Operation Organize: The Necklace Nightmare


Dealing with tangled necklaces can be totally frustrating. It bothers me to think about all of the necklaces I’ve had to pass up due to impossible knots. Thankfully, there are lots of easy yet creative ways to keep your necklaces organized and tangle free. Why hide your pretty pearls away in a jewelry box when they should be seen?

The solution? Artfully inspired storage.

Here are a few of my favorite necklace storage solutions (you might recognize a few from my book, Style):

  1. Crystal Knobs: Grab a handful of pretty glass knobs (I especially like the ones from Anthropologie) and install them into a wall that needs a little eye candy. You can either stagger the knobs for more depth or line them up in a row with about 3-4 inches in between each knob and hang your necklaces there.
  2. Bedposts: If you have a pretty headboard, try layering a few necklaces over each side. No harm in adding a little unexpected sparkle.
  3. Frames: Another fun idea is to pick up some vintage frames in varying sizes and to hang your necklaces over the frames. Or, remove the backing from the frame, hang it on your wall, and drape your necklaces from the frames using pushpins (see photo above from Pottery Barn for a little inspiration).
  4. Jewelry Trees: These are available in lots of different shapes and sizes. It’s a beautiful way to display your necklaces. Another take on the jewelry tree is to use a natural branch, as seen here. I love the contrast of glittery jewels against organic wood.
  5. Corkboards: Pick up some pretty pushpins from the craft store along with a corkboard. Stick the pins into the corkboard and hang your necklaces there. A friend of mine painted her corkboard to match the color scheme of her room and it looks great.

How you keep your necklaces organized? Are you going to give any of my storage solutions a try?

XO Lauren

Photo: Pottery Barn
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  • Stephanie

    i have the jewelry tree in pink from Urban Outfitters. It was available in white as well… had i known i would be changing my room design 12049230809823084 different times, i would have opted for the white since it’s classic and goes with everything. ohhh well.

    i am also in the process of trying the knobs. anthropologie is my favourite!

  • LuLu

    LOVE! These are great options, jewlery is so pretty so I love storage ideas that can show all of it off and add to the design of the room!


  • Lauren Taylor

    These ideas sound great. I have a lot of necklaces, and a tiny jewelry box to keep them in. This would be great for bracelets, too!

  • Amanda Sheehan

    For earings I took a vintage from like the ones above and put screen material behind it – great for dangling earings and studs hold too!


  • Jennifer Houlahan

    What an genius idea! I don’t even have that many necklaces but they’re all tangled in my jewelry box! Love this! :)


  • Jessica Eberley

    Will definitely have to try some of these. At the moment I am just draping my necklaces over picture frames… which I think looks pretty. <3

  • Taco

    I took Martha Steward’s idea and have a set up like such: http://www.marthastewart.com/269840/stylish-jewelry-storage in a couple of my drawers. I do like the idea of displaying a few favorite item though.

    On my wall I have pastel spray painted records that I got for a buck from goodwill – I heated a needle using an open flame and melted holes into the vinyl to fit my earrings.

  • Kimberly

    I have a jewellery organiser and it’s very useful!

    I use it for my necklaces, earrings and bracelets. But some necklaces don’t fit so I hang them on my bedposts or my doorknobs.

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    I use push pins on my wall to decorateand showoff my jewlery. I love the frame idea though, so unique.

  • Toby Younis

    I am looking up where the closest thrift store or antique shop is to my house right now! This is the perfect solution to my “”jewelry box”” mess. The white distressed frames would look fabulous in my beach themed bedroom and look simple enough to recreate with a little bit of work. Thank you!

  • Britteny Strawn

    I use those 3M plastic hooks. They have a rubbery sticky thing for the back that also allows you to easily move them later. I also have a shelf that has a mirror, spots for pictures and 3 or 4 hooks at the bottom. The 3M hooks are in the same area and they are little with silvery hooks so they look cute too!


    So nice idea .Easy ,Practical & not Expensive …….!

  • Andry Paez

    awesome! thats way better and hanging them on a hanger!

    this is very cute!

  • Emily Hanson

    I have an awesome jewelry tree I bought from Urban Outfitters, and they way it is designed, i’m able to hang not only hang necklaces, but also the majority of my earrings! (all the ones that aren’t posts, anyways :D) I hang them in the inside part of the prongs. http://s4.thisnext.com/media/largest_dimension/6911B434.jpg

  • Carey-Cole Capek

    I made my own version of what you have in the picture a long time ago! I just took wooded frames from Michael’s (about $2 each!) and painted them white then added a brown stain to make them look old and sanded them a bit.

    Then I got cup hooks and screwed them into the sides of two of the fames and got picture hanging wire to make the two rows for the earings in the other frame.

    SO easy and SO cute!

  • Kayla Blanton

    I love the vintage frame idea! I wouldn’t have thought of that…so cute!

  • Jennifer T

    i’ve done the corkboard method! i buy some fabric from a place like walmart (tons of options) and then glue it to the cork board with a glue gun. then i use colorful push pins to hand up necklaces and hoops – so pretty & it’ll match your rooms color scheme!

  • Kristi Bucksbarg

    I have hooks on the back of my door. They work great especially for the really long necklaces!


  • mara sofia

    iuhuh! So wonderful Lauren!

    I think i’ll give a try to the Frames and Jewelry Trees , loved them ;D


  • diana seitanidou

    vintage frame idea is soo creative!! i will try it once i go to college!! for now i hang mine in a jewelery hanger that looks like a doll without head lol it sounds sooo creepy haha!

  • Emily Wells

    I actually just did this for all of my jewelry a couple of weeks ago! I get so many compliments on it, it really is a great idea. Glad to see other people catching on.

  • Irina Monroy

    good idea Lauren!!!!
    thanks so much!! :)

  • km

    that a really good idea, at least now my necklaces wont all be tangled up. (: thanks Lauren. <3

  • Giulia De Luca

    I love this idea of necklace storage!! That’s adorable!!

  • Stephanie Schrider

    This is such a great idea to organize jewelry! Were i work, i used this idea to display some of our merchandise that we designed!

  • Jennifer Sellen
  • Lauren Conrad

    So glad everyone likes this post! I found another cute idea for storing the rest of your jewels, so I’ll do a blog about it soon :-)

  • Corinne

    omg! you totally saved my long necklesses and earrings with this post! i ‘m going right now to find some corkboards, paint some flowers like on your nails on the latest posts and…voila!:) thanks for the tip !

  • Stephanie Shaw

    I love these ideas!! I just bought my first house and I cant wait to start decorating!

  • Monica Castillo

    I’ve always wanted to do the framideate but just never find the time! I too have to pass up on necklaces while rushing out the door due to necklace knots! I also like the doorknob idea too..thnx Lauren :)

  • Cassie Isackson

    I bought a fabric free standing dress form that was patterned from Pier 1 and used decorative pins to hang my necklaces from it! I love it and it make a statement!

  • Monica Castillo

    One thing that I see in a lot of boutiques in my area and something that my mom does is hanging necklaces and bracelets on decorative crosses that stand upright.

  • Dominque Finney

    I love all these ideas. I actually do the corkboard thing but I never thought about painting/decorating it.

  • SLMorrow

    I’ve added wall paper and/or scrapbook paper to the frames before adding the hardware, (hooks, etc.), as long as it’s a neutral or subtle hue and goes with your color scheme…it makes the frames look more like art. :)

  • Stefania van Tasie

    I love the idea with old frames. I collect a lot of old stuff for decorating my first own flat and this will absolutely fit! Thank you so much!!

  • Lupsie

    Great ideas! I have one of those dress forms and I use that to drape necklaces.

  • Lisa Peipert

    I love the picture frame idea in the pictures!

    A girlfriend and I bought some old shutters at an antique shop, refinished them, and changed out the knob to something fun and girlie to use for our jewelry storage solution.

    You can hang necklaces and bracelets from the sides of the shutters and the knob and put rings and chandelier earrings in between/hanging from the individual shutters.

    I’ve hung mine on the wall and propped it up on the dresser; can’t decide which I like more! I may add more knobs to the shutter trim for more storage!

  • Lee Ann Papst

    My vintage frame, that I turned into a corkboard, for my necklaces.. http://yfrog.com/kj6nxoj

  • Mary McAllister

    I’ve needed a good way to keep all my long necklaces organized! Great ideas Lauren! :)

  • marina Leps

    UGH i also find this so annoying but i got a jewelery tree shaped like a lady for christmass 2010 so this problem is pretty much been solved w. my bangles i do the same & i keep my long necklaces organzied by hanging them off the corner of my mirror frame :)

  • Jill M

    I bought some of those rows of hooks, small ones and use that! but the Pottery Barn frame idea for earrings is awesome! I’m going to make my own!

  • Lee Ann Papst

    Vintage shutters are also a fun way to hang your earings…. http://yfrog.com/gzmlx6j People always come into my room and just die over these. I literally paid $10 for them at a antique store in Austin. Awesome find.

    My other post from earlier: My vintage frame, that I turned into a corkboard, for my necklaces.. http://yfrog.com/kj6nxoj

  • Mariella

    love the frames!!

  • JillianCW

    I use pushpins/corkboard right now, but I LOVE the idea with the frames. It’s a beautiful and classy way to display my jewels. Definitely going to have to try it. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Pattie Sims

    I’m moving into an apartment in August and I have been looking for some good decorating ideas. I love the idea of getting cute vintage frames to hang my necklaces and earrings. Right now they are in a jumbled mess! I’ll definitely be trying this idea! Thanks!!

  • Emily Taylor Avia Hu

    I love the frames idea :)

  • Sarah Al-Nowais

    I’m in LOVE with the frame idea and all the home decor ideas you post. And What perfect timing! I’m moving back home after five years abroad and my old room needs a major makeover. This is definately something i’d enjoy putting together. No more hidden or tangled necklaces 😀 Thank you! x

  • Ivana Laura Decuzzi

    i loved the frames!

  • Julie Haugan

    I love all these ideas! I recently bought several of this jewelry organizer from kaboodle.com : http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/hanging-necklace-storage-bar

    Since i love to coordinate and organize i color organized all of my jewelry and framed them with different frames in soft white and pink. It looks amazing :)

  • Finn

    so cool! wish i was this creative. i would never think of this

  • Mike Thomas

    Hey lauren im a big fan of yours

    Whats your fav clothing brand?

    Whats ur fav cologne for guys to wear?

    how often do u go shopping?

  • Diana Arias

    I love your idea, I’ll try!! 😀 <3


    I absolutely adore the frame idea! i currently have my necklaces layered on a half bust form on my dresser for that old vintage feel :)


  • saffy bt

    nice…mine is in a box.but iwill try ur suggestions @ pretty ideas.to make it easy get @ choose to use in daily wear.thanks alot for ur smart thinking…


  • Azaria

    I use a spool holder, mine is smaller and nailed onto the wall but its a great way to organize all jewelery.. necklaces, earing, and rings:)

  • Azaria

    haha sorry about the above comment picture didnt seem so large!

  • Alexx Bukovac

    I use the jewerly trees, I have a few of them and they’re all really pretty. :)

  • Angela Katherine

    What a great idea! This is perfect because I don’t wear a lot of my jewelry because I forget what I have, but this help make it visible so I can bring out some pieces I haven’t worn in a while

  • Vicky Rivera

    I have them in a tin can and theyre all knotted lol but thanks for the advice I shall tr those tree ones..

  • Jenny Crane

    I have an vintage light fixture hanging from my ceiling that has intricate metal work with lots of hook shapes. I hang my necklaces off that. It’s right in the middle of my room so when I’m getting ready it’s right there reminding me to not for get my accessories!

  • Michelle Perdomo

    I currently don’t have my necklaces hanging from anywhere. These are all good ideas Lauren that I will definitely will use from now on. :)

  • ohemgee

    I love the frame idea! I can’t wait to make them! Thanks!!

  • Elizabeth Carl

    i just bought a rack of metal hooks on a wooden bar from home depot and it works great and you can paint them any color you like…..i stack them 2 feet from each other !!

  • Susan Westrell

    I have pushpins in the wall holding mine. No real rhyme or reason to them, though.

  • Brittany McDonough

    love this idea, i woulda never thought to use somehting so simple!

  • Tiera Kawaiola

    I love these ideas! I have a hanging jewelry organizer in my closet that works pretty well for my necklaces!

  • Taylor Schmidt

    I have a combination of ways I store my necklaces by. For example, I have an iron dress mannequin that I layer a couple from, as well as, hanging them from the edges of frames on my walls and on different jewelry trees to add some fun to my room.

  • Diane Wang

    the jewelry trees sold in stores were really expensive so I actually cut a real tree branch and put it in a vase

  • Dess

    i use a shaped and sanded tree branch that my uncle made me for short necklaces and for long dangly one’s i use the top corners of my dresser table and my curtain hook thingy.

  • Durmstrang

    I use closet door knobs,it looks cute

  • Serena Concato

    I have all my earrings, rings , bracalet and necklace store in an old wooden doll’s kitchen. It was old, of my mother’s childhood,so I painted it in violet and lilac and now all my friends envy me for this original jewel box!

  • Izabella Emerick

    I have a manequin in my bedroom where I keep some of my necklaces on. I also bought a few of those Jewelry frames just the other day!

  • Gabriela Mina

    I’m totally feeling this post! I definitely need a new necklace storage. I also need a good place to hang my bags and purses..still looking for one! Any ideas?

  • Caroline Dabroszek

    I defently going to try the frames! looove it. :-)


    I hang mine on the back of doors and on the end of curtain poles

  • ember baecker

    i love this idea i use the little picture hooks that were left on my walls by the previous owner

  • Liz Dykstra

    I have done the corkboard for yrs now. It keeps everything organized and everyday you can see what you have. Perfect for the perfect accessory!

  • Rebecca Laschober

    the frames are amazing, they are PERFECT for my new room!

  • mary1024

    My friend and I did the picture frame idea by buying a frame we like and replacing the glass part with a piece of mesh fabric cut from a mesh laundry basket to hang earrings from it and for necklaces, we just add push pins to hang them from those. I also have those jewelry holders that is shaped like a figure of a woman wearing a dress from Forever 21. I would love to try the corkboard idea and paint it too!

  • Taylor Oliver

    Love the picture frame idea and it does not seem that difficult to do. I would be interested in reading a post on step by step ideas on “”how to”” crafts such as distressing a piece of furniture or using crackle paint on frames etc.

  • Courtney Thompson

    I did the jewelry tree. I do wish I saw this before though, I love the antique picture frames but I’m out of walls!

  • Taylors Simpson

    Lovee this! i actually just got a comforter from anthropologie and the frame idea will go perfect in my room!. thanks for the ideas :] xoxo

  • Alexandra Sutton

    I was always a huge fan of plastic containers for jewlery holders, but a couple of years ago I saw a vintage metal dress frame. It was about 5 – 6 feet high. I thought it would be a great idea to get a smaller one and just add my necklaces to that. Metal dress frames usually come in black, white, cream, and pink but a quick spray of spray-paint can personalize any dress frame.

  • Hannah Fricker

    I Love this idea. All of Laurens UK fans check out this site http://www.livelaughlove.co.uk/?osCsid=9bbd2a0c0d9b1fd5f2c49983a98ec48a it has got some lovely things, and gorgeous frames that would be perfect for this.


  • Lyndsey Kneebone
  • Mithra

    This is how i organize my jewelry…
    I stick all my earrings on flamingo.
    I put all my necklaces and bracelets in small boxes.
    And i keep my rings in a small tray.
    I also found a beautiful shell on the beach that I use like a jewelrybox:)

    – Check out the photos

  • Cynthia Fu

    I love this! I’m following all these instructions. Getting some new frames ASAP.

  • Sarah Jarvis

    I have a jewellery tree, but it always falls over (too top heavy) and they all get tangled anyway lol. So I’ll try your ideas!!

  • Kaitlin Norris

    I love this idea and it is beautiful! For my birthday my sister-in-law actually made me one for my earrings and thought it was a really neat idea! Great minds think alike : )

    Here is a pic of the one she made me and in the corner is my mirror that I hang my long necklaces on!


  • Camilla Mauritzen

    This is the BEST idea EVER!! I had this boring white wall, that I never knew what to do with and just look at how pretty it is now…


    And to top it all I can now keep track of all my necklaces. SOOOO fantastic. Love it much. :-)

  • Natalie C.

    i saw that on a Martha Stewart episode and (no offense to Martha) yours are way cuter! i love the color and it is just such a good idea! xoxoxo

  • Marci Shaw

    I got a really cute hand towel rod and some adorable shower curtain hooks and hung it on my wall with my necklaces on the hooks. It turned out really cute!

  • Brittany Hubert

    I think by far this is my favorite blog! I have sooo many necklaces & so much jewlery that I don’t know what to do with them all. Amazing idea, Practical yet chic! But, I would love to see a blog about… How to decorate your bedroom in netural, blush and cream tones, since that seems to be Lauren’s thing.


  • Valentina Henriquez

    This is a such a great idea, I’m definitelly gonna use it thanls Lauren :)

  • Lauren Leathers

    I love the frame! Its tooo cute! Thank you for the post, Lauren!

    If you are ever stuck on a fashion or beauty question, feel free to check out my blog anytime!




  • Enma Eugenia Curiel Hurtado

    Ohhh is fantastic, thanks for the tips. You

  • Brittnee Gilbert

    My necklace and bracelet storing method is original, me and my sister came up with while at Target. I have a white cup cake holder that i flipped upside down and then got a few white sauce cups for earrings and rings. I’ll try and get a picture up.

  • Jessi Gratz

    I use push pins and hang my necklaces on my wall, not only does it look pretty, but it keeps them untangled, out of the way, and I never lose them.

  • Shelby Olson

    I have belt hooks in my closet that I wasn’t using, so I hang my really long necklaces on there in my closet. I put my shorter necklaces in my jewelry box so that it isn’t as cluttered. But I love the idea of hanging necklaces on a picture frame, it sounds adorable! I might have to try it =)

  • Kimberly Reed

    Tired of hunting through a tangled mess of necklaces or trying to find a matching pair of earrings? Keep it all straight with the Over-the-Door Mirrored Jewelry Armoire. A full-length mirrored door opens to reveal your perfectly organized and easily accessible jewelry. This fabulous storage solution hangs over your door or on the wall and holds more than 200 pieces of jewelry so you never again have to frantically forage for that bracelet or brooch. White, Silver, Cherry, Leopard or Black.

    Over-the-Door Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Features:

    36 hooks for necklaces100 holes for earrings (holds 50 pairs)12 compartments for watches, bracelets and more91 ring slotsInterior mirrorComes ready-to-hang with included hardwareMeasures approx. 14″”W x 48″”L x 4″” DeepMade of wood, glass, plastic, wire and foamMade in USA

  • Olivia Miller

    I use a bobbin/thread holder! Works perfectly and cheap!

  • Katelyn Merrill

    I posted something a few days ago about organizing your space of pretties. Why hide them, right?


  • Laurel Darr

    I used a cork board with a frame on it already then slipped in a collaged poster board and stuck push pins in it. But if I ever don’t like the collage I can just slip it out :)

  • Kimberly Reed

    Photo Planters


    Terra Cotta PotIron-on computer paperPhotographCanvas or scraps of material, choose light colored and tightly woven fabrics for easy photo transferStamp and stamp padSpray adhesive


    ScissorsIronCopy Machine

    Getting Started

    1. Use a photocopy machine to copy the image to iron-on paper2. Place the image facedown onto the fabric and iron the transfer onto the cloth. Most transfer papers need at least two minutes of applied heat in order to work, but read the directions for your specific paper to be sure. After the paper has been ironed, let the fabric cool for two minutes before peeling off the paper. 3. Use this letter stamp to make an initial or name on a separate piece of fabric.4. Cut the image out with a scissors and apply spray adhesive to the back, and then simply stick the photo onto the pot.

  • Chris

    I bought some boxes with dividers in it, but really nice one. Then in each compartiment i put my necklaces after sorting them by theme or color. I detached them so they wouldn’t tangle. i will try to post a picture but it’s reallyconvenient.

  • Chris
  • Macie McKnight

    I have a vintage suitcase converted to a jewerly armoire that my boyfriend made for me :)


  • tina john

    My favorite dress is LC Lauren Conrad

    http://fashionofphotographer.blog.com“”>Trends Of Fashion

  • Mrs.Shea09

    I made something like the picture frames for my earrings. Check it out here: http://therealmodernmrs.blogspot.com/2012/08/diy-earring-holder.html

  • Tara Skelley

    I built a hidden shadowbox behind a framed print to keep my necklaces organized!


  • MelLY

    I think I’ll try the corkboard and the picture frame for now I have a few necklaces hanging from my dresser


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