Edible Obsession: Sushi for the Soul

I love sushi. It’s as simple as that. Luckily for me, we have amazing sushi in LA! Katsuya and Bui Sushi are among my favorite local spots.

Sushi is the ideal meal to grab with a date or a couple friends since you can order a few rolls to share between your party. That way, you can sample all the different combinations and enjoy some variety!



I like to order crab or tuna rolls wrapped in soy paper and I also love sashimi. At Katsuya, my favorite thing to order is the baked crab hand roll in soy paper along with their watermelon mojito (so delicious).

I like to order crab or tuna rolls wrapped in soy paper and I also love sashimi. At Katsuya, my favorite thing to order is the baked crab hand roll in soy paper along with their watermelon mojito (so delicious).

And who doesn’t like a great drink to top off a good meal? I’m a vodka girl, so I usually stick with the specialty vodka drinks for dinner occasions. Otherwise, I’ll go with my standard vodka soda or water depending on how I’m feeling and the time of day…

To be honest, sushi might be one of my favorite things to enjoy in LA (aside from eternal sunshine and the omnipresent cupcake shops).

What’s your favorite local fare? Any recommendations? I’d love to you’re your restaurant (especially sushi) suggestions for my travels…

XO Lauren

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  • Michelle Wegter


  • Shannon Maule

    My new favorite sushi restaurant is in Tempe, Arizona. It’s called Kabuki & it has a super fun atmosphere, with affordable prices. Their happy hour is fabulous. The Vegas & Spider rolls are to do for! :)

    If you ever make it out to Arizona you have to stop by & try it!

    XO Shannon

  • Sol Sol


  • Alissa Antman

    Sushi planet is really good if you don’t mind coming out to Ventura County. There are locations in Camarillo, Moorpark and Oxnard.

  • Jennifer Sellen

    I really like sushi. I’ve only tried a few rolls. My first favorite was eel and avocado. And then I started liking the crunchy roll (it has shrimp in it and i’m a huge shrimp fan). I think i’ve tried the Las Vegas roll… can’t tell you what’s in it though LOL. I grew up in a little historical town called San Juan Bautista so all we really have are mexican restaurants. So if you like mexican food… come on down!!! =) My friend lives in LA and i’ll be visiting her this fall so I am really looking forward to trying Katsuya or Bui Sushi. Can’t wait to try those watermelon mojitos too πŸ˜‰

  • Amanda French

    Im not a big Sushi fan but I love going to Blue Fish In Las Colinas (Dallas Texas area). I love their Texas Rolls and my friends get the California Rolls and Ahi Tower =) Hope you try it when your in the area!.

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    oh I do love sushi, if you’re ever in Chicago go to Jai Yen on Broadway in the Lakeview neighborhood. It’s not super swanky but its ridiculousy good, inventive combos, family owned and reasonably priced!


  • Kellie Norton

    If you ever come to Oxford, Mississippi (home of Ole Miss, my university) then you’ll have to try Two Stick! It’s my absolute favorite sushi place! I always get the Tiger Roll which is smoked turkey, red and green bell peppers and bacon wrapped in orange soy paper with a spicy jalapeno sauce all over. It tastes more like a sandwich but it’s delicious! If you go any day from 3-5 you get the sushi half-off :) I hope you come visit!

  • Eleni Ma

    If you ever come to Greece, i suggest you to come at summer and visit the greek islands (Santorini is my favorite, you will loove it), but you should stop-by Athens and have a delicious sushi meal or dinner at Kiku! They have amazing sushi :)

  • Lauren Kline

    In Annapolis, MD it’s definitely Joss on Main Street. In Baltimore, it’s RA in Harbor East or Sushi Hana in Towson. I’m obsessed with sushi too. My fav is spicy tuna roll.

  • Mandy Condrey

    Omaha, Nebraska is where it’s at! I do believe they have a Blue Sushi Sake & Grill somewhere in TX as well. Try the Hotel California Roll..it will make a non-sushi eater, a sushi lover! crab, jalapeno, cream cheese & avacado fried in tempura with a sweet chili sauce glaze. It’s definitely a party in your mouth! they have so much variety its insane! GREAT prices & specials. Not to mention the drinks are amazing–and strong, so watch out πŸ˜‰ The atmosphere is amazing as well! xo

  • Victoria Itskov

    There’s a Japanese restaurant called “”En”” in Manhattan’s West Village (http://www.enjb.com). Their specialty is their tofu because they make it right there in the restaurant (if you’re into tofu). But, of course their sushi is superb. It’s so fresh and delicious and I love the atmosphere of the restaurant. Another place I love to go to is Morimoto’s (the iron chef) restaurant (I’m unsure of the exact address but there is also a website). The food/sushi there is really good and there’s a nice bar downstairs. You won’t regret going to either or both of these places =)

  • Anna Lallitsch

    well i actually hate sushi. nothing worse than sushi… mybe because i am from austria. i love local meals like “”Palatschinken”” (something between crepes and pan cakes), pumkin or pole beans with fresh salt- potatoes. and i also like italian food. what is also VERY common and famous here in summer is having a nice BBQ in the garden with all of your friends

  • Morgan Perry

    If you’re ever in Philly, you absolutely have to try Max Brenner. Every dish on the menu has chocolate in it in some way or another, so obviously its absolutely delicious! I believe there are also Max Brenners in Vegas, Boston & NYC.

  • Quotable Kitchen

    Hi Lauren! I live in Media, which is about a half hour outside of Philadelphia, PA. There’s a great restaurant a couple blocks from my house called “”Margaret Kuo’s.”” They have a sushi bar there and they have such great food! My favorite is their Philadelphia Roll, which is smoked salmon & cream cheese with caviar outside. The restaurant itself is definitely very fancy so if I’m not up for getting dress up and going out they also offer take out!

    Here’s a link to their website:


  • Alex Neal

    There’s a greattttt place in Pasadena, Ca called Gin Sushi. It’s soooooo amazing, the wait is always 45 mins or more, everyone in Pasadena knows/loves this place!

  • radz b

    I love the idea of watermelon mojito along with sushi- sounds healthy :) !! I have a drink that I recently tried and I was shocked, why I wasnt aware of it before- Flirtini – it has fresh juice in it (Pineapple and Cranberry), along with Champange and Vodka!!

    There is a place – Yamazakura in Northborough, MA and it has the best sushi I have ever eaten. They have this Lobster Bomb dressed with caviar, which is so yummy n creamy and one roll is so fulfilling. I love spicy Tuna roll too.

  • Emmy Rho

    I am from Boston, MA and my favorite local fair has to be either clam chowder or scallops. They are always fresh and delicious. I enjoy clam chowder on cold, rainy days and scallops on the warmer days! If you are ever in the area you must try!!

    My favorite Sushi is from Sake in Portsmouth, NH. I am still trying to enjoy raw fish but until then they have a chicken finger roll. It literally has a chicken finger running through it! I also lost their pizza maki. It is a california roll with cheese and spicy mayo on top, yum! Though very untraditional.



  • Valera Ved

    I love hot rolls with caviar and philadelphia

    here’s the picture, and very tasty!:) http://www.restsam.ru/images/menu/127a.png

  • Rachael Knight

    Sumosans in Richmond, Va! The sushi is amazing and she main sushi chef will do saki bombs with you. That place makes my life!! <3

    -Rachael K

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    Hey Lauren, if You SOMEDAY come to Chile, the best Sushi restaurants are “”Sushi house”” and “”Sushiana””. They make the best Sushi ever in this country… And PLEASE, PLEASE come to Chile some day, I’ll be waiting for You <3

  • Kyla Becker

    Lauren –

    Bend, Oregon is a beautiful city that is known for it’s multitude of amazing restaurants and breweries! Kanpai (cheers in Japanese) is among one of the most frequented sushi restaurants in town. Their Spicy Tako Roll is amazing (Green Curry Marinated Octopus, Tempura Asparagus, Avocado, Kaiware, & Scallions)! There is also 5 Spice Fushion Sushi which has an amazing Geisha Roll (spicy tuna poke, cucumber, avocado, topped with salmon, mango, yuzu tobiko and unagi sauce). Hope you can make it to town sometime!

  • CourtureFashion16


  • ana089

    Cool, mine is Mediterranean food

  • Susan Westrell

    I loooooooooooove sushi. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to shellfish, which means I only get to enjoy certain kinds of sushi (the sadness!) I generally get avocado rolls though. Teriyaki is the next greatest thing.

    If you’re ever in Fort Worth, I’d suggest either Sushi Axiom or Tokyo Cafe. They’ve got amazing sushi.

  • Megan J

    in seattle, wasabi bistro is amazing! i highly recommend their cu-cutinini or societini and a rainbow roll. if you’re ever in the humboldt, ca area, the sushi spot is amazing. and if you go across the street, tomo’s has fantastic blackberry sake margarita’s. and if you’re in the sacramento area, wasabi sushi and fuji sushi are great.

  • Jacqueline Chan

    LOVE Katsuya! My favorite is the Tuna roll. My friend and I had went one time and found ourselves eating Tuna sashimi “”on the house!”” πŸ˜‰

    The sweets in LA are delish. I love going to Millions of Milkshakes, Diddy Riese, and MILK.

    Love you!

    XO Jackie

  • Kyra Rooney

    Bondst in NYC is, in my opinion, some of the best sushi. My favorites are the Sesame Crusted Shrimp Roll and Tuna Crispy Rice Roll!!

  • Minette Smith

    Hi Lauren!

    If you ever come to South Africa, which would be so awesome…you can try out some sushi restaurants in Johannesburg like Aruba lounge and Watami restaurant. And then ofcourse down at the coast, Cape town offers a variety of great sushi caf

  • Elena Last name

    I can totally relate to your post right now, cuz… I eat sushi every week cuz I just love it (wich is weird cuz the first time I tasted it I TOTALLY HATED IT, it was love at second sight…) …Besides loving sushi, making and delivering sushi is one of my small business where I live, right now I have another job but when I decide to do it its because my customers ask me to πŸ˜€ and since I love mixing it up, I can do it .. prettymuch from everything I want, I even have a special receipe, I would like to share πŸ˜› but it wouldnt be so special If I did it… The sad thing about me and sushi is that where I live.. they only sell the most “”popular”” crab, shrimp and … well.. I live in a place next to the sea and they dont care to put on more imagination into it :/ FAIL!

  • DogLover

    I love love love sushi too. Have you tried California Rolls Lauren? Do you like them?

  • Ariel Cruz

    I LOVE sushi! my personal favorite is the Philly roll mhmmmm. Hopefully one day I can try the sushi in LA!

  • Kiki

    If you’re ever up in Canada, Yoshi Sushi in Victoria, British Columbia is my all time favorite sushi place. A close second is Komegashi in Jersey City, NJ.

  • Pamela Castellon

    I adore sushi, my favorite one in the california roll.

  • Isabella g.

    You should come to Brazil cause all the restaurants here are good, it’s said that brazilian pizza is better than the italian haha, but if you wish a Sushi restaurant i recommend you to go to Yabany in Sao Paulo.

  • ainsley smith

    This post made me hungry. I live in Vancouver BC and there is aloooot of all you can eat sushi bars and resteraunts. Dreammm come true<3 Sashimi, california rolls, and Sunonomo salad are my top picks! I could eat sushi every day of the week! Maybe I should invest in a vacation to Japan?

  • Jenn Panattoni

    I love sushi, and there are some great sushi places in Chicago, but if you ever travel to Chicago, you need to check out our gastro pubs. Charcuterie is big here, and what else would you expect from the city that had the biggest stock yards in the country? Charcuterie is an array of meats prepped in ways of smoking, curing and salting. Although on paper it doesn’t sound as “”romantic”” as sushi, it is still a culinary experience that you should try if you have not! Think of it as “”pork sushi…”” : ) One of my fave is The Bristol, all locally sourced/farmed ingredients. Maybe you can check it out when you are in for Kristin Cavallari/Jay Culter wedding? :-0


  • Reba Bass

    Charlotte, NC – Jade Asian Fusion in Ballantyne. South Charlotte. Sometimes I just order a ‘Refreshing Summer Roll’ it’s a $4 starter but they’re super healthy :) Majestic Ocean is also a good one. I basically could order blindly off the menu and still love this place. http://jadeballantyne.com/

  • mary1024

    Sushi is great! I also love sashimi! When you are in the Bay Area again, I suggest going to Ozumo. There is also a location in Santa Monica. It’s contemporary Japanese cuisine and the San Francisco location has a beautiful view.

  • mara sofia

    Oh my God. I love Sushi so much. My favourite dish.

    Unfortunately here in Portugal, there’s not so many places to eat it. Only at malls and places like that.

    Last year i’ve gone to U.K and tryed it there. It was delish!

    But i’ve herad about Katsuya in LA and Bui Sushi, and i think it’s my new stop when i finally decide got to LA. :)

  • Shelby Hanstad

    I’m not sure how Brazil is for sushi, but the pizzerias can’t be beaten! From the way you’re served, to the variety of pizzas, the experience is truly amazing! I highly suggest giving it a try :)

  • Tammi Cruise

    Will you ever consider coming to Buffalo NY? If so, our pizza and wings can’t be beat! (And definately a meal you wouldn’t want to have everyday if your watching your waistline!) I HIGHLY recommend Leo’s Pizzeria! :)

  • Salam Rumman

    Omg omg i have SO much love for sushi <3.

  • Lupsie

    Lauren, if you’re ever in Brooklyn, New York I suggest you go and try the Pizza from L&B Spumoni Gardens. Get the square and then after get the DELICIOUS spumoni ice cream…it’s the best. Or, you can go to De Fara pizza in Brooklyn on avenue J…another pizza great!

  • Kimberly

    To be honest I always said that sushi is not tasty… But I’ve never tasted it. Maybe once. But I want to taste it again .


  • daisy spanbok

    sushi roku, LA or Arizona, incredible, sushi is my favourite thing


  • Jenna Lyons

    hey lauren,

    I just visited LA and went to Katsuya because everyone had told me it was amazing.. and it so was!! i tried the baked crab roll and also the shrimp tempura roll thats in their “”famous dishes section””.. you should try it .. its awsome as well!!

  • Maria Milling

    Copenhagens best sushi-spots are definately FiftyFifty on Vesterbro, where the dragon roll is a must and SushiSeiko on Christianshavn, where you can get a strawberry/salmon uramaki! Tasty :)

  • Allison Kay

    Saw that sushi roll and had to respond! Here in good ol Indiana we have some great sushi spots. We try new places all the time and I must stay Sushi on the Rocks downtown Indy is the spot. I support your obsession Lauren, I find myself craving sushi way too often!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    If you are ever in the North Eastern part of PA (especially the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area) then definetly check out some great pizza spots. At Harvey’s Lake there is the legendary Grotto Pizza. Also, one of my favorites is Sabatina’s Pizza along RT. 11. Absolutly amazing. This area is known for good food and pizza takes the cake without a doubt!


    i think you will never be in by country as its too far from yours but i can suggest you the cuisines that i adore – italian, chinese and georgian i hope you also love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • saffy bt

    i didn’t taste sushi,because 1 of my freind say it doesnt taste anything good,i dont know…but i’ll love to try it,someday..but i recommend for u is hawaiian-pizza.its so good @ healthy.i’ll always bought it everytime i went in our city.

    try it @ u’ll never regret…love yah! “”;)


    Kansas City, MO is well know for having awesome BBQ. I can’t suggest a great place yet because I haven’t tried them all. I will have to get back to you on that. I have truly fell in love with brisket.

  • Maria Abbruscato

    Omg I love sushi too!!!!! Okay well if you ever come to tallahassee FL (please do come!) you have to go to Osaka, they have super good sushi and Sakura! My friends sweet 16 was at sakura and we were all obsessed with the sushi!

  • Lauren Rozman

    I’m from Milwaukee and I’m sure your here once in a while since one of the Kohls headquarters is here. Try Sakitumi in Downtown Milwaukee, or Wasabi in Brookfield. They both have awsome sushi and really good drinks.

  • Nell

    Jazushi in Surry Hills, Australia is a Jazz, Sushi restaurant. Hence the name. LOL.

    Tetsuya’s in Sydney is the cutest. It overlooks a Japanese Garden.

    Sushi Bar Kai on King in in Newtown. AMAZING!

    These are my favourite Sushi restaurants in Sydney, Australia. Fingers crossed when you come here, you can enjoy really good Sushi :)


  • Lauren Taylor

    I live in North Carolina, and the only actual sushi restaurant we have in the town closest to me (Fayetteville) is the Sushi Court. It’s verrry good. They have a lot of variety. But if you want actual Japanese cuisine, Miyabi Kyoto is excellent. They are very expensive, but it’s nice to eat there for special occasions. They give you so much food it is ridiculous, and they cook it right in front of you. It’s a fun and tasty experience.

  • Helena Monique Clarke

    In a small pub under the London Bridge….in London ofcourse….is the best Prawn (shrimp) and Chicken Pad Thai Ive ever had. Cant remember the name of the place, sadly. And the best burger I’ve ever had is not far from there at Belushi’s Bar on the High Street. If you cant get there, try finding a Handmade Burger Company. England is not known for its cuisine, but the influx of other cultures has given it a serious culinary boost. You can also find some fabulous curry ( Kormas are my new fav).

  • Lucie Bartlett

    If you are ever in London you MUST check out Roka. I was recently taken their for lunch (by my boss!) and it really is an excellent sushi place – without completely breaking the bank either. www.rokarestaurant.com

  • Kathryn Knowles

    RA Sushi In tustin!!! At the district, Las vegas Roll is pretty amazing.. and mosun but you probably already know that one :)

  • Jessica Goddard

    I live in England UK!! I went to university in a little city called Bath, theres an amaaaazing sushi restaurant called Yen Sushi, its delicious and i even bumped into the one and only Robbie Williams there while i was dining with my friends :)

  • Bella Shea

    The spicy salmon roll at Mings restaraunt is delicious! If your ever there deff try it! (:

  • Mercedes

    i love HARU Sushi so much I joined your site just to tell you about it!!! It is in the LA/BevHills area I think on San Vicente? I love all the salads but my mom’s favorite is the avocado one. My other top picks are the albacore roll with the onions on top, the yellowtail carpaccio with jalapeno… i think I will brave the traffic and go tomorrow!!!

  • Rachael Thacker

    Jacksonville, Florida has one of the best sushi places!! I absolutly loved it! I’m form West Virginia, so it’s not like I’m saying that, because I’m from there. lol

    : ))

  • First nameAnabelle Last nameLinkous

    My dear LC if you ever hit the Amsterdam airport , they hav fab sushi

    all decked out there. It is an amazing airport & I tried these sushi rolls that

    have the sushi wrappers wrapped like cones. OMG so ammmaaazzzing<3

    Thats the one love I know I can get an abundance is the CALI HASS AVOCADOS

    that I get in northern San Diego with my family. LUVS IT with my sushi!

  • Stefanie Ioannides

    Makimono Japanese Restaurant in Toronto is the besttttt sushi I’ve ever had! It’s all you can eat including drinks for about $20-25 depending on the day of the week and time. I go there so much with my family and occasionally with friends its fantastic

  • Annalyse Galan

    In Atlanta the best place for sushi is the Orient Express.

  • Pauline Cabusay

    If ever you’ll visit Philippines, try Saisaki, Yakimix and SamboKojin. Eat-all-you-can in just around 600php or $15!!! :)

  • Tori Sinclair

    My favourite Jap restaurant is fatty tuna it is soo yummy and it is the close to where I live

  • Julie Haugan

    I have several fav places! Since My mom is norwegian, i have been in norway several times. My fav there is Sushi Bar, Kyoto and Sushimi. Here in L.A my fav is Katsuya, Sushi Hiroba and Geisha house.

  • Kimiko PS

    Rise Sushi Lounge in downtown Atlanta is super chic and so good! STRIP in Atlantic Station has a great selection of yummy bites as well!

  • kimmarie

    When I lived in Bondi, Sydney, Australia I ate the BEST sushi on a regular basis. Being so close to Japan helped a lot I think with the style and variety on offer. Perfect!

  • Meghan Murray

    I love sushi as well! In Bloomfield, Birmingham, and West Bloomfield, MI there are so many different sushi restaurants. One that I absolutely love is Mene Sushi in West bloomfield. It’s inexpensive and has delicious food. Some of my favorite things to get there are a spicy california roll, a salmon pizza roll (a crab roll with baked salmon on top with a spicy sauce), and a shrimp tempura roll. I also love their miso soup and ginger salads. One dish that I get outside of sushi is called a Bimbimbap. It’s rice with veggies (you can add meat or seafood if you want) and a raw egg. It comes in this stone bowl so you can cook it right at your table– SO YUUMY!

  • lauren evans

    Little Tokyo in Pittsburgh, PA (Mt. Lebanon)… try the spicy scallop roll.. it’s the BEST!

  • Aieyat Zalzala

    i just blogged about my attempt to make sushi at home! probably my favorite food obsesion!

    I would love it if you could blog about the ways you keep yourself so fit and still indulging in some of your favorite dishes! what are some health tips you have?

  • Abby Joyce

    Lauren! I’m a vodka girl too! Its the only thing I can drink! I do a club soda, vodka, lemon lime slice, I call it a super skinny :) So yummy!

  • Samara van Stokkom

    Zushi in the center of Amsterdam

  • Hoa Nguyen

    I miss eating sushi :(

  • elly paraskevopoulou

    Nobu Matsuhisa in Athens!

  • Chanel Chartrand

    I’m from Vancouver and there’s a huge selection of sushi being on the coast!

    My favorite place is this little place on Main street called Dream Sushi. They even have desert rolls which include fruit and pop rocks! It’s fantastic :)

    I’m coming to LA next week and I will be sure to check out all the places you’ve suggested!


  • Patricia Mena

    I’m from Santiago, Chile and my favourite food is by far sushi since I was about 12. I really love sushi with salmon and tuna. If you come here you can taste Akai Sushi which is a really nice spot in here.

    I thinks this is one of my favourite blogs, and i would like you to blog about the new trends for this summer.

    XOXO, Patty.

  • Glorietta88

    I’m from Bologna, Italy and if you come here i advice to go to HAIKU JAPANESE & ASIAN RESTAURANT. I don’t like sushi but here you can eat all of japanese’s recipes. My friends say that in this restaurant you can eat the best Sushi and Sashimi of Bologna; and i can say that all the other meals are soooooooo good. TRY IT!!!!

  • Jesy

    I am in Dayton, Ohio and the best place around here to get sushi is at Thai9! Since I can’t go for lunch (too far from my job) I go to a little called Tahi Kitchen, a small little family owned resturant. Both have great atmosphere and amazing food.

  • Tara Nicole

    I am also a huge fan of sushi. My fav local spots in LA are I Love Suhi – Melrose Ave and Sushi Mon – 3rd and La Cienega. You gotta try them out, girl!

  • Danyelle Gay

    Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sushi Tango. It’s amazing and delicious!

  • lauren driscoll

    If you ever come to Iowa go to tokyo in waterloo! The Crab Rangoon sushi is the best! and it’s totally safe. Not to mention you get to watch them make your food right at the table :) it’s totes my fave.

  • kaitlyn fifield

    Also adore sushi! I had a roll today called Sakura Roll – fresh lobster with avocado. Yum yum yum.

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • karly goins

    well I do love Sushi Dan’s, which I know you’ve been to for the crazy danny roll. but my favorite sushi place was actually in el segundo (closer to my hometown) but it sadly closed :( it was called Oshun. my boyfriend and I would crave their seared tuna salad and their big boy roll. my favorite restaurant in general is Daimon sushi in seal beach, their las vegas roll is to die for :)

  • Briana Ellsworth

    If you’re ever in Texas, Sushi Niichi in Austin is delicious and they have an awesome happy hour! And if you somehow end up in Corpus Christi, TX there’s a place called Imperial Sushi that is awesome.
    And in New York there’s this place by my apartment called Oyama. It is super cheap which is the best part, but their sushi is soo good and their tempura ice cream is insane! For finer dining, Haru on Park Ave is lovely and their sushi is top notch as well.
    (Can you tell I love sushi just about as much as you do?! Hahah)

  • Becca Melnick

    Midori in Encino, CA is my all time favorite sushi place. Kirin sushi is the best that I’ve found in Orlando though

  • Gail Fernandez

    Is there a Nobu in LA? Well, the Vegas Nobu is awesome. Otherwise I’d tell you to hit up Sushimon in Vegas, there are several sprawled across Vegas, where I went to college. I’m from Hawaii, so we got some BOMB sushi places here. Yanagi Sushi, Kats Sushi, Morio Sushi, Izakaya Gaku, Chiba-ken and Sushi Sasabune are the best on the island. If you wanna stick to familiar, we have a Nobu here as well.

  • Isabella g.

    If you’re ever in Brasil u should go to some Temakeria..its a place everyone goes here after clubs and for dinner too. As you are into vodka you definitely should ask for a Caipirinha at the beach, its the most popular brazilian drink ! and i heard that our pizza its a way better than the american hahahaha.

  • Karine Kerr-Gillespie

    In Montreal, Kaizen is delicious! :)

  • Alilicious

    Seattle has some of the best Sushi…hands down. If you come to visit stop off at Wasabi Bistro, Umi Sake House and Nijo’s

  • Ila Red

    If you’ll visit Milano (Italy) -maybe for the next fashion week or only for vacation-, you should try FEEL (address: Via Boezio 10 – Milano), which is an amazing fusion-japanese restaurant and it’s my fav too.

  • brianna winnie

    when you come to Boston go to Basho in Fenway! they have awesome sushi

  • AmiS

    Yamamori in Dublin on the Quays or on Georges street is amazing!

  • Kayla Iso

    A tip I’d add is to make sure the sushi restaurant is actually Japanese. Coming from a Japanese family, I know better than to eat at a Korean or Chinese sushi place (I mean, it is authentically Japanese after all). The trouble is though, there are tons of Korean/Chinese-owned sushi restaurants popping up. But my friend has no problem with that. Once she walked right up to the hostess and asked if it was indeed Japanese and the second the hostess said it was Korean we just turned around and left.


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