Book Club: Our First LIVE Book Chat!



I’ve finally set a date for our last BossypantsBook Club check-in, which will be a LIVE online book chat! During the book chat, you will get to talk directly with me about the book.

Our LIVE book chat about Bossypants will take place on Thursday, July 7th, at 11am PST.

Here’s what to expect… On July 7th, I will send out an email notification (and a tweet) to remind you to log into your account at 11am PST (that’s Los Angeles time) to participate in our book chat. Once you’re logged in, leave a comment to the question presented in the Book Club post that will go up that day. I will sign on at 11am and for 30 minutes I will being asking you more reading questions and sharing my answers as well!

Mark your calendars and get excited!

XO Lauren


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  • Kellie Norton

    Yay!! See you then :)

  • Bianca Christian

    Can not wait!

  • Valora Gray

    So excited!

  • Brittany B

    cant wait! that’s my birthday :)

  • Ryan E

    For one of the few times ever, my work schedule is not going to interfere something! I’ll be there! I’m looking forward to the discussion. See everyone there!

  • Jennifer Olland

    Looking forward to this Lauren!!! I wasn’t sure of reading about Tina Fey at first, but I bought it for my nook and I definitely want to give you the credit for making such a great recommendation!! What a great book to start the club!

  • Renos Fy

    And I also waited for the appointment to chat Houdua

  • saffy bt

    my calendar was posted it.i hope i can chat also here in ksa.thanks for knowing….i can’t wait to talk to u lauren….



  • Sarah Tio

    I just cant waaaaaaiit!!! :-) I’m so excited!

  • sara simmons

    I am so excited! I’ve wanted to read this for so long…now I have more motivation to do so!

  • alessia gobbin

    Hi! i think that it’s a great idea! what do u think about sophie kinsella novels? i totally love them!!! Maybe lauren can decide to fix a book chat on one of her novel!

  • Emily Taylor Avia Hu

    yess, anyone know what time that is est?

  • Mary McAllister

    I’ll definitely be tuning in! Can’t wait!

  • Mandi Wasmer

    est is 3 hours ahead of pst, so it would be at 2pm :)

  • Michelle Brodie

    Would have loved to join the chat, but i am traveling through Europe and my tour in Krakow Poland kind of takes priority ;). Hope you all enjoy discussing the book!!

  • Peyton Bloom

    Hey Lauren! Just to let u know u are like my role model!!

    Oh yeah for the live book chat, I can’t wait!!

    My question: “”Which charecter in the book, La Candy, are you more like and which is your favorite?””


  • Brandi Jima

    Lauren, what is the next book everyone will be reading? I would like to join the club but I plan to start with the next book!



    @Brandi – Lauren will be announcing the book in a few weeks :-)

  • Isabella g.

    i couldnt read this one too, but now that im on vacation i cant wait to read the next!

  • Ryan E

    I’ll be there!

  • Brooke Connors

    How much longer until The Fame Game comes out?!

  • Romina Miranda

    i want to join

  • Taylor Shortt

    what was the main reason why you chose to read this book and why do you think it is important for others to as well?

  • Kiwi

    What was your favorite part in the book? What made you laugh the most?

  • Natasha Rossi

    Tina’s style of writing made her relatable to her audience – she places herself at our level, not above anybody – which I really enjoyed. What parts, if any, did you relate to personally?

  • Catty Lethbridge

    What did you learn from this book? And has it inspired you for your new book series?

  • Jennifer Olland



  • annieg95

    can’t wait

  • malika ouacha

    What inspired u to choose this book for the Bookclub?

  • Brooke Connors

    Why did you choose this book and which book will you choose next?

  • Alannah Dunne

    Did this book make you smile? :)

  • Aiza Smith


  • Elizabeth Radke

    Hi Lauren!!!
    I’m living in Germany right now (but originally from the states) so I was a little slow on getting started with your books.
    But, I picked the first one up and finished it within 5 days!!!! (between work and whatnot) and it was AMAZING! sososososo interesting and written to perfection. I love how you switch up the styles of writing between all the characters and are able to get there point of view throughout the book.
    I am now on the second book and am loving it even more!
    I can’t wait for your third book to come out and I plan on buying your style book, as soon as I can find it, lol.
    Thank you for such amazing books! :)


  • jessica richardson

    did you this book inspire you in anyway? -Thanks for being a good role model too:)

  • Josie Covello

    What did you do when you were stuck writing?

  • Josie Covello

    What had been the one thing keeping you going through the process of writing the book?

  • Kayla Brennan

    So exciting!! :-)

  • Hollie

    i really enjoyed this book, if you did then why did you? :)

  • Danelle Williams

    Tina has a really great view about how as women we should band together and be supportive of each other, rather than being overly competitive and finding ways to bring each other down when we don’t agree on things. Does her take on this change your view towards other women in your profession?

  • Aiza Smith

    lauren where are u??? its 11 already… β™₯β™₯β™₯ :)

  • Amanda Miles

    This book was a very good example of what woman go through and how to get through it.

  • Starstruck84

    Are you going to be planning another book tour with your new books and will you be coming back to North America?

  • sabrina bello

    so fun :)

  • jashima wadehra

    i thought her responses were appropriate because under so much pressure i feel that when u attempt to jusitfy yourself or give an explanation or even reply rudly your letting it dig deeper into you harming you , your esteem and your mental state . i think that by taking it lightly and replying in a comedy fashion makes it a lot easier to handle and shows that your not letting it affect you even if you are .

  • aimee stanley

    really thurley enjoyed reading this book Lauren:D and I have two questions for you ;

    1)Do any or your life experiences link in with any of which occur in the book ?


    2)Where you inspired about this book to write about your new set of books?

    im glad to finally speak with you Lauren:D you’re such an inspiring and amzing person of whom I am very much inspired by. I am very proud to call you my role model. Lots of love from England, love Aimee-Kate xoxoxo

  • Meryl Tench

    what is the most inspiring piece of advice you’ve ever recieved from reading this book?

  • Liz Gillies

    Are you planning to come to New Jersey?

  • Lisa Chambers

    After reading ‘Bossypants’ do you feel you relate to Tina in many ways regarding the “”Bossypants’ role? Being that you have so many projects and responsibilities that accompany your career, much like hers.

  • Ashley

    I cannot view the Live Chat! I live near the Los Angeles area.

  • Aiza Smith

    is this where we can live chat? or theres another place to log in??? help!

  • Karli Tinney

    Do feel that you have similar responsibilites as does tina fay? What wou ld you say is your favorite part of your responsibilties at you r job?

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    I love how Tina challenged the idea of a woman working in the man’s world of comedy and succeding in the process. She can be viewed upon as a role model for young female comedians today. Do you have similar role models who challenged the rules in the fashion world?

  • Mike Thomas

    how do you feel about tina Feys writting style

    BTW whats your fav clothing brand

    whats your fave cologne for guys to wear



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