How To: Lovely Peony Bouquet


It’s safe to say my favorite flower is the peony. They are full of body, rich in color and I find them absolutely lovely. With summer in full bloom, I thought it would be fun to share this easy tutorial I found on on how to make a peony bouquet or arrangement. Fresh cut flowers and bouquets are gorgeous accents for your home. And who knows, you might even use these tips for a wedding some day… .

Be sure to go to for the full step-by-step photo instructional by Chelsea Fuss!

Below is a sneak peak…

  • Flower clippers
  • Strong
  • 5 yards of ribbon
  • Peonies: 10 stems (5 in two colors)


1. Condition flowers: Re-cut stems, place in a bucket of cold water overnight. Keep away from food, fruit and drafts.

2. Remove most of the leaves. Keep the leaves that are towards the top of the stem, near the flower.

For the rest of the instructions, click here!

A few of my personal notes… If you prefer an arrangement to a bouquet, skip steps #7 and #8. Instead, place the tied stems into a vase with a few inches of cool water.

I like to bunch together six or seven pink peonies of varying colors in a vase on my coffee table. It adds the perfect splash of color and keeps the room feeling fresh.

What are you favorite flowers to keep in your home or room?

XO Lauren


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  • Jenna Cavanagh

    love it!! such a cute idea… thinking of making it into a bouquet and then adding it into an old fashion jam jar to make a cute center piece for a dinner im having!

  • Izabella Emerick

    My favorite flower are white roses! I will most deff give this a try, loved it!

  • Anna James

    Wow I love this. Great post, Lauren. I was in Laguna the other day and did a big “”Shopping Laguna Beach”” post on my celelbrity fashion and style blog. So gorgious there. xoxo

  • Mariana M

    I love roses, especially the pink ones, I like their delicate smell

  • Emmy Rho

    Ahhhhh! Love this. I just recently discovered that peonies are by far my favorite flower! I even wrote a post about it:


  • mara sofia

    Lovely love and more lovely as always Lauren Conrad.

    Your finds and the pleasure you have sharing them with us is so beautiful and always make me and more inspired for my day.

    My favorite flowers are Roses,Daisies and Orchids. :)


  • Kristi Bucksbarg

    i love tulips and sunflowers. Also different colored roses too, love the coral ones!

  • Finn

    thats soooo pretty!!

  • trisha frazer

    I’m definitely trying this! Beautiful!

  • Anna Cummings

    That is so beauitful. Whenever I get my hands on flowers next I’m trying this. Simply lovely!

  • Gabriela Mina

    Peony flowers are so pretty. I personally am rose fan..although any type of flower will brighten up my day!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    These are so pretty. Typically I keep roses in the house. Soft pink ones are my favorite. Sometimes hydranga’s when they’re in bloom.

  • Lee Ann Papst

    I have these exact flowers and colors in two spots in my room..

  • Laura Barnes

    I LOVE ORCHIDS! do you have any ideas on how to take care of them?

  • bballin129

    I saw some peonies on my walk today. They’re beautiful!!

  • Lisa Chambers

    Yellow Tulips :)

  • Andry Paez


  • SLMorrow

    LOVE It! Thanks for sharing! (I’m forwarding to my friend Christine who is actually getting married soon)

  • Clarisse Cadio de Champsavin

    My favourite flowers are the “”forget-me-not”” (see my avatar) I love their name in English!! In french it’s myosotis!

    I love the peonies (pivoines) too and the roses! my husband and I have named our third daughter Rose!!

  • Sunaina Talwar

    I <3 Hibiscus Flowers!!!

  • Kari Blk

    Peonies are my favorite flower too! I liked them ever since I saw the Hills episode when you worked with the intern from NYC & you both selected peonies as the table center piece. They are such pretty flowers!:)


  • Kari Blk

    Thanks alot for this Lauren! I’m sure to try this whenever I get married:)) I love it!

  • Lauren Cornelus

    That is SUPER cute! definitely trying that! Thanks Lauren :)

  • LuLu

    My favorite flower is an orchid. I think that they are so striking and stunning! Love your “”How To”” Lauren!


  • Kimberly

    So beautiful!!

  • Chastity Martin

    I love orchids. Sadly, I tried to grow one last year and it died within a matter of days.. So I’m opting for a fake one. :/

  • Giulia De Luca

    Peony are amazing. But I prefer french roses!

  • Clarisse Cadio de Champsavin

    Chastity : the fake ones from Sia are amazing! They have gorgeous penoies also 😉

  • Fashion

    This is so helpful Lauren i love learning new things here every day i would love for you to talk about schhool bullying

  • Marisa McConnell

    Peonies are such beautiful flowers!

  • Kellie Norton

    I absolutely love Gerber Daisies :) they are so beautiful, fun and fresh! They always put me in a good mood :)

  • Clara. Lizbeth Ramirez de Storz

    beautiful I love learning this things from you thanks for the nice and beautiful ideas

  • Katie

    so pretty! i love peonies! (flowers in general actually) they always cheer me up:)

  • Ana Henchoz

    i like sunflower they are full of life

  • Cassie

    Thank you so much for this post! It couldn’t have been better timing!

  • Teddie Garland

    peonies and gardenias are my favorite :) both are lovely and smell amazing. they will be in my wedding bouquet without a doubt!

  • mary1024

    Peonies are so pretty! I also love tulips =)

  • Michelle Doan

    Peonies are my favorite too!! Thank you for this tutorial! it will help a lot one day!

  • El Hada Helada

    12 peonies made my wedding bouquet – I love them too!!

  • Patricia Papp

    Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! I love…love…love

  • Lyndsey Kneebone

    Peonies are SO gorgeous, so classic pretty and full of energy. When they near the end of their life as a cut flower, they explode their petals. Literally, you will come home to a coffee table filled with petals that have been launched. Beautiful!

  • Renay Shanel

    Such a beautiful flower, so delicate :)

  • saffy bt

    hi lauren, i wanna know if how does the flower stay lovely or fresh look untill 5 or more days?what is the secret i mean,to stay fresh @ the color alive? pls.pls.pls. thank u s much!!!

    by the way my favorite flower are petals @ orchids. “”;)

  • Brenna Feeney

    Orchids! My bedroom is based off of the Orchid. It’s on my bedspread, the color scheme is used on the walls, and I have a pot of them on my desk! :)

  • Cynthia Fu

    Thank you so much for posting this!

    I love peonies and those make such great decorations.

  • Carla Pople

    I love peonies, they are definitely my favourite too. Have some in my room at the moment and they certainly brighten up the place! :) xx

  • BeckyAnn

    Sooo Sooo Pretty!

  • Juliana Castro Marin

    me encanta!!!…

  • Kimberly Reed

    HI Lauren..I know you like shabby favorite store is POSH..a shabby chic store..just beautiful..below are pics of that store


  • mey saephan

    Absolutely gorgeous, and I love the choice of colors :) This bouquet will work any day.

  • Erica Klein

    I usually like any flowers as long as there is a pop of color and freshness to them. But I really like hydrangeas. All the different colors you can get are gorgous.

  • Rachael Thacker

    aww, Those are used in my room! My friend heather and I painted those pretty flowrs on my wall! I think they are so pretty! : )

  • Carolyn Drover

    i’ve seen peony and tulips paired in a bouquet.. also a very pretty pairing :)

  • Katie Campbell

    Love these flowers! I will most definetly be using this at my Sweet Sixteen party tomorrow!!!

  • Claudia Navarro

  • Chelsea Ferguson

    kimberly i live in sarasota! I think I have passed this palce before! I will definitely go and check it out! Thank you for sharing! =)

  • Kimberly Reed

    HI…yes…this is just about the prettiest store I have ever been in..I have decorated my new home in “”shabby chic””…bought a lacy lamp there and frame for photos…nice. I have an all white kitchen and living room..white sheets over my couch..white fireplace..doing a storage room too with chandelier plantation shutters..and…white corner desk…the owner is looking to find sea shell knobs for my bedroom dresser…I am buying a new white couch for living room and she says she can make white pillows upon request…awesome store…! Kimber

  • Kimberly Reed

    Love….fresh cut flowers, preferably roses…carnations…from outside…

  • Megan Graves

    Lauren, are these the flowers you and Emily chose for the Teen Vogue dinner party on The Hills? They’re gorgeous. Love!

  • Aja Doe

    Peonies are so pretty! Unless they’re from someone special I normally don’t like roses only becase they die after a few days.

    Sunflowers and tiger lillies are some of my favorite flowers.

    P.S. If you add a little sugar to the water the flowers will live a little longer. Tip from my grandma lol!



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