Beauty Essential: What The Blush

To be honest, I am not committed to a particular blush. While a few of my favorites are Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in #55 In Love and NARS Blush in Amour, I don’t really stick to one brand over the other. 


I also alternate between powder and cream blushes depending on my mood. For daytime, I tend to stick to pale pink or a coral shade. As for nighttime, I sometimes go for a bolder hue like bright pink (take caution though… too much and you look crazy).

When deciding which blush to go with, I always take my lip color into consideration. If I will go with nude lip, I will try and choose a blush in the same family. And if I’m wearing a red lip, I will do the same. Since it’s hard to match the exact shade of a red lip, try dabbing a little of the lipstick on your finger and using it as a cream blush. I usually turn to this trick when I’m in a pinch and don’t have any blush on me. It works like a gem. But, be forewarned: a little bit goes a long way. 


So tell me, what blush do you use? I’m currently searching for a new coral based blush for summer… Any suggestions?

XO Lauren

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  • Alex Critch

    I love Nars Orgasm blush. It is the right amount of color and shine, perfect for going out or just everyday makeup. I highly recommend it :)

  • Amy Barber

    I love Springsheen by MAC it’s really coral in colour, and it suits you best when you’ve got a tan, so it’s very summery :-)

  • Film Tanawan V

    Try MAC’s Warmth of Coral – it’s in their new ‘Semi-Precious’ Collection! It’s a mineralized blush which is amazing for the summer! =) xoxo


    I have a few blushes from Tarte. The Amazonian clay 12-hour blush collection is the best! It really does last a long time. The pigmentation in these blushes is also very dense so I suggest using them sparingly.


  • Corinne

    All-in-one blush and brush from Clinique. Easy to wear and easy to care in your purse. I personally wear it on Peach-in-a-pinch shade.

  • Elyssa Jones

    The blush I use now is Estee Lauder’s Signature Silky Powder Blush in Fresh Plum. It’s a neutral mauvish-plum shade that is perfect on my fair to light skin. It’s pretty versitle, I use it for both day and night, only I use a little less of it in the day time than at night. I generally use powder blushes since I live in Southwest Florida and the humidity is killer almost any season.

    A shade you might be interested in is Estee Lauder’s Signature Silky Powder Blush in Radiant Peach.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Emily Piatt

    Nars Orgasmis my all time favorite.

  • Katie Ross

    I love NARS orgasm and MAC peachykeen. MAC’s mineralized “”Semi-Precious”” collection has a great color right now, Pearl. It’s great for the summer!

  • Stephanie Michelle

    I used to use powder blush and no particular preferance, but since I discovered Benefit, BENETINT Cheek and Lip stain… I have been obsessed! I never wear anything else, it stays on forever and you can even try it on lips. Its perfect!! For a bit of extra glow I will try it with NARS Iluminator in “”Orgasm””

    :) Love your page!!

  • Carolina Gil

    I like the cream blushes from revlon, I have the rosy glow and the berry flirtatious, they both work very well, they’re not oily and the colors are very natural :)

  • stacey hong

    Mac has a very pretty coral blush you should try!

  • nadine

    I use Pupa & Bourjois :)

  • Kirsten Knutson

    Bare minerals in Vintage Peach. It adds a little shimmer and its perfect for summer!

  • Kiwi10

    Picking a blush colour is so difficult…can you recommend a nice everyday colour for someone with medium/fair skin (olive undertones) and dark brown hair? OR can you do a post on how to pick a colour based on your skin tone? It would also help if you could name a few drug store brands in addition to the higher end varieties. Thanks, love your site!!

  • Angelika Tagari

    I just bought Two Faced “”Prim & Poppy”” blush for lips and cheeks. It is the best coral I have ever tried. You should try it too!

  • Marisa Asbury

    I use Tropical Radiance by BareMinerals a lot. It is a sheer coral loose powder, with a little sparkle, that is perfect for Summer.

    It really is much more corally orange than in the photo on their website.,default,pd.html?start=7&cgid=BM_SUB_RADIANCE

  • MissBx1

    I love Benefit’s Coralista, its a beautiful coral blush and perfect for the summer ! You have to check it out ! :)

  • Jennifer Olland

    I use too I’m in love with…they both add a nice shine to my cheeks one more than the other…..NARS Orgasm is a fav but my every day is MAC’s Springsheen….and I just hit the pan on it….Im hoping its not discontinue or else I will be REALLY heartbroken lol AND i always use peachy/coral(ly) blushes :) (my skin is orange toned and NOT from fake tanning lol)

  • Taylor Harbin

    I love peachykeen by MAC! It’s the perfect coral-pink for summer!

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    I honestly stick to one blush all the time. It isn’t even a blush now that I think about it. I use the MAC Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair from the Venomous Villians collection. It is such a soft pink that it just looks like someone pinched your checks and it works with any makeup look I wear.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Sophia Last name

    Mac Peaches, best shade for summer!!

  • Hannah Phillips

    peachykeen by mac but orgasm by nars is also really cute, its summery and has a golden shimmer that makes you feel pretty and fresh

  • Rebecca Nacht

    Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Tipsy. Love it!

  • bballin129

    I am attached to my Lancome Blush Subtil in Shimmer Violet Sunrise. I have an olive cool-medium skin tone. Sometimes I’m fair-skinned, but my skin holds onto tan for a long time, thanks to my genes!

    I love this color because it has a rich berry color that I can add to, paired with a delicate shimmer that really brightens up my face during the day.

  • Lindsay Advincula

    peachykeen and orgasm :)

  • Iris Johnson

    I will forever SWEAR by Nars Orgasm. It is the perfect most versatile shade, lasts forever, looks good on everyone!

  • Lauren Conrad

    Thanks guys! This is so helpful :-) I love to hear what other people are using and suggest.

  • Elyssa Jones

    To Kiwi10:

    Look for shades with Warm in the title and lean toward Neutrals, Peaches, and Corals. Some orange based soft pinks would be good too. If you are looking for an everyday shade peaches are best for day time. Corals are better during the evening.

    Some drugstore brands:

    - Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends in Healthy

    - New York Color Cheek Glow Blush in Sutton Place Peach

    - Physician’s Formula Powder Palette Multi-colored Blush in Blushing Peach

    I especially like the Neutrogena and Physician’s Formula blushes because they are a mosaic blend of tones which with help to give you a natural glow. They also have bronzers too.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Katelyn Merrill

    I like Georgia by Benefit. Its not too cakey, and its light and fresh.

  • Procrastinator

    I just started using Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pink Powder. It’s got the golden-peachy-pink that works on everyone. And it’s the best nude lip I’ve found in a long time. For reference, I’m a MAC NC30, MUFE HD 120, but again, pink powder will work on everyone, depending on how you apply it.

  • Nicole Bee

    i love my mark. good glowing custom pick powder blush! i am not a big blush person, and i have tried cream blushes before. i use powder blush for subtle rosy cheeks.

    you can always go back to your mark. roots and pick out a just pinched instant blush tint in peachy or cheeky, or good glowing custom pick powder blush in sun love glo or star glo!

  • Meredith McClain

    Nars blushes in Sex Appeal, Penny Lane and Cactus Flower are some of my faves. I also love Blushbaby from Mac and Wild Bouquet from Laura Mercier.

  • Tesia Gonzales

    I just got this amazing coral blush from MAC over the weekend in Warmth of Coral. It’s amazing!

  • heidi Westendarp-Goerlich

    I absolutely love my Logona blush powder duo in Red-Peach (Nr 2).

    Completely hipoallergenic and made with natural products, since my skin is very sensitive and I’m super white, it gives me a healthy color, there’s also a version in rose colors.

    For rose and coral I use The Body Shop’s Kiss of Colour Blushes, the coral one has a bit of gold shimmer :) But I don’t think it’s sold anymore :(

    I don’t use bronzers since I love my pale skin :)

  • willa bardawil

    Lauren you MUST try Inika Mineral Blush in Peachy Keen! Its avaiable in Whole Foods in the UK! The most gorgeous peach EVER!

    X Willa.

  • Poulomi B in Coral Crush is my favorite!

    I got it with an outfit pallete: where there’s a different pallete for each outfit and I use the coral blush for the meditation retreat pallette with everything I wear!

    It looks good/shows up well on my skin too!

  • LaShanta Green

    Such a cute name of the title of this post. I believe this color is a perfect color that goes well with so many different skin tones.

  • Kierra Lagervall-Adams

    I use the Clinique blush stick. It’s a creamy stick that goes on smooth and clean and gives you the perfect hint of rosy cheeks!

  • Caroline Dabroszek

    I use Nars in Orgams and MAC blush in Warm Soul, so pretty. :-) Try them out Lauren if you haven’t try them yet.

  • Cassie Hanson

    nars “”blush & bronzer duo”” is the way to go! my favorite combo compact is orgasm/laguna. my must have in the makeup bag!

  • melissa cowie

    n07 blush, in bright pink works as well as any dior or channel brand and it costs much less, you should try it lauren!
    Melissa XO.

  • Kelly McIver

    I use the Nars blush in Orgasm also. It’s such a pretty color. I love it. I think it looks good on basically everyone.

  • Jasmin Matter

    i use the dainty blush of MAC its my favourite and it looks very nice. you should try it :)

  • robyn

    I’ve been loving Benefit’s Coralista! It’s so pretty with a summer glow (:

  • Shelby Stallsmith

    There was a girl on here that said MAC Warmth in Coral and I just got it so I wanted to say thanks!!!

  • Emily Taylor Avia Hu

    NARS Gina is a pretty true coral and I also love Benefit’s Coralista :)

  • Catharina Andersen

    My new favorite blush is from TiKei, and it’s called Sunrise. This color is actually coral, which is perfect for my skin-tone.

  • Chloe Willers

    in the summer time i like to use bronzer instead of blush! but depends on the day. The brand Too Faced is really good i love their Chocolate Soleil bronzer

  • Mariella

    my favourites blushes are from Clinique! they have lot of colours and take care of your skin! ;)

  • Clari

    at the moment i am really into Clinique Quick Brush – ‘Peach-in-a-Pinch’

    highly recommend it! :)

  • jackie rea

    I have NARS exhibit A and I LOVE it! It’s literally rainbow red, but when just using a little of it, it looks really natural!

  • Emily Bailey

    When I do a red lip I like to you the benetint stain and its great cause I can put it on my cheeks too! Reccomend the product cause its a great lip/cheek stain duo!

  • ileana alanis

    coralista from benefit cosmetics!!!! :)

  • Lo Adele

    I’ve just ordered the Georgia Peach from Medusas Make Up

    Can’t wait!

  • Carolina Quan

    I love “”Deep Throat”” by NARS and Le Prisme line by Givenchy try “”Aficionado Peach””

  • Forrest Jividen

    Coralista by benefit and I think they have one called georgia peach!

  • kika_nyc

    I’ve been loyal to NARS’ Orgasm for years, but just ordered Josie Maran’s Blossom. I’m trying to keep away from parabens and her argan oil has been ding wonders for my skin. For red or plum shades of lipstick, I use NARS’ Sin.

  • Anna-Frances Bainbridge

    My favourite for years has been “”style”” by MAC, its a coral base with a nice shimmer which is great for day time and night time x

  • Sophie Charlotte Brouer

    Chachatint from Benefit is a coral based blush for summer. You will love it! :-) Kisses from Denmark.

  • Emily Wells

    I like Pixi’s gel blush, I like the way gel blushes look more natural and I think they last longer than powder blushes….especially in the summer heat.

  • Nicole Perez

    I just bought Hard Candy’s Fox in a Box in Hot Flash and its a great bright pink blush! I also recently fell in love with E.l.f.’s cream blush in Seductress!

  • Melissa Tansey

    looks really nice!

  • Koceva Tamara

    Thank you for your useful advices Lauren! :*

  • Mary Ann Rutherford

    Coralista by Benefit is beautiful, LOVE to use during summer!

  • Sarah Azizah

    dabbing red lipstick?

    hmm, i should try, thanks Lauren

  • Shannon Cooley

    I just bought Benefit’s ChaChaTint. It’s a mango/coral tint for your cheeks, which is perfect for summer. I then pair it with Benefit’s High Beam for a glow on my cheekbones. Super great color and super easy for that perfect summer look! I definitely recommend!

  • Katelyn Jones

    i like the idea of coral based. :) nice. i’ll use that. i love coral for summer.

  • Tamy Dawli

    Hey Lauren! The Stila Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain is really good. Since you can use it for both lips and cheeks its really awesome… and it has that coral color feel to it too!

  • Kayla Queen

    my new favorite is NARS in Exhibit A — it looks really scary in the palette, but just a little bit goes a long way and gives you a great flushed look!

  • Becca Zabarte

    Bijou by Franche is really really good! it looks dark in the palette, but when you put it on, you look nice and rosy and very natural! :)

  • Christina Libbing

    I love Nars in Orgasm, it really does give you a good glow,lol. I also love Benefit’s Dallas, its like a bronze/pink you can wear it allover to give fair skin a bit of color. But my fave way to wear it is as blush it givse thatIi’m not wearing any make-up look. My cheek bones totally pop when I wear it but it looks like I’m not wearing a thing but my own naturalness

  • Chastity Martin

    I am currently using Benefit with the daffodil on the light green box. I really want to try Nars Orgasm tho.

  • Kate Shaw

    I don’t have the budget for NARS, E.L.F. ( has some great blushes, especially in their Studio line and Mineral line… corals and peaches. You can also look on Youtube and find a ‘dupe’ for NARS ‘O’, one is the E.L.F. blusher/bronzer palette and Milani has a beautiful dupe, as well as beautiful blushes in general.

  • Richard Holmes

    Hey LC love

  • Rachel

    I love somthing special cream blush by mac

  • FIDM Fashion Club

    I so wish that I could wear NARS! I had a color similar to the one you’re raving about but it had gold flakes in it and it made my face breakout but the colors sure are beautuful to look at

  • Stephanie Smith

    I am in LOVE with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy. It is such a pretty coral color.

  • Ashlee Hayes

    I love Napoleon Perdis blush patrol. A little goes a long way and it has all different shades of pink mixed with bronzer, its amazing.

  • Emma Gorin

    benefit CORALista… it’s incredible!

  • Whitney Floisand

    I LOVE Orgasim by NARS blush! It’s by far my favorite blush I’ve found. It’s the perfect shade for summer when your face has a little color :)

  • debora f

    i love blusch de l oreal bois de rose

  • Giulia De Luca

    I really love blush and I have a lot of them!

  • Margot Cohen

    bareMinerals; i’m amused rouge (y)

  • Lauren Taylor

    I don’t use blush because I have red tint to my skin but I do use bronzer from Sephora…it’s their brand. I love it!

  • Jenny G

    I am in LOVE with Nars blush in Orgasm! It goes great with their bronzer and the little gold flecks in the blush give you a sun-kissed look! My favorite is the duo with blush and bronzer in the same palette.

  • Megan Baird

    sephora always has what i need! i spend way way way too much money there! but coral has always been my main color for everything! and they have a great selection of anything you may need :)

  • SLMorrow

    Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Citrus Bloom. (It’s the newest shade in mineral) Flattering on most any skin tone! It would definitely look great on you, Lauren…especially for the au natural look.

  • Pratibha Fox

    Lauren! I love NARS’ Orgasm blush…it’s the absolute best :) Question though – your makeup columns are wonderful and I love reading them, but I do have a super important question. I have acne scars ALL over my face. They’re awful, and they seem to never go away. I have a question about what makeup you would think would look natural but cover those scars. :/ Love you doll! I’m checking out Paper Crown as we speak!

  • Jessica Wright

    MACs Peachy Keen is one of my faves. I also love Orgasm from NARS.

  • Laura Lokey

    i love cover girl classic color blush for a simple, yet elegant look! the best part about it is that it lasts and its a great deal! you get an awful lot for your buck. go check it out! :)

  • Devon Shaffer

    I use well-dressed by MAC

  • Lizzie12

    can you recommend us a more orangy colors for the summer!! i use to <3 mischa barton blush on the o.c. but i don't know if they still make those colors...thanks

  • Joanna Concepcion

    i love Nars’ laguna. :)

  • Flavia Roque

    My fav blush of all times is Tahj Mahal from Nars… It kinda orange but if you use it right it can be a beautiful goldy coral :) I also like Dame from Mac… Great for day time!

  • Caitlin Chukyo

    laguna is awesome and Stila Gerber is such a nice color for day or layerd for night! I love blush, it can totally transform your look!

  • Laura Palomo

    Hi Lauren! :) I love having a healthy nice look of my face so I really like the blushes and I’m using Joues Contraste n

  • Yvette Orozco

    My current blush is the Joues Contraste in Rose P

  • Alexx Bukovac

    I love, love, love Natio Mineral Pressed Powder Bronzer in Sunswept. It is amazing, I have had it for 2 years and still haven’t run out! I also use a Natio powder bush. Great bran. :)

  • Lauren Leathers

    Hii! I use ELF blush in Candid Coral. Its a simple coral shade it also looks very natural! :) check out my blog for more advice.



  • Caitlin Chukyo

    Lauren-what blush did you wear in your Style book? So very natural and pretty, I cant seem to find one like it. Thanks!!

  • Alyssa Ballard

    Elf has a great Coral Blush called

    Glow #2302

    It looks great and It’s only $1!!

    Find it at

  • Kim Thomas

    I’m still in search of a good blush-it’s so hard to find one to show up on my skin without being too pink! I may try the Nars Orgasm since it’s always on “”best of”” beauty lists.

  • Corinna Mish

    Dream mousse cream blush in peach shimmer is a blush that goes on fairly transparent, or you can build more color by adding more. It gives a glow from within look and blends terrifically !

  • Katherine Rhaps

    Tarte’s amazonian clay in tipsy is a great coral, it can just be a bit hard to blend. But NARS blush in Gina is a perfect peachy color for summer, gives a great glow and has awesome pay off!

  • Stefania van Tasie

    I’m totally in love with Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. I don’t know how it is called in America, but it is a cream blush, which also can be used as lipstick. It stays the whole day and the colours are beautiful. I got three: Pale Pink, Powder Pink and Calypso Coral. The last one is the perfekt summer-coral-tone

  • Katie Campbell

    coralista!! by benefit

  • Nicole Rutledge

    You should totally try Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Tipsy! Its amazing! :)

  • Kaitlyn Villeneuve

    Nars blush in Orgasm – a new fan favourite. You get that perfect ‘flush’ every time!

  • Ja

    l.a. colors is new in the philippines and i fancied the blush in natural, ireally love it makes me glow.

  • Ambi s

    I love Nars Blush too – I use the shade Liberte, it’s gorgeous! See the rest of my essentials here:

    Bombay Rose: What’s in my Make-up Bag?

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  • Shannon

    Hi Lauren! I am a little obsessed with blush too! I just purchased new Dior blush in Rosy Glow and it’s amazing! It looks super bright pink but makes you have a pretty natural flush which I’ve been looking for in a blush for the longest time. Kind of costly but worth every penny :)

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  • Ana Lucas

    Nars in Orgasm is amazing! I love the cream blush!

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  • Kaitlyn Jo

    My favorite coral blush to use is pink passion by elf! :)



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