Party Sequins: A Bottled Affair


Party planning is a lot like designing a party dress. Like a dress, a party must be made with the appropriate materials (menu, location, guest list), tailored to the occasion (theme) and topped off with the perfect finishing touches. I call these finishing touches, “party sequins.” Like a sequin, thoughtful decoration details add an unexpected luster to an otherwise ordinary event.

My mom recently stumbled upon a charming party sequin idea. The idea is as simple as it is lovely: hanging glass bottles with flowers in them from twine as party decor. I instantly fell in love with this since I have an annual 4th of July party at my beach house and always try to incorporate creative details like this into the décor.

Putting these pretty hanging bottles together is very simple…

Here’s what you will need…

  • twine
  • scissors
  • vintage glass bottles (you can pick these up at your local flea market)
  • fresh cut flowers5841024281:Yahoo:photo


  1. Measure and cut twine according to the height of the area you will be hanging the bottles from. I think hanging them at or slightly below eye level is most effective. Make sure you leave a little extra slack, about 8 inches on each end, for tying.
  2. Tie one end of the twine onto the neck of the bottle.
  3. Fill the bottle with as much water as you like. I think it looks best when you vary the amount from bottle to bottle…
  4. Cut and place your flower into the bottle. I love the idea of mixing different types of flowers, but keeping them all the same color.
  5. Hang the flowered bottles from a sturdy beam or slat.

Whether you’re planning a big party or a simple brunch, these hanging bottles will add the perfect touch of pretty to any event.

Are you going to give this party sequin idea a try? Or if you have a creative party sequin idea, please share it in the comments below!

XO Lauren

P.S. Thanks to for this gorgeous idea!

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  • Michelle Doan

    this is gorgeous!!

  • Claudine PIERRE

    I lovz it

  • Terri Ivey

    What a great idea, inexpensive but so pretty and unique. Thanks Lauren!

  • Nicole A.

    Love love love the idea! Very pretty…I actually would want this to be a bedroom decor idea for my room for the spring/summer season.

  • First nameJulie Last name

    I LOVE this idea! I’m a big fan of the cottage beachy shabby vintage look/feel! Gorgeous. =)

  • Courtney Thompson

    This is an awesome idea!!

  • Kellie Norton

    Oh my goodness! That is so creative! I’m definitely trying this when my roommate and I have a house warming party back at school :) thanks lauren!

  • Cassie

    I absolutely love this! I am getting married soon, and I am always looking for fun ideas to incorporate into the wedding decor. The theme is more “”rustic/vintage”” and this fits in perfectly! I am also thinking about hanging pictures on clothes pins linked together with twine..that’s still in question though! Thanks for the great idea! :)

  • Jenny Jones

    thankyou for this! i’m throwing my sister’s bridal shower this weekend and i love this idea.

    also @Cassie, i was in my friend’s wedding last month, it was a rustic/country theme and they did the pictures hanging from twine with clothes pins, it turned out so pretty! i would definitely recommend that idea for your wedding.

  • Mariella

    thank you lauren! this is a great and cheap idea! i will try it with pink flowers!! πŸ˜‰

  • Emmy Rho

    This is really cute! I love this idea and I love how you call them “”party sequins”” it kind of goes with my motto of “”sprinkles on everything“”. Thanks for sharing!!


  • mary1024

    What an interesting and creative idea! I have seen flower in bottles, but never saw or thought of hanging them. It’s a fun yet sweet look =)

  • Cassie

    Thank you Jenny! I am definitely going to try it!

  • fashionluvr

    that is an adorable idea :) i might have to try it sometime!

  • Kelly Brown

    I love this idea. If anyone does it please posts pics so I can see how it turns out :)

  • Carolyn Drover

    I absolutely love this idea! I’ve also seen this same concept done, only thumb-tacked and hung on a wall – very pretty!


    Good idea !

    You can also use bulbs used.

    I saw that on a french website : It’s also very pretty.

  • Sarah Jarvis

    what a stunning idea!! thankyou for the inspiration will definitely give it a try and @Cecile Mas, love the lightbulb idea, thanks!

  • Kimberly Reed

    For more decorating ideas, my favorite book is “”Nature Style”” Elegant Decorating with Leaves, Twigs & Stones by Martha Le Van. Also Shabby Chic…with chandeliers..just love that look! Kimberly

  • saffy bt

    u really a creative ha, might get some awards of that.all r pretty design. @ to ms.cecile mas thats cool!!!

    thanks for sharing,simple @ lovely ideas u said…take care lauren.

    lol (lots of love)

  • tatjana love

    Wonderful idea, Miss Lauren! i am going to try that for my next party!

  • Meagan Allmaras

    What an inexpensive, creative idea! I’m going to incorporate this d

  • Sam

    I love looking through your site for new ways to decorate my room!

  • Vanessa-Francisca Diaz

    i absolutely love this! i have been trying to find a way to decorate for a little get together at my new apartment and this is just great! very beautiful and also a plus because i love love lovee flowers. :)

  • juliana aguirre

    I’m going to live with my boyfriend loved the idea to decorate our house ….

  • dana otb


  • km

    this looks beautiful (:

  • Vicky Rivera

    Cute idea I shall try it :)

  • Ellen Hutchinson

    I just love all of your decorative ideas! They seem to all have such personal touches, as well as being pretty additions to a room or space. :) I would love for you to blog about any ideas you have to make-over a bedroom going from highschool years into the new more stylish adult years.

  • Giulia De Luca

    I love party plannig, especially if they are shabby chic!!

  • Kiwi

    This is really pretty, clean and classy! Perfect for any holiday! Love it! haha

  • Kristina Crossley

    Beautiful! I love this idea, we hold loads of womens days and events at our church so are constantly looking for simple ideas like this to transform a room, this idea will definatley be used soon! Thaaanks! xx

  • Dani McCarthy

    I am planning the bridal shower for a friend of mine and as long as I can get my hands on some bottles, I am so trying this! We’ve gone with sunflower theme since it is in August and I can’t wait to try it out. Also, when I am done using the bottles I think I will do the same thing except without hanging the bottles in my home. So excited!

  • Kimberly Reed

    Think Inside the Vase


    glass containers and vasesfresh cut flowers


    flower cutters

    Getting Started

    1. Fill vase or container about half-way with water.2. Depending on the size of the vase, pick a smaller or larger flower.3. Then, clip the flower at the base of the flower head, float it in the vase, and place the lid on the container.

    Single Flower Arrangement


    large wide-mouthed glass containers1. Fill a large, over-sized vase about 1/4 to 1/2 way full of water.2. Add clear marbles to the bottom of the base.small vasesclear marbles3. Place one, large flower in the vase to create a lot of drama for little money!

  • Louise Thomson

    oooh I’m gonna do this when I decorate my room.

  • Andrea Baez

    Love the hanging bottles but, where do you hang them from? the ceiling ??

  • Nicole Araos Gallardo

    I LOVE i will do right now, it will looks so beautiful in my room

  • Lisa G.

    when I first saw the picture I couldn’t see the twine and I was like “”the bottles are floating??”” haha. but cute idea :)



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