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My newest article for Forbes Lifestyle just went up! Learn about Paper Crown as well as the ins and outs of developing a fashion line by reading my post, Building A Clothing Line On My Own Terms. Below is a sneak peak…

The decision to start Paper Crown wasn’t entirely a business move. While it’s an important addition to my overall brand, Paper Crown is actually more of a passion project–an opportunity to make beautiful clothing on my own financial and creative terms.

To bring Paper Crown to life, I hired my long-time friend…

Read the rest of my post by clicking here!

And in case you missed it, watch my video interview with Forbes Lifestyle below.

I hope you enjoy my newest article!

XO Lauren

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  • Melissa Panici

    I really enjoyed your post Lauren!! Excellent job and you looked amazing in the videos! Love you bunches! Have a good weekend:)

  • Samantha Zin

    You look so beautiful in this interviews!! I want Lauren on Jersey Shore!! Ahahahaahahah can you imagine?!

  • Caitlin Hendricks

    You have always been an amazing role model to me and I’m sure thousands of other women as well!

  • Ursi Reichmuth

    Great story! I wish you the best of luck with Paper Crown and I agree 100% with Caitlin – you are an amazing role model with a lot of class and style…very rare these days! xoxo

  • mara sofia

    One word only : Fabulous!


  • Jennifer Hewitt

    You are a rock star, Lauren! I love your advice that comes through your experience. I am really glad to see your Paper Crown line! I hope it comes to Atlanta soon, because I really want to buy the collection! lol.

    Kind of made sense to me about your collection with Koles.. I was not as impressed with it..but still bought and found reallly cute pieces because I want to support you!( hope that did not sound like its not worth while… not what I ment! I love it). I love your approach you give us. Rock on girl. :)

  • Samantha Zin

    I just went on the Paper Crown site and OMG I’m in love with these clothes!! I adore the Monet Dress so much!! I really really hope that would open a store in Italy soon! :)

  • Lyndsey Kneebone

    Can’t wait to get a new little LBD from Paper Crown! Great video and a wonderful read. You’re so poised. Go Girl!

  • Alejandra Giron

    would do reality again? i hope you do, i loved to watch your show!


  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    I’m so excited for the launch of Paper Crown! I was flipping through the look books and there is something about the line that really identifies with me.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Sara Davis

    awww :) I love everything you’ve done Lauren! You’re the best role model!

  • Katie Stuart


    Check out my blog!

    Let me know what you think :)

  • tinamarie

    ahhhh! i am SO excited for Paper Crown to come to stores. i have been waiting all month long… i’m lovin’ the leather shorts paired with the blazer (:

  • Alliekat

    I am soo excited for paper crowns to come to stores!!! i have been waiting for this since i heard the about the line. I am constantly on the website looking through! you are a true inspriation and you are my role model!!!

  • Renos Fy

    would do reality again? i hope you do, i loved to watch your show!

  • Kimberly

    I hope she will!!

  • saffy bt

    there is alitlle bit suspense on your interview hah,to be continued???

    we miss you in tv lauren…

  • Claire Coppersmith

    I want to start my own fashion line one day when I get older possibly and was wondering what other advise you have?

  • Mariella

    love you Lauren! I want Paper Crown in Argentina!!

  • LuLu

    Very informative Lauren. I cannot wait to check out your line- and to own some of your pieces! I would love to learn more about your business ventures; you have wonderful advice and I am so interested in hearing more from you!


  • Katelyn Merrill

    You are such a great writer!



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