    3. Listening to Jack Johnson during a rain storm

    4. Putting your toes in the sand

    5. Helping a stranger

  • Hayley Medina

    1. baking a really good meal for sunday family dinner

    2. Waking up to a lovely note from my fiance’

    3. cold winter days in bed with a book

    4. my kittens sleeping beside me

    5. the look of pure happieness on my dogs face when she sees me

    6. a cuddle from my father

    7. the feeling after completing a project to make the house feel more finished

    8. playing board games with friends

    9. watching childhood movies

    10. getting you hair and make up perfect and feeling extreamly good even when i am not going out.

  • Elena Last name

    1.- The smell of wet land


    3.- Waking up and finding out your mom made you pancakes

    4.- Finding money in your pocket… HAHAHA …

    5.- Number five (Im sorry I love the number and also laughing until you cry)

    6.- Traveling (after that, number 9 in the list would be cool)

    7.- Watch movies whit your favorite friend and have a slumber party

    8.- Meditate

    9.- Taking a walk whit the person you love

    10.- JUST LIVEEEE πŸ˜€

  • Kelly S

    Love this!

    1. Finishing a good book

    2. Cheap DIY projects

    3. Long runs with my dog

    4. Pizza for breakfast

    5. Cooking for friends & family

    6. A clean house

    7. Long talks with old friends

    8. Lazy Sundays with family

    9. A clean face

    10. Tan legs

  • Elena Last name

    OMG I was number seven and I started typing when It was just published… Im scared…

  • Glorietta88

    1. Pizza 2. To sleep until late 3. Laughing so hard you cry 4. Girls chatting 5. When is cold and your cat sleep on your legs 5. Go on holiday 6. Early morning, breath deeply on the beach 7. Singing under shower like a star 8. To see your best friend smile 9. Coming home and find a surprise 10. To live

  • Francesca Eve

    I couldn’t agree more with cold chinese food and singing in your car! =) almost all of these are my favourite things too except number 4, I like to come home and see my sisters are visiting when i didnt know, always makes the day better! =) xo

  • Melissa Panici

    1.) My son and boyfriend

    2.) Italian Food

    3.) Watching a thunderstorm from the porch

    4.) Laughing so hard you cry (had to agree with you Lauren:))

    5.) Staying up late to watch movies and eat popcorn

    6.) Sunset

    7.) The view of big city lights at night from up high

    8.) Night out with the girls

    9.) Night in with my best friend

    10.) Reading and participating in Lauren’s blogs every day (last but certainly not least!)

    Thanks Lauren! xoxo

  • Julie Haugan

    1. After the shooting massacre in my country,I`m one of the lucky ones that still is surrounded by all my frinds and family. A.k.a Family and friends # 1.

    2. Having the wonderfull boyfriend that I have.

    3. Sushi

    4. Singing outloud while cleaning my home!

    5. The feeling I get after a succsessful re-decΓ²ration in my house

    6. Waking up at a beach as the sun goes down

    7. Finding the perfect jeans!

    8. Laughing hystericaly with girlfriends

    9. Lazy sunday after a long hike

    10. When you feel that you are almost falling a sleep! (in your own bed!)

  • Steph Wyatt

    1. Going on vacation and the excitment when driving to the airport
    2. Brand new clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery etc…
    3. Loud music especially when driving ‘fast’ in an open top car
    4. Weddings
    5. Partying
    6. (like you said) Laughing so hard you cry
    7. Coffee
    8. Chocolate Brownies
    9. Taking photos to capture those memories
    10. Best till last – Watching The Hills :)

  • Julia

    Being forced to go out by your freinds, because your really not in the mood for party…and it turnes out to be the best night since…like forever!!!

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    what fun! My number 1 is the same as one of yours!

    Coming home to a Happy Pup! πŸ˜€


  • Sarah T

    1. A hug from your mum

    2. The fresh smell that is only left by a great storm

    3. Catching up with close friends you haven’t seen for a while

    4. Movie night with girls and chocolate

    5. The perfect romantic date that shows he knows exactly who you are

    6. Lies in / beauty sleep

    7. Lazy sundays spent baking

    8. The smell of cupcakes baking

    9. Curling your toes into fresh sand

    10. Reading a really good book with the ocean as your soundtrack.

  • Amy Griffin

    1.The same feeling you have for your partner now as u did when u first met

    2.Family members birthdays


    4.Knowing you have a holiday coming up

    5.Investing in something for your unborn children

    6.Skinny Bitch

    7.Watching your garden bloom

    8.Listening to a thunder storm.

    9.wine after work

    10. who I am and the people that have influenced me


  • Cherylann Martin

    It’s so true ! All my responses would be these ! :)

  • Amanda Ebersole

    Best things in the world…

    1. Cold Pizza

    2. The feeling after a great workout.

    3. Receiving a text from someone just saying hello.

    4. Walks on the beach at sunset.

    5. Reading a really good book.

    6. The smell of fresh cookies baking in the kitchen.

    7. Spending time with family.

    8. Decorating the Christmas tree

    9. Coming home and being greated by your puppy.

  • Fanni Szuromi

    Thanks Lauren! I have bad mood the past few days, and this post makes me better :)

  • Sally SaysOhSnap

    ahh so cute! I love every single thing on that list! When it comes down to it, it’s really the simple things in life that are the best.

    For me I’d include everything you said and then some… :)

    1. good hugs! (not those lame half-hearted ones)

    2. that accomplished/proud feeling you get when you’re done working out

    3. a song you like that comes on…even better when it fits the current mood/situation

    4. reading a good book and getting so lost in it you look up to see that time has really passed you by

    5. waking up to BREAKFAST! a good one at that.

    6. putting together an outfit and seeing you look super hot!

    7. group pictures with friends!! :)

    8. a countdown and preparation to/for anything exciting coming up!

    9. the process it take get all dolled up and ready to go out

    10. pretty nails after a manicure / pedicure

  • Alejandra Giron

    1. cold pizza for breakfast

    2. sleeping while it rains

    3. a hug from my mom

    4. the same as you: coming home to my sweet happy dog Coco

    5. going on a vacation trip

    6. same: laughing so har you cry… it happens a lot to me

    7. going shopping by myself

    8. having coffee and hours of talking with your best friends

    9. movie nights

    10. finally getting something you’ve been wanting for a long time




  • Jenifer Myers

    1. My Husband

    2. My Dog Chloe

    3. Italian Food

    4. Reading a good book at the beach

    5. Sunset at the beach

    6. My family

    7. Finding the perfect outfit

    8. Finding the perfect pair of shoes

    9. Laying in bed on Saturday morning with my husband and puppy

    10. The feeling after a successful jog

  • Ashley S Wilson

    1. Waking up earlier than everyone and enjoying the peace and quiet.

    2. The excitement just before you leave for vacation.

    3. When my kitten snuggles on me.

    4. Rocking out alone in my car.

    5.Watching a really good movie and feeling so moved by it.

    6. Lunch with my Sisters

    7. Weekends at the lake with my friends.

    8. waking up to breakfast made by husband. <3

    9. A clean house

    10. getting letters or packages in the mail.

  • Ennr

    1. Cold Pizza

    2. Waking up next to my fiancee

    3. Going home to my mother’s to see my dog

    4. Eating ice cream at 3am with my boy

    5. Eating ice cream at 3am with my girls

    6. Laugh till your sides hurt

    7. Cry when your heart hurts

    8. Research fashion and wedding products

    9. Lying in the sun with a cool breeze

    10. Sunday dinner with my family!


  • Sharon Vivian

    1. last minute plans that end up being one of your best memories

    2. singing your fav. song in the car with your best friend

    3. inside jokes

    4. the nights we can barely remember

    5. falling asleep to the sound of rain

    6. taking a walk alone at the beach

    7. when someone you love holds your hand

    8. staying all night up on the phone

    9. the feeling of being fresh out of the shower

    10. spending an entire day in bed with the one you love <3

  • Karolina Cz

    1.My Boyfriend’s smile


    3.the feeling when I got things I was saving up for pretty long time

    4.my bed

    5.rain fallin’ on my roof when I’m falling asleep

    6.laughing till my stomach ache

    7.my favourite song 10 times in a row

    8.Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all the small stuff

    9.being happy just because

    10.the hope that one day I will go on my dream trip to NYC

  • Robyn Wien

    1. An ice cream cone – of course your favorite flavor!

    2. Running in the rain on a summer evening

    3. Getting a good deal on something expensive – gotta love a bargain!

    4. Sitting by the fire when it’s snowing outside

    5. New York pizza

    6. Apple picking in the fall

    7. Spending the day with your Mom

    8. The beach in the evening

    9. Baking something for someone that they enjoy

    10. A good cry

  • Lauren Wojcik

    1. Going on vacation
    2. Accomplishing a big project at work
    3. Almond Butter, especially when spread on a banana… mMm
    4. All things Halloween
    5. Catching up with an old friend
    6. Drinking fresh brewed coffee in the morning
    7. That initial feeling you get when you realize you’re falling in love with someone.
    8. Watching Food Network on Sunday’s w/ my mom
    9. Successful shopping sprees, when everything fits like a glove & everything is a deal!
    10. Listening to live music!

  • Megan M

    1. Having my entire family in one room

    2. Coming home to a dog that loves you and gets so excited- my dog died :(

    3. Feeling of accomplishment sitting at your college graduation

    4. Feeling after a great workout

    5. Getting into bed after an extremely exhausting day – I had never been so happy for a bed after my sister’s wedding last weekend and going non-stop from 9am – 1am

    6. Hearing from or seeing someone you love when you haven’t seen them in a long time

    7. Being surrounded by gorgeous mountains, water, nature in a picture perfect place.

    8. An amazing first kiss

    9. Laughing so hard you cry and can’t breathe

    10. Making someone you love happy

  • Erin Tehan

    1. Coming home to my adoarble goldendoodle

    2. My husband

    3. Laying in the sun

    4. Relaxing on my patio

    5. Reading a great book

    6. Singing at the top of my lungs alone in the car

    7. Girls night (in or out)

    8. Spending time with my family

    9. Decorating for christmas while jamming to christmas tunes

    10. Laughing until you snort (yep, happens to me all the time!!)

  • Carolyn Drover

    1. Dancing like nobody is watching

    2. Puppy love

    3. A kiss on the nose

    4. Licking cake batter from a spoon

    5. Travelling to a place you’ll never forget…. and going back.

    6. Helping those who need it most

    7. Day-long Fresh Prince of Bel-Air marathons

    8. Watermelon on a hot summers day

    9. An outdoor concert – in the rain!

    10. Watching the sun go down with the person you love

  • molly waters

    1. The feeling after a good workout.

    2. Girls nights.

    3. Those days when your skin looks perfect.

    4. Bear hugs!

    5. A clean house.

    6. Chocolate anything.

    7. The Christmas spirit.

    8. Accomplishing a to-do list, or any goal.

    9. Falling in love.

    10. Alone time when you need it.

  • Kriszta Jakab

    1. chilly mornings with a big fluffy sweater and coffee

    2. kiss from your loved one

    3. meal from mom

    4. making someone happy

    5. going out with my closest friends and laugh

    6. the proudness when you step up for something

    7. silence when you need it

    8. when you are surprized ( happily of course)

    9. when i’m hurt, that safe feeling when i get home to my parents is priceless

    10. knowing that you are appreciated

  • laurenelectro

    1. Clean sheets. There is nothing better.
    2. Making the perfect cup of coffee.
    3. Coming home to a clean apartment, vacuum lines and everything.
    4. Knitting.
    5. Scout on my pillow at night. We share.
    6. A day (or two or three) to do nothing.
    7. Staying up til it’s light outside reading.
    8. The smell of a man I like. Yum.
    9. Laughing with friends so hard you cry.
    10. Getting letters/emails/texts from friends.

  • bballin129

    1. Listening to music that gives you goosebumps

    2. Knowing that no matter what, you have your friends

    3. French vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries

    4. Having someone say you’re their best friend

    5. Trying something new– and liking it.

    6. Reading a book that is so funny, you laugh out loud in public.

    7. Getting energized from a great workout

    8. Finding little notes stashed for you to uncover

    9. Hearing your dog nestle in by your bed in the middle of the night

    10. Learning new things every day

  • Jackie Schreier

    .1. Cozy nights on the couch with candles and a chick flick

    .2. The feeling of accomplishment

    .3. Finding money in the pocket of your winter coat from last year

    .4. The smell of fresh cut grass

    .5. Bubble baths with a good book

    .6. Date night

    .7. Bringing home all your bags from a successful shopping trip and then admiring all your new treasures :]

    .8. Having fresh cut flowers in the house

    .9. The feeling at the start of a nice vacation

    .10. Sushi dates with my girls

  • Kristen Schott

    The Best things in the world:

    1. The fresh smell of rain

    2. A fresh cup of coffee

    3. The feeling after a hard workout

    4. Laughing with girlfriends

    5. Clean sheets

    6. The sound of leaves crunching under your feet in the Fall

    7. Laughing at yourself

    8. The feeling of accomplishment

    9. Lake Days

    10. Kisses on my forehead

  • Procrastinator

    This amuses me to no end! Right up there with jumping on hotel beds.

  • Adriana Scioscia

    I cant express how per fect this list is! For me at least!

  • Erin Atkinson

    10 – clean sheets

    9- drinks on an outdoor patio with your friends

    8- swimming in the lake at the cottage

    7-a nice summer dress

    6-your favourite song coming on the radio

    5- sunday dinner’s with the family

    4- a happy cat

    3- a new random adventure

    2- laughing with my best friend

    1- accomplishing something you never thought you could do!

  • Kristi Bucksbarg

    -Fresh Flowers

    -Daytime Cocktails


    -The feel of the sand


    -Football Season



  • Hannah Strawser

    The best things in the world (From a teenagers perspective):

    1.Graduating from Highschool! wohoo!

    2.Getting your license and driving your car for the first time.

    3.Rainy movie days with bestfriends


    5. Summer tans

    6. Dad giving you his credit card to go shopping..ohh yeahhh

    7.Earning an A in highschool calculus

    8. The Senior Trip

    9. A real nice pedicure

    10. Mom’s delicious homemade dinner and desert

  • Erica Kosiba

    1. The ocean

    2. A good book

    3. Cats (the animal, not the play!)

    4. The first flower that pops up in the spring

    5. Halloween

    6. Cupcakes

    7. Iced coffee

    8. Bonfires in the summer

    9. Watching old Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast, is my favorite)

    10. Pedicures

  • Gabrielle P

    1)Watching a movie for the 100 times and still love it

    2)The first snow of the year (you don’t get use to it!)

    3)Reading a good book when it’s raining outside

    4)This feeling before and after the annual piano concert

    5)Study so hard for an exam and have a good grade after

    6)All the preparation before Christmas

    7)Go see a movie in cinema..alone

    8)girls night in are the best: watch a movie, dance, sing, laught, talk and have so much fun you don’t want to let them go

    9)The beginning of new friendship

    10)Wake up and have the perfect breakfast with a coffee, pastries while reading the newspaper

  • Ospratt

    1. Laughing all night with friends
    2. The smell of clean sheets
    3. Lying in bed at night with the window open so you can see the rain.
    4. Hugs from mom
    5. The feel of clean wet hair
    6. Summer
    7. Staying up late texting someone special when your supposed to be sleeping
    8. Watching romantic movies for the thousandth time
    9. Getting a commpliment
    10. Sleeping in all day

  • Samantha Zin

    1.Waiting for your birthday


    3.Going to Disneyland

    4.When something you really wished for happens

    5.Cake and hot chocolate

    6.Wake up in the Christmas day and realize is snowing

    7.Read a good book while at the beach

    8.Long talks with your best friends

    9.Watch a romantic movie and cry

    10.Sleep in my grandparents house in the countryside

  • Steph Nicole


    1. The night sky filled with stars.

    2. Best friends.

    3. Campfires.

    4. Pizza.

    5. Warped Tour.

    6. Chocolate covered Strawberries.

    7. Vacations.

    8. Airports and Plane Rides.

    9. Meeting someone that you admire.

    10. The feeling of a new beginning.

  • Brooke Amber

    1. Kisses on the forehead

    2. The perfect cup of coffee.

    3. A shower after a day at the beach, or after coming home from camping

    4. Clean sheets

    5. Summer dresses

    6. Flip-Flops

    7. Snuggling up with a cute boy, and warm blanket

    8. Mexican food in San Diego

    9. Singing/dancing to your favorite songs while getting ready

    10. The sound of babies/little kids giggling

  • Lisa Osgood

    1. Giving your valedictorian speech perfectly.

    2. Screaming out the lyrics to your favorite song and dancing.

    3. Looking at the trees in the wind.

    4. 3$ RAISE!

    5. Sleeping over the boyfriend’s so you can cuddle all morning.

    6. Reading a book that changes the way you think.

    7. Being surrounded by fun people.

    8. Chilling with the boys.

    9. Taking two seconds from the day to chill and read Teen Vogue.

    10. Hooking up with your old friends and having the best night you’ve had in a while!

  • veronicag

    1. Taking a shower after rollerblading 12 kms

    2.Singing in your car all by yourself

    3.Girls night out downtown

    4.Taking a nap with your bf to the beach at night


    6.Starting something new school/work

    7.Having a movie night all by yourself with a warm blanket and your dog

    8.Iced coffee while waiting in the traffic


    10.Sleeping outside and feeling the sun warming up your skin

  • Meghan Fazio

    1. Looking in the mirror and loveing the girl staring back at you

    2. Hibatchi

    3. The first breath of fresh air in the morning

    4. The healthy feeling after a great workout

    5. Traveling to exotic places

    6. Meeting new people

    7. The feeling of excitement when you surprise someone with a gift they always wanted

    8. The butterfly feeling when that special someone looks your way

    9. Falling asleep at the beach

    10. Forgeting your at work because its someothing you love to do

  • Jennifer Sellen

    Ok I gotta steal 3 of your Lauren sorry.

    1. Lazy Sundays – watching movies all day

    2. Laughing so hard you cry

    3. Returning home after a long trip

    4. The feeling you get when you go down a “”big hill”” on a roller coaster.

    5. Christmas morning

    6. Getting up early to go on a trip (Disneyland)

    7. Snuggling in bed with that special someone

    8. Kisses on the forehead – or eskimo kisses

    9. Watching little kids get excited over the simplest things

    10. Fireworks!!!

  • Valora Gray

    1. “”Sex and the City”” fest with your best girlfriends.

    2. Weekly lunches with your mom/bestie.

    3. Studying (or pretending to) in the library on a cold afternoon.

    4. Taking care of a plant and watching it grow.

    5. Gaduating with your BA!

    6. Meeting new people with who you have a lot in common.

    7. Finishing the last Harry Potter book. (Also tied with the worst feeling in the world.)

    8. A bubble bath, mudmask, and TiVo after a particularly awkward blind date. πŸ˜‰

    9. A personal pan pepperoni pizza and choco sticks from Pizza Hut. YUM!

    10. Watching your kitten pull all of his toys out of the toy basket and spaz over each of them, equally.

  • Lesley Blare

    1. hot mocha

    2. first sip of a diet pepsi

    3. sleeping through a thunder storm

    4. many episodes left of a favorite show to catch up on

    5. anything mint flavor

    6. waking up with nothing to do that day

    7. hot summer beach days

    8. a great book

    9. family & friends close by

    10. shopping shopping shopping

  • Veronique Hoang

    1. A long run followed by a jump in the pool

    2. A day at the beach with my bf

    3. Sharing dessert with my besties

    4. Tulips in the spring

    5. Vietnamese food

    6. Sharing stories with my mom

    7. Romantic style clothing & accessories such as lace, chiffon, bows and rosettes

    8. Cuddling with my dog

    9. Reading my favourite book once again and discovering something new

    10. Studying at a cozy cafe

  • Jaleesa Gaston

  • Hanny R

    1. Random Act of Kindnesses

    2. Sleeping In after a long crazy week

    3. Laughing and being silly with the boyfriend

    4. Massages!!

    5. Being able to to achieve something you have been working on for such a long time! That reward feels so good

    6. Singing loud and proud in your car to your favorite tunes with no caring!

    7. Passion Tea Lemonade :)

    8. “”Catchig up time”” dates with friends

    9. giving love and getting love back from anyone, and anything

    10. greek Salad

  • Ghada Fahad

    1.Sitting next to a window while it’s raining.

    2.When i get a hug from my mommy.

    3.Packing for a vacation.

    4.Pursuing my dreams.

    5.Girls night in is a favorite too.

    6.Laughing till i start to tear.

    7.Lying on a bed after walking for miles.

    8.That feeling you get when you’re the birthday girl.

    9.When i go inside that little room in the flowers shop where they keep the flowers fresh.

    10.When i’m in a really cold place and i go in a coffee shop or something and it’s really worm.

  • Lauren Taylor

    1. Being in love

    2. Standing beside the ocean

    3. Eating something really good, like sushi!

    4. Day dreaming

    5. Riding in the car with all the windows down and your hair flying everywhere

    6. Kissing in the rain

    7. The smell of the air after it rains

    8. Girls night out

    9. Piano music

    10. God!!

  • Agata Kalinowska

    1. Having someone who is always there for you, no matter what

    2. The feeling of loving an animal

    3. The pleasure of eating amazing food


    5. Shopping (surprise, huh?)

    6. Listening to music

    7. Chocolate in any form

    8. Buying the perfect gift for someone important to you and seeing the happiness

    9. Rescuing an animal

    10. Sitting in a cozy place and sipping coffee, gossiping with a friend or reading good book without rushing

  • Vivian De La Cruz




    4.a good book



    7. love




  • Brittany

    1. Laying in the arms of my best friend and fiance, Ryan
    2. Watching the sunset from the beach
    3. Cold pizza
    4. Curling up with a good book
    5. Coming home to my dog, Caesar
    6. Laughing so hard you cry
    7. Spending time with family
    8. Napping poolside while getting a tan
    9. The feeling you get after doing a good deed
    10. Watching snowflakes fall on a calm winter night

  • Dominique Vetromile

    1. thai food

    2. cuddling up on a rainy afternoon in the quilt my mom made me for college

    3. finishing a paper

    4. letting the waves lick your toes

    5. blasting country music

    6. “”family dinners”” with my best friend at his apartment

    7. studying and gym dates with my sorority sisters

    8. sleeping in

    9. the smell of the world after a rain storm

    10. a summer day spent on the beach

  • Elyssa Jones

    1. Cuddling with the love of your life

    2. Lazy days on the beach

    3. Saturday bus rides to the book store

    4. Canoeing the inter-coastal waterway

    5. Impromtu plans with friends

    6. Cat naps

    7. Mocha Frappes on hot summer days

    8. Sunday Brunch

    9. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

    10. Late night movies

  • Gabriela Mina

    I looove yours!! These are my top 10 best things in the world:

    1. A hug after a very long stressful day.

    2. Family reunions.

    3. Girl talk with “”besties””.

    4. Movie night in winter followed by lots of chocolate!

    5. Good night “”i love you”” and kiss.

    6. A chubby dog barking because I’m at the front door opening it!

    7. Dancing listening to my Ipod if front of the bathroom mirror.

    8. Donating to my favorite Animal Shelter.

    9. Roadtrips.

    10. Hearing my nephew say for the first time “”Bye Titi Gaby”” on Skype.

  • Carolyn Copenhaver

    1. Sleeping in with no alarm clock

    2. Checking things off a to-do list

    3. A good run or walk first thing in the morning

    4. A good pair of jeans

    5. An entire week at the beach

    6. A good cup of tea

    7. Vinyl records

    8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio

    9. Wearing an outfit for the first time with the knowledge that you look good.

    10. Time with my family

  • April Janok

    1. Cooking a new recipe

    2. Spending a day with my mom

    3. Listening to a morning storm while under the cozy covers

    4. Spending every Tuesday night with my family watching my dad play softball

    5. Burning my fave candle while taking a bubble bath to relieve stress

    6. A new pair of shoes

    7. Listening to my Granny tell stories of when she met my Grandaddy and how they fell in love

    8. Hanging out with my best friend of 16 years and still being able to laugh at our oldest memories.

    9. Fresh flowers on my kitchen table

    10. When my fiance tells me he loves me

  • Ashley Duncan

    1. The First Snow

    2. Laughing, always

    3. Family

    4. Good Friends

    5. The Beach

    6. Starbucks

    7. Doing things on my Bucket List

    8. Nap by the fire in the winter

    9. A day of “”me”” time

    10. Baby anaimials of all sorts.

  • Claire Coppersmith

    1. Finding the perfect pair of jeans.

    2. Going on a beautiful vacation.

    3. Movie nights

    4. Getting a compliment on something I made.

    5. Lazy days.

    6. Listening to a great song.

    7. Laughing

    8. Sleeping in

    9. Cuddling with my dog

    10. Pizza

  • sofis

    1. eating cold pizza after a night out or tacos (both works)

    2. getting up earlie in the morning and watch morning tv for an hour or two before work

    3. spending lazy days in my summerhouse doing nothing but laying on the porch and reading a good book.

    4. To rest in the arms of your loved one when your day has totally sucked and the world is against you.

    5. My sisters kitty when he snuggles up and wants to sleep in your lap

    6. Scarymovie nights with my girls

    7. the total relaxation you get after you’ve had a hard exersice like running

    8. Sleeping in my wonderful bed

    9. the sims 3

    10. Listnening to the music i like all alone and singing my heart out

  • Marie

    1. Snuggling up in a nice cozy bed with a bowl of popcorn, a mug of hot chocolate, and a great book

    2. Asking my 2 year old cousin “”what color hair do you have?”” and her responding “”I’m ginger””

    3. Baking a batch of cupcakes, decorating them, and giving them to somebody for a special occasion

    4. Going up to the mountains and staying in a big cabin with all of my cousins and jumping into the freezing cold river

    5. Going to the college football games and tail-gating for 4 hours before the games with all of my dad’s friends and their kids

    6. Watching the sing-along version of Mamma Mia with my cousin while jumping on my bed

    7. Watching a good movie and then immediately start to cyber-stalk the cute actor/actors, and read the book

    8. Sitting in the cafeteria at school with my best friends and have heated discussions about our favorite celebrities and other fun topics

    9. The look at night around Christmas time when it has freshly snowed and when all the trees and buildings have lights on them

    10. Watching Pretty Little Liars at night with all the lights out with my sister

  • Morgan W.

    1. Curling up with a good book while my dog is sleeping next to me

    2. A relaxing weekend

    3. Going out to lunch with friends

    4. Laughing… alot…

    5. Going on a random trip

    6. Watching a movie with my family

    7. A good day at church

    8. Succeeding at something you worked really hard at

    10. Belting out your favorite song on the radio

    11. Getting compliments on your outfit

  • vanessa

    1. Empty movie theatres

    2. Overcast days

    3. Good hair days

    4. Good music in restaurants

    5. Living at the beach

    6. Tabouli salad

    7. When someone cooks for you

    8. Looking cute in my favorite jeans

    9. Boot season

    10. Being thought of

    11. GREAT music

    12. When your absolute favorite movies come on unexpectedly


  • Katelyn

    1. taking a summer night drive in a convertible with your besties

    2. hugging your mom

    3. laying on the beach soaking up the sun hearing the waves crash

    4. eating your favorite desert

    5. taking a long hot shower after a good work out

    6. falling into bed after a busy day

    7. going shopping with your bestie

    8. a cold smoothie or froyo

    8. getting a mani/pedi with a starbucks in your hand

    9. collecting sea shells

    10. snuggling with my kitty and watching a good movie

  • Lindsay Advincula

    1. finding a really good deal on shoes

    2. hugs, kisses, and “”i love you”” from my son

    3. Disneyland

    4. cupcakes

    5. brunch time {with mimosas}

    6. my iPhone

    7. family fun days

    8. hybrid cars

    9. scented candles

    10. sushi

  • Kristin Albrecht

    1. That perfect pair of jeans

    2. My alarm clock’s snooze button

    3. Sleeping in until 11.

    4. Curling up on the couch with a snuggie, my dog, and a good book

    5. The feeling you get when you’ve done a good deed or helped someone

    6. laughing and making others laugh

    7. lazy days with friends and/or family

    8. floating in the pool on that perfect summer day

    9. Girls night out or in

    10. Overcoming that fear you’ve had for years!

    11. a warm, relaxing, bubble bath

    12. laying in your bed right after you’ve completely reorganized and cleaned your room!

  • Sara Davis

    1. Redbull πŸ˜‰

    2. Sleeping in

    3. Achieving a hard-working goal

    4. Laying out by water on a hot sunny day

    5. Concerts of a favorite band/singer

    6. Days off with friends/family

    7. Music

    8. Feeling motivated & inspired

    9. Successful artwork

    10. The feeling after a productive day, workout and shower.

  • Kellie Norton

    1) the perfect pair of black heels

    2) girls night out

    3) crying tears of joy

    4) laughing so hard your stomach/apples of your cheeks hurt :)

    5) finding out there are people in the world you can trust

    6) helping someone in need

    7) coming home to family after being away from school

    8) watching the sunset/sunrise

    9) dance parties in pjs with my girlfriends

    10) looking back to life and realizing i’m truly blessed :)

    This was fun!! Thanks for posting Lauren!!

  • Maggie Crowson

    1. Hot baths with Norah Jones playing in the background

    2. Long hugs from your significant other

    3. The feeling of accomplishment after conquering a hard task

    4. Fuzzy Blankets

    5. Bonfires with friends

    6. The perfect shoe

    7. The feel of cool grass beneath your feet on a hot summer day

    8. Acoustic music in a bar

    9. A glass of red wine with your girlfriends

    10. Cold sheets before snuggling in for bed

  • Liz Ashbaugh

    LOVE this!

    1. An unexpected kiss from the one you love

    2. A hug on a bad day

    3. A random message from a good friend

    4. Reliving childhood memories and making new ones in the process

    5. Snuggling with my dog

    6. Looking down at your engagement ring and still getting excited 4 months later

    7. Finishing a craft project and feeling that accomplishment

    8. Singing in the car to songs you love

    9. Girls’ night in (or out… really just any girls’ night!)

    10. The small ways that people remind you that they care

    And just for good measure:

    11. The moment your committee brings you back into the room after discussing your comprehensive exam and tells you that you passed and just earned your Master’s

  • Brianna Padilla

    1. The feeling after working out

    2. Eating a delicious and healthy breakfast outside in the sun

    3. Singing and dancing in the car solo

    4. Getting sandy toes at the beach

    5. Looking at the stars on a warm night

    6. A cup of coffee on a foggy Nor Cal morning

    7. Getting an unexpected text

    8. Wearing brand new underwear

    9. The smell of fabric softener and dryer sheets left on bedding and towels

    10. Celebrating your birthday with the one you love and love you

  • Sasha Riley

    1. Watching the waves crash on the shore

    2. Singing in the shower

    3. Looking up at the stars

    4. Wearing a cute new outfit

    5. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts

    6.A hug when you need it

    7. Girls nights

    8. Reading a good book in the rain

    9. Getting your toes done


  • Anna Cummings

    1. waking up with the sun
    2. Cuddling with your dog
    3. Watching bad TV with someone you love
    4. Swimming in the ocean
    5. Going on an unexpected adventure
    6. Watching the stars lying in the grass
    7. Laughing at something with your best that no noe gets but the two of you
    8. The smell of puppy breath
    9. Coming after a long night out to a cozy bed
    10. Meeting new people that make smile

  • Brittney Gonsalves

    1. Having a loyal companion, aka, a pet. My dogs just make my heart melt everytime I look at them.

    2. Painting your fingernails to match your toenails, just to do something nice for yourself.

    3. Rewarding yourself with an indulgence after an intense workout week.

    4. Watching sea turtles swim while snorkeling.

    5. Stargazing on a clear night.

    6. A nice fresh cup of coffee, at anytime during the day.

    7. The feel of the cold sheets in your bed when it’s raining outside.

    8. Mother-Daughter days.

    9. Shopping sprees.

    10. Hiking adventures with your best friends.

  • Zuzka Kapustova

    1. A hug from friend any time

    2. Meeting beautiful and good guy you like…(even if he dont know it)

    3. Really big laughing with friends

    4. Watching movie or series with my mum…(and she doesnt fall asleep)

    5. Girls night everywhere

    6. Being in shop with a lot of chosed clothes in hands :)

    7. Caring about myself and…dancing…when nobody is home

    8. Taking photos

    9. Picking up some fruit in the garden or mushrooms in the wood

    10. Examining my favorite websites

    …that really is not everything…:))

  • lucy schafer

    1. Looking at the clock and only having 3minutes left before home time

    2. Getting Home to an extremly loving cat, with many-a cuddles to give!

    3. A steaming hot bubble bath with muscle relaxers,rose pettles and a scented candle!!

    4. Getting Home to see your hair and make up still in tiptop shape!

    5. The smell of a cooking cake!

    6. Picking up a dress at a shop to find it extremly on sale

    7. Freshly Pained Nails!

    8. Having someones shoulder to cry on and them to hold you

    9. Going back to your home town and seeing things exactly the same as when you left!

    10. The feeling you get when you make someone laugh so hard they cry!

  • Anna Mckay

    1. Girls night w/ friends

    2. Girls night w/ family :)

    3. Church Camp

    4. Getting told how much you are loved

    5. Giving…. in any form

    6. Taking a hike or just taking time to enjoy the outdoors

    7. Sitting on my grandma’s porch while eating naan

    8. Laughin… and laughing and laughing

    9. When a friend or family member plays w/ my hair (I nearly go to heaven then lol)

    10. Expressing myself through the arts… <3

  • Maria Abbruscato

    1. When you can’t stop laughing
    2. A warm sunny day
    3. Hearing your girls cheering you on
    4. The beach breeze
    5. Helping someone in need
    6. Ice cold sweet tea
    7. Warm sand under your toes
    8. Hot chocolate and a movie in the winter
    9. When a child grins
    10. Christmas morning

  • Laura M

    1. sinking toes into hot sand

    2. waking up to a text in the morning

    3. walking into a freshly cleaned room

    4. the smell of cooking onions and garlic

    5. when someone stops you and complimets you

    6. the feeling you get after you’ve helped someone

    7. seeing children laugh

    8. hearing a song that perfectly relates to your life

    9. movie theater popcorn

    10. checking yourself out after tanning

  • Shelaine Morrison

    1. Clean sheet and freshly shaved legs

    2. Summer sunset with the pups

    3. Family games during the holidays

    4.My best friend of 19 years who is always honest

    5. When kissing always feels like the first time

    6. Baseball games with a beer and a hot dog.

    7. Knowing everything you have, you’ve earned

    8. Sprinkles.

    9.When your first instinct is to drop everything for the people you love.

    10. Salty beach hair

  • Morgan Benner

    1. sushi dates with besties

    2. the feeling you get after a good workout at the gym

    3. going to sleep knowing that there is no specific time you have to wake up

    4. getting lost in a good book

    5. beach hair

    6. bringing out the box of old pictures and hearing the stories behind them, even though you’ve heard them a million times before

    7. campfire on the beach, with s’mores of course

    8. traditions

    9. live music

    10. freshly brushed teeth.. nothing better

  • Katie Gaby

    1. Seeing my nephews smile after I buy them a toy.

    2. The warm fuzzy feeling everyone has around the hoildays.

    3. Home made ice cream sundaes.

    4. Family dinners every sunday.

    5. Smiling at scrapbooks filled with pictures.

    6. Hearing from an old freind you lost touch with.

    7. A nice easy work out.

    8. Cook outs and swimming.

    9. My dog.

    10. Movie nights with loved ones.

  • Amanda PeQueen

    1. Green tea ice cream after sushi

    2. Jimmy Buffet playing at the pool

    3. Falling asleep with a good book

    4. Sex and the City marathons

    5. Fresh towels from the dryer

    6. Late breakfasts on Sundays

    7. Laughing until you can’t even make noise

    8. New pair of heels

    9. Cuddling with your freshly groomed dog

    10. A good piece of chocolate!

  • Brianna Fischer

    1. picking up (or being picked upby) someone at the airport you haven’t seen in awhile

    2. a good bowl of ice cream

    3. scrabble nights with my favorite girl friends

    4. reading a book on the dock

    5. hiking to am amazing view

    6. laughing so hard you cry

    7. a new pair of shoes

    8. clean laundry

    9. baking cupcakes and pie

    10. realizing that you and someone are on the exact same wavelength about something, even a small detail.

  • alycia lourim

    1) eatting food you have been craving all day and it hits the spot

    2) having a great talk about life over coffee with a dear friend

    3) seeing a movie that amazes you so much the feeling stays with you all day

    4) kitty or dog cuddles

    5) laughing so hard over the dumbest thing in the world yet its the most funniest thing in the world

    6) grey’s anatomy episodes on repeat

    7) going out to breakfast with the family

    8) finally listening to a cd that you have been waiting for so long to be released

    9) finding the perfect outfit for an important night out

    10) finding a book that you can’t stop reading

  • Mel

    a lazy day after hard working



    music, which touched

    when the whole family meets at christmas

    these summernights you spend with all your good friends and wish they will never end

    the seasons

    go dancing the hole night


    make someone a pleasure

  • Kathleen Deleganes

    1. morning cup of coffee outside

    2. the smell when its just rained

    3. the night before christmas

    4. mother daughter days :)

    5. finishing a good book

    6. learning a life lesson from an unexpected person

    7. unexpected flowers

    8. spending time with my doggie

    9. getting the new vogue in the mail

    10. being in love and totally aware of it

  • Emma Cooke

    1. Laughing with your girlfriends about what happened the night before
    2. My Nephews smile even after the toughest day
    3. Waking up and going to bed in the same pair of PJ’s you’ve had on all day
    4. My Mothers perfume
    5. Wearing his favourite tshirt
    6. Dancing around the living room as if no one is watching
    7. Vanilla lattes and your favourite book
    8. That butterfly feeling in your stomach
    9. The cold side of the pillow
    10. Photo albums

  • Yesel Velazquez

    1. Making my niece laugh

    2. Getting a mani and pedi after a long week of work

    3. Sleeping in

    4. My best friend showing up, unexpectedly, with ICE CREAM!

    5. Boxing to relieve stress

    6. Shoping for shoes

    7. Reading a good book

    8. A’sing a test after a long night of studying

    9. Sundays with the family

    10. Knowing I haven’t given up

  • Margot Cohen

    i adore your number 1, everyone calls me weird for loving to eat cold chinese food, but it is always better a day later straight out of the fridge! (especially chicken and broccoli)

  • Cassi Brunet

    1. that good feeling after a hard workout

    2. making kabobs w/your besties

    3. road trips

    4. being nudged by your dog when she wants attention

    5. fresh, clean sheets

    6. nature

    7. the sky at sunset

    8. soaking in a hot bath after a long day

    9. seeing a thunderstorm rolling in

    10. My husband

  • Karina Bullock

    1. huddling around 20 candles with the family when theres a blackout

    2. squirming around in a freshly made bed.

    3. christmas time

    4. sunsets in summer

    5. the beach

    6. doggy cuddles

    7. friends marathons

    8. walks on the beach in the morning in summer

    9. unexpected road trips

    10. laughing in general

  • Jen

    waking up early, but having nothing to do and no need to get ready yet

    chai boba tea

    netflix tricking you into watching a whole season of a show in a few days

    an organized closet (by type and color)

    a long drive to see a best friend

    the feeling at the top of a mountain

    a photo that is instantly a profile picture

    a story that makes you laugh out loud every time

    old silver screen movies

    being inside while it rains all day

  • Jen

    also! go to thingstobehappyabout.com for even more small happinesses!

  • Ali

    1. Coming home to my excited dog

    2. Having a cold glass of water first thing in the morning

    3. Going on Vacation!

    4. Watching ice going into the rink every August

    5. Waking up and seeing the first snow fall

    6. Finishing something I’ve been working on for a long time

    7. Drinking a cold beer by the fire with friends in the summer

    8. Lazy Sunday’s watching re-runs all day

    9. The feeling of having a stranger walking up to me on the street, knowing exactly who I am and asking for my autograph!

    10. Skating off the ice after my first hockey practice with my new team and news reporters waiting to interview me.

    Best things ever!

  • Katelyn

    1. Knowing that no matter how bad you screw up, your parents will always support you.

    2. Waking up and knowing you have hours till you have to get up.

    3. Snuggling up with your dog when it’s freezing outside.

    4. Talking about “”the good ol’ days”” and smiling.

    5. Feeling proud of a finished project.

    6. Mint-ting-a-ling icecream.

    7. Knowing a song when someone asks “”have you heard . . .””

    8. Getting back up after being knocked down.

    9. The smell of Brown Sugar and Fig perfume.

    10. Fall, sweatshirts, jeans, flip flops, and football.

  • hollabacknow

    1. Witnessing my kids do something for the first time (Talk, walk….)

    2. Bubble baths with oils and candles

    3. Holidays (The company and Decorations)

    4. When the sun shines

    5. 8 hours of sleep

    6. Home cooked meals (just not my own)

    7. watching people dance and sing alone in a car.

    8. Being surprised

    9. Relaxing with a glass of wine and chocolates with my hubby after having a bad day

    10. A day at the spa with a friend/family

  • Michelle Brodie

    1) Finding a chocolate in what you thought was an empty bag

    2) Doing an activity with friends that you haven’t done since you were kids

    3) Spending a day exploring a new city

    4) Getting ON the plane, knowing that you made it and that you don’t need to CARRY your ‘carry on bag’ another step.. ohh relief :)

    5) Family BBQs

    6) Walking in to the smell of something baking

    7) Sand between your toes, watching a sunset on the beach

    8) Being wrapped in a warm blanket reading a good book

    9) Laughing so hard from simply being goofy with friends

    10) The satisfaction of completing a long standing project

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    Things I β™₯
    2.Good hair days
    3.Shotgunnin beers haha
    4.A vanilla cone with sprinkles
    5.Grandma’s tomato sandwiches
    6.The smell of Gain on clean sheet
    7.The smell of onions and garlic being saut

  • Maria Ayala

    1. Finishing a book(:

    2. Talking to the guy you care about

    3. Seeing your best friends

    4. Getting that clothing item or item in general you have been wanting forever.

    5. Drinking a chocolate milkshake(:

    6. Watching poohbear movies&cuddilng my poohbear stuff animals!

    7. Riding a merry go round with someone(:

    8. When the person you love, loves you back

    9. When you experience a miracle

    10. Tanning at the pool/relaxing

  • Bree Donnelly

    singing in the car all by yourself = my favorite! the up side to commuting to my internship everyday. Just me and my car with the windows down and the summer breeze :)

  • Samantha Foster

    1) Getting a really good hug

    2) Being in love

    3) Girls nights in – i’m talking movies, junk food, drinks and sleeping together on the floor

    4) Everything about Christmas; smells, colours, giving gifts, decorating, family, love

    5) Laughing so hard your stomach hurts

    6) Indulging in your favourite food

    7) Waking up with my cat or dog snuggled in my bed next to me

    8) Giving someone something you know they REALLY really want

    9) Dancing – anywhere, anytime


  • Kristine Dunshea

    1. Laughing so hard you cry

    2. Baby animals

    3. Going to sleep after a really long day

    4. Someone complimenting you on how you look, even though you left the house feeling crappy

    5. Girls nights

    6. A great book

    7. The feeling you get from making someone else smile

    8. Being at the beach

    9. Remembering there are leftovers of the delicious dinner you had last night

    10. Getting a text from the one person you really wanted to hear from :)

  • Gina

    1. Lounging by the pool on a nice sunny day.

    2. The smell of cookies baking in the oven.

    3. Laughing so hard that you cry.

    4. Turning up the music in your room and dance like you haven’t a care in the world.

    5. Watching a sunset with the ones you love.

    6. The feeling of your hair freshly cut and styled.

    7. Movie night with the guy or best friend.

    8. The warm feeling of clothes fresh from the dryer.

    9. The soft feeling of your skin after you have exfoliated.

    10. The taste of some good sushi.

  • candyheyn

    1. laughing with your best friends

    2. having a baby sleep on your chest

    3.Listening to your favorite song on your ipod, while day-dreaming

    4. eating good mexican food

    5. sitting on the beach, starring at the ocean and just think

    6. having the wind blown thru your hair on a warm sommer day

    7. getting a funny text from a person u didnt expect it from

    8. playing singstar with your best friend and just sing like there is no tomorrow

    9. being in love and knowing that he loves you two

    10. watch your favorite tv show while chillin on the couch and eating junk food

  • Peyton Conn

    1. Inside jokes.

    2. Good morning text messages.

    3. Wearing your favorite pair of jeans.

    4. Sushi!

    5. Riding with the windows down and the music loud.

    6. Dancing in your underwear.

    7. Watching chick flicks you’ve seen a million times and still crying in the emotional scenes.

    8. Looking at old pictures.

    9. Singing in the shower.

    10. Falling in love.

  • Anna Petit

    1. getting to see a friend you haven’t seen in forever

    2. eating a home cooked meal

    3. having your puppy sleep on your lap

    4. being with the person you like

    5. running your hands through your hair over and over when you leave the salon

    6. sleeping in

    7. reading your favorite book on a rainy day

    8. having a water gun fight at the beach

    9. going ice skating on the hottest day of the summer

    10. laughing so hard you fall down

  • nikki

    the exact same things as you!!!!!

    xo nikki

  • Megan Baird

    1. cold pizza in the morning.

    2. sleeping in for the first time in months.

    3. having that one person you can go to for anything.

    4. not trusting in someone, but having someone trust in you.

    5. a long, hot shower!

    6. being with great family.

    7. holidays.

    8. ROAD TRIPS!

    9. anything chocolate.

    10. falling in love.

  • jess bramanti

    1. going to the beach

    2. the good feeling after a work out

    3. getting that text message from the boy you like

    4. pizza

    5. reaching my goals

    6. being outgoing

    7. getting new clothes and then wearing them

    8. going to bed after a long day

    9. parties

    10. cold showers on a hot day

  • Shelby Marie

    The Best Things In My World:

    1. My English Bulldog running to the door when I get home from work

    2. Sunday Football

    3. Snuggling in the winter

    4. Sand in my toes

    5. The secret joke only you and your friends get and giggle about uncontrollably

    6. Laughing till you cry

    7. That special outfit that looks just perfect on you

    8. The feel good stage after working out

    9. Checking things off my to do list

    10. Singing really loud in the car with the windows down

  • Rahri

    1. Sleeping in on a rainy day <3

    2. Having someone fall asleep on your shoulder <3

    3. A full tummy after eating a really good home-cooked meal <3

    4. Praise for something you worked really hard on <3

    5. Laugh sessions with friends that end in tears <3

    6. The relief after doing a really good workout <3

    7. A sunset <3

    8. A family or friend’s genuinely surprised face <3

    9. Holding the hand of the person you love <3

    10. A view of the sky over the water–because it never looks the same <3

  • Amanda Saavedra

    1. My dogs

    2. Laughing so hard you cry

    3. pass a course

    4. Have a big O

    5. Singing in the car all by yourself

    6. the feeling you get when you give a really good gift

    7. The first kiss with someone likes me

    8. People says that you’re beatiful

    9. The boy likes me says: “”Hey, I like you””

  • Lisa Chambers

    1. The smell of Jasmine on a summer night

    2. Falling asleep to the sound of rain

    3. Yellow Tulips

    4. Eating cookie dough

    5. Hearing children laugh

    6. Rocking in a rocking chair

    7. Being inspired

    8. Completing a workout

    9. Discovering a hidden treasure (new place or tangible item)

    10. Running in the rain

  • Georgia Basagre

    1.Sleeping in
    2.The love of family, friends and God
    3.Being completely happy with yourself
    4.The beach
    6.laughing, laughing and laughing till you feel a six pack coming on
    7.Achieving something
    8.meeting new people
    10. Buying clothes that are on sale without feeling you have robbed the bank

  • Shelby Olson

    1. Falling in love

    2. Christmas dinner with family

    3. Feeling at peace with yourself

    4. Traveling to new places

    5. Getting your dream job

    6. Volunteering and making a difference

    7. My freedom of speech

    8. Strawberries

    9. Bike rides

    10. Laughing with your sister

  • Priya Sundararaju

    1. Going to bed and waking up next to that special someone and being grateful that they are a part of your life
    2. Having passionate conversations with your closest friends
    3. Taking pictures of random cute things everywhere you go (kittens!!!)
    4. Eating that first bite of the chocolately-chocolate cake that you made yourself
    5. Waking up late without an alarm and just with natural sunlight
    6. The feeling you get when someone thanks you for a simple, kind gesture
    7. The feeling you get when you aced the test you thought you were going to fail!
    8. The perfect song that randomly plays on the radio that reflects your mood or situation.
    9. When your hair and make-up still looks amazing even after a long day out.
    10. That long hug you have with someone you haven’t seen in a while!

  • Priya Sundararaju

  • Lauren Hicks

    1. Seeing old friends

    2. having a remarkably good dream that leaves me energized for the day

    3. being able to laugh at myself

    4. the expressions of my puppy especially when they’re the same as I feel

    5. making people smile

    6. getting to sleep in my own bed after long trips

    7. singing by myself like I’m ruling the rock concert

    8. graduating from college

    9. getting inspired

    10. laughing for any reason and till any point

  • Marina Plessy

    1 my little tortoise walking to me, everytime when she hear my noise

    2 all my friends together and having good time

    3 graduating from high school

    4 watering te garden at night

    5 being happy for non reason

    6 watch a good movie late at home

    7 listen and sing loud old songs

    8 hot towel after a long shower

    9 writte

    10 relax after hard work

  • Megan Babin

    1. Staying in and watching reruns on a rainy day.

    2. Having my 2 kitties so excited to see me, even when i have only stepped outside to check the mail.

    3. finally..laying in bed after a hard days work.

    4. getting closer and closer to my bachelors degree

    5. the look on someones face when I have given them an awesome handmade gift

    6. the calm of the evening when the sun has almost set…

    7. hearing a song that just happens to fit how you feel at that moment..and then another and another…..as if the dj is playing those songs just for you

    8. Ice cold water…..can’t drink water without some ice…

    9. my Poppy by Coach wristlet…that I bought as a treat for myself….after getting my new job..

    10. Cupcakes…anything cupcakes…

  • Lorzeck

    1. family and friends

    2. sunny days

    3. hot showers

    4. cuddling

    5. getting paid

    6. falling asleep or waking up to the sound of rain

    7. girls night

    8. lattes

    9. jack johnson

    10. reading your favorite book for the tenth time

  • Olivia Paxson

    1. Seeing someone smile, and knowing your the reason why

    2. Friendly people

    3. Bakery Goodies :)

    4. Feeling of accompolishment

    5. Quality Girl Time

    6. Family Time

    7. Movie Nights at home on my couch

    8. Helping Others

    9. Good Music

    10. Fashion Magazines

  • Angelina Duben

    1. A bowl of ice cream

    2. Movie nights with my guy

    3.The smell of summer mornings

    4.staying under the sheets when it’s cold

    5.Cleaning your house with the music loud

    6.Passing on old clothes for new ones

    7.Saturdays at a park

    8.Love notes in the sand

    9.Solo walks

    10. Being confidant in who you are

  • Kimberly

    1. My friends and family.

    2. Laying on the beach.

    3. Lauging with my best friends.

    4. To love and be loved.

    5. Something with fashion.

    6. Cinemas.

    7. Hot guys .

    8. When it’s raining or cold it’s great to lay against each other.

    9. Music.

    10. Vacation.

  • Diana Nguyen

    1. Good Music

    2. Dancing

    3. Accomplishing Errands

    4. Big Bear Hugs

    5. Feeling you get when you give & also receive a really good gift.

    6. Comfortable bedding

    7. Ice Cream

    8. A good concert

    9. Fresh Morning air

    10. A really good laugh

  • Chloe XX

    1. Smell after rain on hot summer day.
    2. Long talk with your soulmate until sunrise.
    3. Watching 60’s movies.
    4. Taking long hot bubble bath.
    5. Finally buying that one thing you’ve been wanting forever.
    6. Hearing city sounds when you wake up in the middle of the night.
    7. The kiss on new year night.
    8. Snowflakes falling on your face.
    9. Oversized sweater and a cup of coacoa.
    10. Making someone happy. β™₯

  • Patrice Lynch

    1. Christmas Morning

    2. Driving around while listening to music

    3. Dad’s spur of the moment family car trip to random places (:

    4.Finding a good bargin! (Charity/Thrift store) Yesterday I found Topshop denim shorts with tags! —

  • Melissa K Weber

    1. A clean, untouched, leather journal

    2. A good book

    3. Movie nights…with anyone!

    4. Morning cup of coffee

    5. Long phone calls

    6. Making bucket lists

    7. Sending someone a card when they aren’t expecting it.

    8. Driving somewhere and wishing I was on a road trip with my friends again.

    9. Having nowhere to be.

    10. Seeing someone do something good, when they think no one is watching.

  • Emmy Rho

    minus cold chinese food..I think these may be my favorites as well! Espeically the feeling you get when giving a good gift..one of my favorite feelings in the world!!



  • Jaclyn Mahan

    1. coming home after a succesfull shopping trip and trying on everything you got

    2. the feeling you get after letting out all your frusterations out

    3. your first kiss

    4. taking a nice drive in the morning with your windows down and the music loud

    5. eating a home cooked meal (especially if you havent had one in a while)

    6. making someones day and knowing it

    7. taking your socks & sneakers off at the end of a long day and walking around on the carpet

    8. brushing your teeth after a long night of drinking beer

    9. the day you pass your licesnse test and realizing all the independence you just recieved

    10. watching your bank account grow and grow

  • saffy bt

    1. breakfast infront of the tv

    2.feeding my fishy @ watching them swimming

    3.reading some newspaper

    4.washing my clothes every other day.

    5.napping after along time of work in my room.

    6.watching my favorite martha stewart show.

    7.checking my emails,while having a tea time.

    8.10 mins, exercise

    9.talking @ texting to my family @ freinds in phils.

    10. taking a good time, sit beside to my husband for the whole night.

  • Lindsay Jewell

    1. Clean sheets fresh from the dryer

    2. A bouquet of gerber daisies

    3. A perfect tasting frozen mocha

    4. Stretching out in bed after a hard day’s work

    5. Getting dressed up with girlfriends for a special occasion

    6. Dark chocolate

    7. Surprises (Giving and getting)

    8. The smell of your house when the windows are open

    9. Barbeques at sunset

    10. A good hair day

  • Alexandria Brown

    1. Getting a huge hug from my mom when I haven’t seen her in months

    2. Fresh flowers

    3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    4. Strolling the streets of Paris (and of course shopping)

    4. A cat nap with my cat

    5. Really, really good authentic Italian food

    6. An ice gold glass of Pinot Gris on a hot California day by the beach

    7. French Macaroons

    8. Over the Taupe OPI nail polish ( I swear, you can wear it with any color palette)

    9. My monthly subscription to Vogue

    10. Catching up w friends you haven’t seen in months and laughing until you are crying.

  • Liz Wood

    1. My husband.

    2. Laying down after a long day on your feet.

    3. Bed in general.

    4. The feeling after a hard workout.

    5. Finding a new song that fits your life in that moment.

    6. Knowing you did or said something to brighten someone elses day.

    7. Wearing a new outfit for the first time.

    8. Lazy Sundays (they really are the best.)

    9. Singing. Anytime, anywhere.

    10. Getting a hug when you need it most.

  • Lindsay Hildebrand

    1. Diet Coke πŸ˜‰

    2. Crashing on the couch after a long day

    3. Putting on a pretty dress

    4. Breaking out into song

    5. Watching movies on Saturday nights

    6. Good hair days

    7. Chinese or Thai food

    8. Laying on the beach

    9. Getting the house to yourself

    10. Watching Harry Potter movies (that really is the best)

  • Courtney Keppley

    1. Puppy kisses (love these!)

    2. The smell of a campfire/bonfire

    3. Walking barefoot

    4. Making someone else feel good

    5. Dancing in the summer rain

    6. The feeling and smell of washline dried bedsheets

    7. Laughter

    8. Driving with the windows down

    9. Feeling pretty when you’re dressed up

    10. Surprises

  • Jessica Lunceford

    1. Being able to sit back & watch my favorite t.v. show with No Interruptions

    2. Having my BIG BABY (my dog) lie with me while I go to sleep

    3. Hearing that one Song that makes you think about your other half

    4. Knowing when you go home that you don’t have to do ANYTHING!

    5. Getting to sleep with my Husband :)(it’s a treat – he works nights so i’m usually by myself)

    6. Getting to see my mom

    7. Sleeping IN

    8. Hanging out with my Best Friend

    9. Seeing my Nephew Smile & say “”I Love you””

    10. Just being absolutely HAPPY

  • Ork

    1. A hug from mom and dad

    2. Being with my friends

    3. Travel

    4. “”You’ve got mail””

    5. The smell of coffee and red wine

    6. Laught like crazy

    7. Wear my favourite perfume

    8. Read Vogue

    9. A ferret named Spunky

    10. Look and feel absolutely beautiful and confident

  • Jacqueline Calamaro

    1. A call from an old friend

    2. Eating an authentic Philly cheesesteak

    3. Starbucks Double Shot on ice

    4. Cooking a new recipe

    5. Wearing ribbons

    6. Early morning breakfast with friends

    7. Having a good hair day

    8. Exercising with a buddy

    9. Family dinners

    10. Twilight golfing


  • Lyndsey Smith

    1. An amazing mix on my iPod

    2. Carnations

    3. The smell & feel of just washed, clean sheets

    4. Waking up with the sun streaming in through the windows

    5. The look of Macys store windows, Christmas season in NYC

    6. When you go to the beach during summer & stick your toes in the sand for the first time

    7. The smell of fresh basil, vanilla & coffee

    8. Long car rides with the people you love

    9. Going to Barnes & Noble, grabbing a passion tea lemonade and sitting in a comfy chair with Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour

    10. Spending Sundays with family for annual pasta dinners

  • Ashley Isom

    1. Butterflies when you see someone special

    2. Roller coasters

    3. Shopping malls = Perfection (:

    4. Compliments

    5. Laughing till i cry

    6. 4 wheeling

    7. Feeling loved

    8. Macaroni and Cheese

    9. Hugs and Kisses <3

    10. Chocolate!!!!

  • Vanise Frazier

    1. God

    2. My Niece

    3. Spluging on orange bubble yum

    3. love/family

    4. Starbucks coffee

    5. Water and cucumbers

    6.The Beach

    7. Shopping

    8. Wine with the bestie

    9. Giving

    10. Salted carmel cupcakes

  • Samantha Sedlacek

    1. they way you feel riding on a bike with the wind in your face, it feels so free

    2. the feeling inside someone’s hug-you feel so safe and warm and like nothing could hurt you for those few seconds

    3. the delicious taste of warm chocolate

    4. a warm bubble bath with flower petals and a lit candle

    5. the feeling you get after you give a nice compliment and the person’s face lights up. you feel like you’ve just made somebody’s day!

    6. taste of a kiss when the other person has something sweet on their lips

    7. watching movies. you can throw yourself into a great movie and have a different perspective on life when it’s over.

    8. the warm sun on your skin for the first time after winter ends.

    9. just getting into a car and traveling to nowhere in particular. you leave all the pain at home and just escape reality.

    10. the way a picture can capture so many things in one shot. one picture can say words to last a lifetime.

  • Eliza Wilczek

    1. bear hugs from someone warm

    2. singing totally out of tune to the radio

    3. girls night (in or out)

    4. beach days

    5. slobery dog kisses

    6. laughing until you cry

    7. Sex and the City

    8. Boston, Ma

    9. reading a good book in a comfy chair

    10. slobbery dog kisses!

  • Dara Braithwaite

    1. Finding an absolute bargain whilst out shopping.

    2. A cuddle from the boyfriend.

    3. A night with the girls.

    4. Sleeping in.

    5. Playing hide and seek with my dog.

    6. Dressing up.

    7. Spring, love it when the sun starts shining and the flowers come out.

    8. The smell of coffee, it always reminds me of an airport so the smell makes me think I’m jet-setting off somewhere exotic.

    9. Taking photos, and revisiting them after a while.

    10. When my bf tells me he loves me and that he thinks I’m beautiful, even after 8 years.

  • Chloe Willers

    1. hearing i love you from my boyfriend

    2. seeing my dad on the weekends, and getting a big hug

    3. coming home to my cat who’s waiting at the top of the stairs for me

    4. reading a good book

    5. pumpkin spice lattes on a rainy day

    6. a walk around the seawall

    7. laughing so hard you can’t breath

    8. hearing that you made someones day better

    9. when my house smells like pasta sauce

    10. spending a whole day of shopping with my mom

  • Renos Fy

    1. bear hugs from someone warm

    2. seeing my dad on the weekends, and getting a big hug

    3. love/family

    4. beach days

    5. slobery dog kisses

    6. laughing until you cry

    7. Sex and the City

    8. the warm sun on your skin for the first time after winter ends.

    9. reading a good book in a comfy chair

    10. the way a picture can capture so many things in one shot. one picture can say words to last a lifetime.


  • Marissa Neitzel

    1. Laying in bed with your best friend, talking forever

    2. Oreos and peanut butter

    3. Doing art or DIY projects

    4. Dancing while getting ready with your friends

    5. Driving with the windows down blasting music

    6. Having a wonderful talk or day with your mom

    7. Watching Disney movies

    8. That pair of shoes that makes you so happy

    9. Sleeping in and listening to the rain

    10. Laughing until you cry and your stomach hurts

  • Monica Castillo

    1. Hearing your favorite song on the radio
    2. Getting together with old friends
    3. Dressing up for a night out
    4. Laughing so hard that u almost have an accident
    5. Manis & Pedis
    6. Outings with my mom & sisters
    7. Traveling to new places
    8. Being loved by a good guy
    9. Recieving flowers
    10. Christmas time

  • danielle virnelson

    1. watching the sun set on the beach

    2. catching up with an old friend

    3. finishing a good book

    4. cuddling with my dog/ or Hubby/ or both

    5. waking up before my alarm and feeling refreshed

    6. running into an ex while looking amazing

    7. watching my favorite movie over and over again

    8. an afternoon nap with the the warmth of the sun on my face

    9. getting flowers for no particular reason

    10. spending time with family or a genuine friend

  • Laura Klein

    1. getting snuggled by a cat

    2. the freeing feeling of dancing in the rain (with or without an umbrella)

    3. crying at a wedding

    4. achieving your work out goals

    5. cuddling up in fresh out of the dryer clothes

    6. finding a song you cant stop listening to

    7. recreating yourself

    8. driving with the top down on the highway

    9. being passenger on a motorcycle ride and outstretching your arms

    10. Realizing your happy with yourself!

  • Anood Lari

    1) Rain.

    2) When my bf kisses me on my forehead.

    3) Girls night in.

    4) Travelling.

    5) Coming back home from a long trip/vacation.

    6) Noodles.

    7) Shoes.

    8) Knowing you’ve made someone’s day atleast a little bit better.

    9) Laughing until you can’t catch your breath.

    10) The car wash.

    11) Seeing my parents happy/proud.

    …the list goes on :)

  • CC

    Your list made me smile because I can relate to all of those! Some others would be..

    -“”Paying it forward””
    -Lazy Rainy days
    -The smell of fall and burning leaves, even though summer is the best.
    – Venting with music β™₯
    -“”Jinx moments””
    -Cool Breeze on a warm sunny day
    -Helping someone in need & making someone smile.
    -Giving someone something so great, it’s like a gift to yourself.
    -Those extremely rare, AWESOME hair days.
    -The relief you feel when you finally get to pee after what seems an eternity
    -Laying in bed after a shower in freshly washed sheets, blankets, and pillows!

    Ohh the list could go on =)

  • Kimberly Reed

    1. Being On The Beach

    2. Backyard Barbeques with good friends

    3. Soaking in my Jacuzzi

    4. Cooking

    5. Watching a good movie

    6. Disney World

    7. Travel

    8. Singing to music in the car

    9. meditate

    10. shopping

  • Logan

    1. first rain of the season (smells awesome)

    2. how the world lights up for your dog when you get home in the evening.

    3. chocolates

    4. reading your fav book for the 100th time and still cant be bored of it.

    5. Your Twin (how can you beat that :) )

    6. home made food (actually MOM made food) !

    7. Garfield

    8. your one bag which fits all your things and can be carried to any place/occation.

    9. school photos

    10. collage jeans that still fit you πŸ˜‰

  • Olivia Mathieu

    1. The first winter snow storm

    2. When my bf hugs me when I am sad or when I really need it

    3. When my mom kisses my head and I can smell her perfume

    4. Waking up to a beautiful summer day and you have nothing planed for the day

    5. Swimming in the ocean

    6. Taking a shower after a huge work out

    7. The smell of new stuff, like clothes, books,…

    8. Laughing until you cry and you actually think you are crying

    9. When my dad says he is proud of me

    10. When I pamper myself, putting makeup, doing my hair and the result are amazing

  • Laurel Darr

    1. Realizing you found a true friend
    2. Laughing so hard you cry
    3. Finding the perfect pair of jeans
    4. Capturing pmemories in pictures and looking back at them
    5. Singing on the top of your lungs when you are alone
    6. Cuddling with my puppy
    7. Waking up and feeling fully rested
    8. The first hot day after winter
    9. Reaching a goal/accomplishing something
    10. Freshly painted nails

  • Sarah Dettmann

    1 The smell of the ocean

    2 Chocolate

    3 Surprises

    4 Laughing uncontrollably

    5 Long, restful naps

    6 Italian food

    7 Cheeseburgers

    8 Long hugs

    9 Being around someone you adore

    10 Cuddling with your boyfriend

    11 Buying something super cute

    12 Swimming at the beach

    13 Watching a good movie

    14 The smell of fresh-brewed coffee

    15 Nostalgia

    16 The feeling you get when you wake up and its your birthday

    17 Laughing at yourself

    18 Smiling =]

    19 Getting a gift

    20 Genuine compliments

  • Genie

    Hey Lauren – So my friend Jessica and I made our own lists and she posted it on her blog along with yours. Take a look and let us know what you think!


  • Tiffani Stuart

    There are sooo many things, it’s hard to choose just 10!!

    1) Jesus

    2) Love & friendship from a S/O who shows his love in many ways.

    3) Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (mmmm)

    4) Lazy weekends in a plush comfy bed

    5) Children’s Laughter

    6) Family & close friends

    7) Feeling good about yourself & your accomplishments

    8) Ongoing jokes & laughing until you cry & your stomach hurts.

    9) Being effective in something/someone you’re passionate about

    10) Paid Vacations!!

  • Priscilla Lopez

    I’m responding to this late but a few of mine would be…

    1. Long naps

    2. Listening to Kelly Clarkson

    3. Cooking breakfast on weekend mornings

    4. Laughing really hard

    5. The smell of lavendar and coffee

    6. Getting pampered

    7. Tight long hugs

    8. The feeling of letting everything pour out of you after a good cry.

    9. Feeling good about yourself in whatever situation

    10. Cold pizza

  • Kelli Killian

    1. Making family and friends smile

    2. Falling asleep to a night thunderstorm in the summer

    3. Cuddling with boyfriend

    4. Freshly painted nails

    5. My mother’s laugh

    6. Exploring European cities (food, shops, etc.)

    7. Laying on a nice beach in the sun

    8. Making my nephew belly laugh

    9. Speaking/hearing Italian

    10. Good looking men

    11. Being tan

    12. Driving with the top down and a new burned cd in the middle of nowhere

    13. Designer sunglasses

    14. Old songs that you still love

    15. Mac & Cheese

  • laura sacco

    1. Spending the night with my boyfriend

    2. Mommy/Daughter day

    3. Saying I Love You every chance I get to the people I love most

    4. Spending Easter/spring break in Florida

    5. Fashion- especially large purses&wardrobe staples (Lauren Conrad’s Style book!)

    6. New York City in December and May

    7. Painting my room&writing quotes all over the walls

    8. Cleaning my car&room

    9. Any episode of The Hills

    10. Twitter

    11. Yoga pants, north face, warm boots (its cold where im from!)

    12. Panera Bread&New York Pizzeria

    13. English (reading, writing)

  • Vivien Harmat

    1. Going home to Hungary

    2. Being with my bro and sister

    3. Finishing and passing all my finals

    4. Finding the perfect nail polish color

    5. When somebody says about my photos that they are good

    6. Being with my Boyfriend

    7. Taking a long bath

    8. Italian food

    9. Fresh coffee on Sundays

    10. Being myself

  • Ashley Dodge

    1. Spending a lazy Saturday night in bed with a good movie, my boyfriend and my cute pug on my lap.

    2. 75% dark chocolate with cacao nibs

    3. Reading one of my favorite books.

    4. Pizza Margherita

    5. Cute earrings

    6. Laughing till I cry

    7. A bouquet of daffodils

    8. First winter snow

    9. Spending time with the people I love most

    10. The smell of coffee brewing:)

  • Stephanie Stewart

    1. Singing and Dancing in front of the mirror to my favourite music!

    2. Coming home from a hard week at work to a husband cooking me dinner and knowing I have the weekend off!

    3. Having a good old moan and a laugh about life with my sisters and my mum.

    4. A book that really makes me laugh or cry or question things because the writing is just sooo good!!

    5. A bright, dry, morning power walk, plugged into my ipod!

    6. A lazy Sunday in my pjs

    7. Singing in my car

    8. Cuddling with my husband and making each other laugh!

    9. Getting into bed with fresh, clean sheets!

    10. Family get togethers.

  • katy amezcua

    1. Sushi
    2. Laughing until I cry
    3. Spending Sunday watching Sex and the City
    4. Chanel
    5. New York City
    6. Giving someone a really great gift
    7. Singing in the car
    8. Soaking up the sun at the beach
    9. Getting a new pair of shoes
    10. The smell of pumpkins

  • Monica Ter

    1. Succeeding at something you’ve been struggling with
    2. Flower flavored anything
    3. Connecting with a new friend
    4. Old Hollywood glamour
    5. Bubble baths after a stressful day
    6. Kindness from strangers
    7. Putting on Makeup
    8. Long Bike rides in beautiful settings
    9. Presents just because
    10. True quality time with loved ones
    11. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things

  • Brooklyn

    1. Laughing at absolutely nothing
    2. A late night ice cream snack
    3. Getting your hair done
    4. Candles, candles, and more candles
    5. The feeling of a new outfit
    6. Clean sheets
    7. Sunshine
    8. Smell of coffee
    9. Looking at old pictures
    10. Being around good friends

  • shabbychic_shauna

    that feeling you get when someone you love holds you in the midst of sleep.


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