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Splish splash! One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is just relax. I’ve been traveling this week and always need a minute of down time when I get home. Taking a milk bath is one of the oldest tricks in the book. In fact, it’s claimed to be a favorite of Cleopatra + Queen Elizabeth… and we all know how glamourous they were! Milk baths are amazing for a few of reasons. First, milk contains lactic acids + alpha hydroxy acids. These break-up the “glue” that keeps dead skin on your body. Soaking in a milk bath followed by a quick rinse in the shower can eliminate a lot of dead skin with very little effort. Second, it contains vitamins A + D which are skin softening. And last but not least, you can switch it up and use any kind- soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, or goats milk which are all beneficial to your skin’s health in different ways.

It’s easy to create your own version of this ancient favorite. Here’s my favorite…

Pour one half gallon of Vitamin D milk into your drawn bath water. Fill a fabric satchel or pouch with chamomile tea and lavender pieces and tie it up tight. Let that soak with water. It’s like a big tea bag. Last, for an amazing fragrance, float a couple of gardenias on the surface. The steam will bring out the scent. You can add bubbles if you want. But most important, relax + enjoy.

XO Lauren

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  • Amanda Schroeder

    I’ve heard of these but never tried them….. thanks for the how-to!

  • Megan Baird

    sounds so relaxing! i’ll have to try it :)

  • Cheryl Lewis

    Thanks, I will definitely try this!

  • Kimberly

    I’ll try it.

  • Taylor Golick

    That sounds incredible right now

  • Jennifer Sellen

    OMG this sounds so relaxing. I’ve also heard that taking a bath with sliced up oranges kind of revigorates or energizes you… do you know if that is true??

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    That sounds amazing! I bought some chamomile tea lately that I didn’t enjoy so I am definietely going to try this lovely treat. Thanks lauren! Bookmarking this post =)

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Kristin Albrecht

    This sounds fantastic! I heard it helps dry skin too, i will definitely be trying that this weekend!

  • Kellie Norton

    Heading to make this bath right now!! It’s been a stressful-running-around kind of day so this is just what I needed! I love how all of your blog posts have some sort of fact or interest that I’ve never heard/thought of! I hope you enjoyed your trip to NYC, I’ll be there next week :)

  • Kimmy S

    Sounds so nice! I’m trying this TONIGHT : )

  • blair xo

    ooo this sounds absolutely lovely !

  • Cara Maio

    That sounds extremely relaxing! I love taking baths especially with candles, they always soothe me, so I will definitely try this! Thanks Lauren!!

  • Anna Cummings

    This sounds amazing. I must try it whenever there is milk in the fridge again.

  • Sarah Lubitz

    I will definitely have to try this sometime soon. It sounds heavenly.

  • Julia K.

    I love the idea! thank you!

  • Lauren Leathers

    Sounds soo realxing! :) I am going to try this out one day!

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  • Vicky Rivera

    This sounds so refreshing and soothing I will have to try this soon. Thanks for the advice! :)

  • carolina o

    Sounds so relaxing and glamourous! I will try in summer. Thanks

  • Grete Oanes

    Trying it tonight, sounds absoultey wonderful(:

  • Kimberly Reed

    My favorite thing is to relax in my jacquzzi…using orange blossom oils, shower gels, orange soaps, or Rose bath products, Hibiscus petals, or Peppermint bath products and scrubs! I listen to NEW AGE music in the tub and put candles around the tub and please turn the lights out! (Try pink chanpagne shower gel from ULTA)



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