I’m Starting A Book Club


For me, sometimes nothing is better than curling up in bed with Chloe while reading a good book. It’s pure happiness. It’s my time to enjoy the quiet, get cozy and escape the real world for a while. But I don’t get to do this very often. This is because I try to avoid reading while I’m writing so I don’t adopt any of the writers’ habits. As a result, reading has become more of a luxury that I usually save for vacations. Nevertheless, I do have a few books that I’ve read recently and would love to introduce you to…

Since I know a lot of you love reading (I saw all of the bookworm talk in the Forum), I’m starting an official LaurenConrad.com Book Club !

This is how the Book Club will work: We will all read the same book and then on a specific date, we will all meet here on LaurenConrad.com to discuss the book as we read it. How does that sound?

If you’re into this Book Club idea, just make sure you are signed up as a LaurenConrad.com member to participate and get the inside scoop.

Next week, I will kick start the Book Club by announcing our first read and will set the date for our very first online book chat.

Get excited!

XO Lauren

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  • Megan Collard

    this sounds fun! can’t wait to join the club =]

  • Jess

    I’m excited for this!

  • Caroline Dabroszek

    uuuh, hope I also can try it out! :-)

  • Kimberly

    That’s a great idea!

    I love reading. Especially your books!

    - Xxx.

  • Dominique Vetromile

    thisis a great idea! so excited!!

  • Emmy Rho

    Such a good idea! Reading is a luxury of mine too. Can’t wait to see what your first choice of a book is!



  • Susannah Williams


    <3 :)

  • Lorena Mozo Vega

    I love the idea, I can’t wait… =)

  • Erin

    YAAAAAAAY!!!! That sounds great!!!

  • Fabio Ribeiro

    good idea! i love this book, i gave some to my friends
    Best-seller “”the leadership secrets of Jesus””

  • Maria Eugenia Mulero

    i also love to read but as i finish my last semester at college i haven’t had much time! i can’t wait!!!

  • Carla Azevedo

    awesome!!!! im sooo excited for this!!! i wonder what the first book will be? =)

  • Emily Wells

    Great idea! Can’t wait.

  • Aquila Roberts

    This is great.. It will be interesting to read the various insights on the same book!

  • Kayla Queen

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see what the first book will be! :)

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    That will be awesome! I am so looking forward to it because it has been months since I have read a novel! Thanks for the great idea! :)


  • Sabrinchen

    Sounds great, I love to read! It’s exactly what you already said: sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up in bed and enjoy the quiet!

  • Simma Rai

    Just in time for when my exams finish :)

  • Laura Bouman

    Great idea! I hope that the book is also availble in the Netherlands!

  • Susannah Williams

    What is the fist book gonna be?

  • Katie N

    This is an awesome idea! I love reading and since it’s summer a book club sounds perfect :)

  • Dominika S

    this is such a good idea! Looking forward to it♥

  • Jennifer Sellen

    This is gonna be so awesome. I’ve read all your books plus I have your Style book and I loved them all. Its so hard to find a decent book these days so I always like recommendations. I really want to read Water for Elephants. After seeing the movie I loved it. And i’ve read all the Twilight books… I know such a nerd =) Can’t wait!!! Now all I need is a pet to cuddle up with lol ;)

  • Carolina Chaves

    love the idea!!

  • Karina Abrew

    yay great idea! especially sine school is almost out so perfect timing!

  • Christie Ou Yang

    a brilliant idea! :) looking forward to the first book already! ;)

  • Temarisch Peters

    Thats Cool!!! Im totally a bookworm..Right now I’m reading Three Day Road. However the author has slipped my mind…

  • Rayharna Wright

    I’m super excited!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hailey Hanson

    i cant wait!! :)

  • Kara Endres

    Yay! I’ve been wanting to do some sort of book club, this is perfect timing! Thanks Lauren :)

    xx Sprinkles in Springs

  • Beth Schilling

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Lexy Zimmerman

    So excited! I’m reading the immortals series by alyson noel write now, it’s really awesome.

  • Alexandria Meyer

    i’m super excited!! i cant wait! i love reading..especially a good book. i just got done reading your books. EXCELLENT. i love how you write. but anways, cant wait!

  • Susan Westrell

    I love this idea! Should be interesting to see what you pick.

  • Wendy Moedt

    Loving the Idea!

  • Louna Charaf

    Yaaay that’s so cool ! I can’t wait :)

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    sounds interesting!:)

  • Abii Carter

    Wow i’ll be up for this deffinetly! please let us know when it’s up and running i dont want to miss out! :)

  • Courtney Fanning

    I’m excited! Can’t wait to see what the first book will be!

  • Diamenrose

    Thats an awesome idea lauren! Cant wait

  • heidi kokborg

    it is so awesome! I love the idea :)

  • sarah lawrence

    yes!! reading is such a great way to escape from busy and hectic days! i love this idea!

  • Rahel Q.

    Amazing, such a great idea, Lauren!!!! x

  • Constanza Galleguillos

    Great idea!!

  • Michele Clark

    I can’t wait :)

  • Ashleigh

    Ah-mazing idea! I’ve been waiting for something like this to pop up!

  • Denise Ortiz

    Yay I can’t wait to see what book well be reading, this is awesome.

  • Vero R

    I love this new idea. <3

  • Aiza Smith

    this is brilliant… hope i could buy/find the book in my country…

  • Elena Deschanel

    Omg :D This is such a great idea! Can’t wait to see wich book you are going to choose first. :)

  • Gabriela Andino

    Super excited for this! I love reading :)

  • Mariah Ortiz

    can’t wait!

  • Shealyn Sowers

    I’m looking forward to it! What a great way to spend the summer!

  • Alex Evans

    Such a great idea! One of my favorite things is to curl up with an engaging book and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

  • Betsy Borst

    VERY EXCITING!! Can’t wait!! I LOVE to read!!

  • Natasha Rossi

    Such a great idea! I love reading and can’t wait to see what you pick first! :)

  • Tanya Hafeez

    Awesome idea! I’ve always wanted to be in a Book Club, but, never had the time to drive back and forth to people’s homes, coffee shops, etc for it. An online book club saves a lot of time! Can’t wait to see what the book is :-)

  • Marcela V

    I can’t wait to start with the book club =]

  • Soof v. D

    I like it, Can’t wait :D

  • Lindsay Martin

    i love it :)

  • Lolly

    wow sounds great :) looking forward to it :) xoxo

  • Susana Teles

    Brilliant idea!!! Looking forward to it! xxx

  • Kimberly Dunnagan

    I am totally interested! This is such a cool idea! I love reading. I saw your tweet as soon as I was picking up a book to read actually! Can’t wait! :)

  • Janine Jones

    I’m so excited. I’ve never been in a book club before.

  • Rachel Pizunski

    can’t wait ♥

  • Becky Mell-Parkkonen

    Excited to get started..

  • Jennifer Lee

    so glad!! :)

  • Marissa Nicole

    Excited & looking forward to it.

  • Kelly Lee

    Can’t wait!! This is a great idea xx

  • Christi Straub

    I’m really excited about this! I’ve wanted to try a book club for awhile, but didn’t want to have to meet new weird people in person. A virtual book club is probably a good jumping off point :-)

  • Maria Camilleri

    loveeeeeeee the idea! Cant wait!

  • Amy Gilbreth

    Cant wait!!! I am such an avid reader it will be good to have people to acutally share what I read with.

  • valeska garces

    genial, ojalá sea The Great Gatsby!!!

  • saffy bt

    please add me, i want to be here…

  • Ashley Mullins

    i love this! sign me up :)

  • Mirari Goni Chourraut

    it’s gonna be amazing!! :) but I’m also waiting for your books to be published in Spain!!

  • Misty Brown

    Yay!! Sign me up!

  • devi kass

    that is such a great idea. can not wait!

  • saffy bt

    really it is enjoyable @ can catched a memorablle experience…

  • V

    i like this!

  • Sarah Dettmann

    I LOVE the idea, Lauren =)

    I totally agree with you about curling up in bed and reading a good book! That’s one of my favorite passtimes! Along with taking long walks at the park and watching criminal justice shows =)

  • wadha N

    great idea, waiting for the first book.

  • Carolyn A

    this sounds like such a great ideaa <3

  • Yvette Orozco

    I am beyond excited!! :)

  • maia maia

    I’m also in!!

  • Theresa G

    This sounds amazing, esp for summer!! yay to beach reads!

  • Courtney Fargione


  • tatjana love

    Sounds wonderful Miss Lauren! i’m so looking forward to it!

  • kymberly miru

    LOL trevor

  • Jessy van kempen

    yay! were can I sign up?
    .. waiting for the first book!


  • Kayla Robertson

    This should be fun! Better finish my current book!

  • Kristina h

    :) Cant wait!

  • Steff Blum

    So excited! I was just telling my best friend today that we should start a book club and then I happened to see this one so we’re both joining!!

  • vanstare

    Whole reason why I joined laurenconrad.com! Can’t wait!

  • Kaylaa Johnson

    sounds like such a great idea. I will be joining for sure :)

  • dht

    Stoked about this! Something new to add to my Nook reads :)

  • Jenna Slavin

    I love this idea! genius! <3

  • amanda boggs

    love it!

  • Alexandra Ludwin

    LOVEEE this <3 always up for a good read!

  • Patrice Lynch

    Aww cant wait! (:

  • Madelaine Guzman

    Can’t wait for this! btw: if anyone has any tips on getting around this new site…I’d love the help:)

  • Pearce McMahon

    sounds like an awesome idea. i’m so excited :)

  • Stefany

    This is amazing! YES!

    I am super excited!!

  • Britta Barron


  • Gabrielle Burge

    Sounds awesome!

  • Office to Aprons

    Where do you get one of those bookmarks in the picture? I need one!

  • NessG

    Love this idea.

    P.S. All the pictures that go along with you posts’ are so pretty.

  • Wendy Cruz

    Sounds great!

  • Heather Stafford

    Yay! Can’t wait.

  • Sarah Dunaway

    I’m so excited. There’s nothing I love more than catching up on good reads during the summer.

  • Lisa Chambers

    I can’t wait! I am definitely in! I’ve been wanting to start one, so this is perfect! :D


    I love this idea! I just don’t have any gf that are willing to participate. They think book club is only for elder ladies.

    When we do this we definitely need to have an appetizer and drink for the day we meet.

  • Erin E

    YAY! This is a fantastic idea!

  • Sabrina Hossain

    YES. I’ve always wanted to be in a book club lol. Can’t wait! :)

  • Jordyn Wallace

    OMG I am so doing this! I love reading and honestly have never been part of a book club….So starting now HELLO book club :)

    * thanks Lauren

  • Patty Rivera

    Anxious to see what the first book choice will be:)

  • Emma Koller

    Yes! So excited about this! Pick a good one Miss Lauren! No pressure :)

  • Kellie Norton

    Lauren, this is awesome. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to actually relate to us (your fans). I know all of us can say that because of this website we all sort of feel like your best friends :)

  • Ashleigh Westmoreland

    I’m so excited for this!!!!

  • Chetna Pradhan

    sucha fantastic idea!!!!cant w8

  • Elisee prummel

    i love it, so excited! i’m inn(l)

  • stephanie petalas

    What a great idea :) looking forward to it !

  • Jenny van Iersel

    very nice! curious if i can get the book then, down here in holland! haha :) but fabulous idea!

  • Wendy San

    I’ve always wanted to exquisitely discuss my opinion on a book! Thanks Laurennnnn :) I’m so excited hehehe!

  • Emma Cooper

    This is something that I am really looking forward too :) absolutely fabulous idea, thank you so much.

  • Azril Nazmi

    Alodie in so true! a book that can be found outside US..besides Europe, why not Asia???

    South-East-Asia like Malaysia and Singapore..

  • Josephine Damgaard

    What book is it? :-9

  • Christine

    It’s a great idea! I can’t wait!

  • Leslie Driggers

    I think this is a wonderful idea. Lauren you are such a good rolemodel. My kids recently started watching “”The Hills”” and have gotten hooked. We have “”Laguna Beach”” and “”The Hills”” on dvd. Now every night at bed time they watch a couple episodes. My girl’s are 13 and 11 and I love that they choose you as the person they want to be like. We check your site everyday now, and have printed the hair style tips and made a book so they can just look threw it to pick the style they want that day. I have been a fan of yours since “”Laguna Beach”” and I am really enjoying having something in common to share and talk about with my girls. We recently have gotten all of your books and all of us are enjoying reading them. Now this wonderful idea of a book club will ensure that my girls keep up with their reading over the summer. Thank you…

  • Michelle Anderson

    That sounds great, can’t wait to know what your first pick is…!

  • Xo_EyeBee


  • Shaima AlO


  • Gabriela Andino

    I can’t wait!! I wonder what book Lauren will pick???

  • Karen Wapinski

    Sounds great!! Can’t wait to get started

  • Kristin H

    Hey Lauren! This is a Great idea! I was wondering about the bookmarks in the picture above…do you know where I could find some that are similar?



  • Prncsse47

    Great Idea, Can not wait to start. =]

  • Nana

    Count me in…

  • Jammy Benter


  • Ella Amethyst

    OMG! Seriously? Can’t wait!!! It’s going to be my first book club ever! I wonder what your choice will be… uhmmm

  • diana seitanidou

    i hope i can get my hands on the book you will suggest :) so exciting about this idea!!

  • Michelle R

    I’m looking forward to this! Great idea LC!

  • Peaches

    So excited! Can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to be in a book club!

  • Adriana L

    im so excited!

  • Kim

    I’m so excited about the book club. I’m such a book nerd- but it enriches your mind and what could be better!

  • Alexis Last name

    Count me in!

  • Azusena Hernandez

    YAY!!! Count me in!!

  • Courtney Coan

    Sounds fantastic!

  • georgia mcintyre

    ooh, this should be awesome!!! <3 :D

  • Vita

    sounds exciting! i can’t wait!

  • Izzy Feeney

    oooh sounds really good can’t wait to start!

  • Mariella

    yeah! i’m in!! can

  • Daci

    Signed up to laurenconrad.com for this!!!! Now I need to get my profile to look better!! lol

  • Koceva Tamara

    Love the idea, can’t wait to see ot!!!! I also signed up because of this!

  • Daci

    I’m wondering which book she is going to choose! I wish I could know so I could get it this weekend!

  • Leslie Clark

    Im so excited!! Can’t Wait until you post what book!

  • Maria Padilla

    I definitely can’t wait! :D

  • Cody Wilshire

    I signed up specifically because of this too! I posted it on my Tumblr as well, hopefully to encourage more people to get involved. I think it’s definitely a positive influence and something that has kind of become a lost art in a way.

  • Stephanie

    im in! ive been looking for a great spring/summer read but dont know what book to start with. love this idea!

  • Kristen Smith

    Excellent idea!!

  • Lia Robertinova

    Lauren I am SOO EXCITED FOR THIS! I too feel that reading is my only escape from reality, and that it allows me to develop a different outlook on literature. I am 100% in favor of your idea for a book club, and I absolutely can’t wait until it starts!

  • shaylyn

    Can’t wait!! :)


    Great idea – can’t wait!

  • Carito Burburr

    Me too! Can’t wait :)

  • Javannie Owen

    This is a great idea, really looking forward to your book choice.

  • Elizabeth Courchesne

    Can’t wait, sounds like so much fun!

    I’m always looking for something new to read :)

  • Gitte Holbech

    Great idea – I sometimes find myself reading the same books over and over again so this is perfect for me :-D

  • Tyler Pierce

    this is gonna be awesome i love reading looking forward :DDDDD

  • Melina Q

    I love reading! such a good idea! :)

  • SmileYoureBeautiful

    I’m so excited for the book club because I absolutely love to read and I’ll have way more time to read because it’s summer and I’m out of school!!! I can’t wait to find out what book it is =)

  • sarah lopez

    Yay!! cant wait! :)

  • Mariam Naguib

    I am so excited about this new book club

  • Amalthea Myst

    So excited! Can’t wait to find out what the book is!

  • Jennie Pedretti

    So excited!!

  • Julie Smith

    This is perfect! I just finished my semester so now that I’m on summer break, I have spare time for pleasure reading! Can’t wait! :)

  • Kris

    i cant wait! i love to read :) and im sick of reading just mediocre books that i cant discuss with anyone else

  • Jena

    very excited!

  • Priscilla Lopez

    Wooooo! I’m so excited!

  • Stephanie Ramos

    cant wait to start :)

  • Camilla Lindgren Nielsen

    Looking forward ! ;b

  • Kristin Grimes

    I am excited, cant wait to hear the book we are reading. I do my reading at night after kids are in bed.

  • Josie Vandermar-Poor

    can’t wait!!! looking foward to it! : )

  • Kyla Becker

    Yay for reading!

  • Sarah Jarvis

    what a fabulous idea!!

  • Meghan Fazio

    I’m so excited!! I love to read!! this is such a cool idea!

  • Eloisa Lopez

    Love the idea Lauren!!!! I’m so in!!! :o) I hope the books will be INSPIRATIONAL !!!

  • Josephine Damgaard

    What book is it! Cant wait!

  • Ashley Adkins

    Looking Forward to this!!! Where will we find the books you have chosen for us to read???? Is there goin to be a tab?

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    I LOVE reading books. This will be fantastic.

  • Elizabeth Neil

    how will we know when you have chosen a book

    this is a great idea i love books x

  • Jordy S

    cant wait! i love to read :) and its summer, so i will have loadds of time! xo

  • Summers Askew

    sounds good (:

  • Amanda Wallace

    love the idea! CAN’T WAIT :)

  • Anneka Bavishi

    I cannot wait either!yayyyy

  • meaghan doyle

    whats the pick? =)

  • Amanda Martini-Hughes

    I’m excited! can’t wait to hear the book choice!

  • Nancy Ruffin

    stellar idea. looking forward to it!

  • redheadrachel

    Great idea, Lauren! I’ll definitely join and I can’t wait to see what the first choice is!

  • Danielle Noel


  • Marisa McConnell

    Can’t wait!

  • Kiara Glover

    so excited for this : )

  • Megan M

    So excited for a book club!!

  • Jessica Samaniego

    I am honestyl super excited about this! I love to read and have been searching for a new book. Looking forward to what you recommend.

  • Tara Giebe

    I’m so excited to hear what the book choice is going to be!!

  • Kirsty North

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to hear what the first book choice is going to be!

  • Shannon Maule

    Totally in for the book club :)

  • Cathy Jackson Hall

    Great Idea Lauren! I can’t wait to start reading & join in on the discussions afterwards. Thanx for letting us Aussies join ur club

  • Denise

    Can’t wait for the book club!!

  • stephanie samms

    I am so excited :) Love book clubs

  • Sara Badenhop

    excited for book club! :)

  • Ashley McDowell

    I’m super excited! I cannot wait to see what’s the first book!

  • Laura Acton

    Can’t wait to see what the first book will be!

  • Ashleigh Brown

    curious as to what the first book will be!

  • Mindee Krymer

    I’m so excited about this book club. I have a list of books to read that is bound to last me the rest of my life, but then I started thinking – what about all the other great books out there that aren’t on my list? What then? If I’m in a book club, I have an excuse to read books that probably aren’t (or maybe are) on the list!

  • Courtney

    Summer vacation is the perfect time to read a good book, EXCITED!

  • Hannah Silva

    can’t wait to hear what the first book is!!

  • Maribel C

    I need some reading materials ASAP! :)

  • Chelsea LoIacono

    can’t wait to find out the first book!

  • Reesie23

    Can’t wait to see what the first book will be. Just finished reading all of the the L.A. Candy series…loved them!!!

  • Jean Martens

    I’m in for the book club!

  • Brittany Hill

    I cannot wait to start reading the first book! I love your books, Lauren!

  • Dana M

    I’m in :-)

  • Annie

    Can’t wait!

  • Caroline Cadore

    I’m in too!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Pinckney

    I’m in too!

  • Jennifer chang

    i love to be a part of it just email me the book title and ill try to pick it up

  • Justynne Wheeler

    OMG!!! Sooo excitied Lauren can’t wait for the first pick! <3

  • Libby Patch

    I’m in!!!

  • wiscgirl

    I’m in! Cannot wait to see what the first book will be.

  • Felicia Del Rio

    When will the first pick be put up?

  • Kathy Dorf

    I’m trying to start my own, but I’ll join yours, too! :)

  • Ally


  • Lala

    I would love to join!

  • Christine Clark

    I’d love to join the book club

  • Lala

    Excited about the book club!

  • Kerri Leigh

    Can’t wait! Me and a friend of mine do our own personal book club, but it’ll be nice to have more than one other person’s opinion!

  • Brittany

    Can’t wait to see what the pick is! A group of girls and I have a monthly book club. We joke that it’s an excuse to get away from the hubbies and have girlie drinks :)

  • Katie Wages

    totally in! great idea! looking forward to your first choice!

  • Sabina L

    I’m so in!

  • Jennifer Robinson

    I would love to join…I always enjoy reading a good book by the pool

  • Alex Vorndran

    I am excited for this! I would love to join!

  • Sunday

    When I saw the Book Club heading it immediately caught my attention. Now, I can’t wait for the first book to be announced!

  • Celia Flores

    I’m excited!

  • Ashtyn Karachristos

    I curious to find out what books we will be reading.

  • Arielle Hattan

    Can I still get in on the book club??

  • Angela Scibilia

    I want to join!

  • Ashley Stewart

    So excited! I love book clubs!

  • Sofia

    Can’t wait to start the book club. Really interested in seeing your choice in books and getting a chance for a little discussion about them!

  • Lauren Lance

    yayyy im excited , cant wait to start :)

  • Jennifer Meeker

    im really excited about the book club as well. i love lauren and im kind of interested in seeing what kind of books she reads. this is going to be awesome!!!

  • Breegurlhere


  • Sara Lisa Nagel

    I’m in.. for sure :)

  • Kara Wells

    I need a good book! cant wait!:)

  • Amy Gilbreth

    I am 100% in for the Book Club!!! Cant wait to hear what the pick is! Thanks for setting this up Lauren.

  • Sam Smith

    Sounds good :). Can’t wait to see what book.

  • Kimberly Pinney

    I am officially done with school for the summer! So I cant wait for the book club. Cant wait to see your pick.

  • Elisabeth McBrien

    Looking forward to starting the book club!

  • Clarence R


  • Stephanie

    Im in, Im in

  • marquess

    can’t wait i hope the goods are great

  • Peepgirl

    yay this is going to be awesome! I just got a kindle so im super excited!

  • Subxha B.

    Yay :) Can’t wait for the book club <33

  • Kristina h

    I wish it would be announced already!! I wanna start reading!!

  • Marina Plessy

    in the rigt time, i’ll be in vacations for read read and read

  • Rebecca Park


  • Natalia Quiroga

    Can’t wait!

  • Carin Chwastyk

    Very excited to see your first pick! <3 Perfect timing too... I just finished my last book!

  • melissa slazyk

    i need a good summer book

  • Krystina Bole

    awesome!! I have a hard time making myself read, but I want to be a reader soooooo bad. Maybe this will help me be a better reader!

  • Rachel Zimmer

    I need a good summer book as well!! So excited to read the book you’re going to choose!

  • Courtney Coan


    When will you pick what book we will read?

  • EvaB

    Greetings from Germany!


  • Dani Weiss

    Yay! I am in!

  • Horbie

    I’m excited :)

  • India McGlinchey

    i am in too :)

  • Soraya Lernould

    I am in! Can’t wait for the first book

  • Sara Lisa Nagel

    I’m sooo excited. :)

  • cassandra lobo

    Yay! I can’t wait! Super excited!

  • Sarah Acheson

    Can’t wait! I’m in :)

  • SStar818

    I’m interested in being a par of it! :)

  • Sophie G

    can’t wait!

  • Holly Byerly

    I’m in!

  • sofia muzzio


  • erika heming

    I’m in:)

  • Jennifer chang

    just got the email of the first book very good choice will pick it up on the weekend when i get a chance
    it will be fun to share our thoughts

  • Cara Zawacki

    I haven never been so excited to start book club before! great first choice!!!! I cant wait to read it!! And am super excited that you started a book club!!!!

  • MichaelaL

    Glad to join this book group – looking forward to reading the first book.

  • Hillary Gourlay

    im in!!!!

  • Jennifer chang

    i will pick up the book tomorrow cant wait to join in

  • Stace Face

    I want to get on this =] Just have to pick up the book, asap!

  • Lauren Acosta

    IM IN <3

  • Natalie Seven

    Definitely in! this would be fun!

  • Mary Katelyn

    I’ll be reading!

    xo Mary

  • Ashley Prendergast

    I just visited the thread… how are we doing this? I would really like to be a part of the book club… is it on this site or Facebook or something? And what book are we going to start with?

  • Nell

    Can’t wait!

  • Nicole

    I’m definitely in! I love the idea of a book club with Lauren Conrad :) Can’t wait to read Bossypants!

  • China

    I’m getting the book tomorrow…can’t wait!

  • Bossdancer

    When is the first discussion?

  • Kylie Rhodes

    Sounds good! Speaking about books, I’m loving your series Lauren – just finishing the third one. Hope more are coming!

  • Jennifer Olland

    love the bookmarks in your photo!!!

  • Mandi B

    I can’t wait! I LOVE book clubs!

  • natalie jones

    what is the next book going to be? i just found out how to make an account, except i couldn’t say i was from the UK because it only had american states! i can’t wait to read the next book you post! hehe:’)

  • Megan Fisette

    I read Tina Fey’s book recently and really enjoyed it. So I’m excited to get to discuss it on here!

  • Jessica Lynn

    I’m taking two summer courses at my college right now (so I can graduate on time next year!) I am so swamped with work and have no time to read for pleasure right now. I can’t wait till I am finished next month and I can read the next book :)

    I agree, reading is the best alone time.. getting cozy with a book on my porch on a summer night is one of my favorite things

  • danceracc

    I just returned that book to the library! Laughed from start to finish, you could really hear her telling the stories.

    I loved her prayer for her daughter towards the end!!! Overall, I really enjoyed her working mom stories because I think about that as I continue to pursue my career.

    I’m with Natalie, whats the next book going to be?

  • splendourandrouge
  • Shelyn Rodriguez

    Yay!! I need a break from the real world!! Can’t wait to start the reading!! lol

  • emily gallo

    im soo excited!!! i HATE reading but Lauren Conrad books are the only ones i can put down!!! love the idea :)

  • Rachel Hancock


  • Jessica Arellano

    Ready for the book!

  • Lauren Brown

    Reading is my down time too. I’m going into my Senior year in high school, second year in community college, and preparing for college so I don’t want to devote my days just to stress, homework, and applications. I think its important to have time to yourself and stress free. I always aim to read at night or even write to clear my mind. I’m so ready to be apart of the book club :)

  • Robyn sorrell

    Hey! I love to read and would love to get involved in the book club. It’s odd I’m just seeing this on the site b/c I see post started in 2011…am I too late??


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