Creative Coolness: Brilliant Banksy

Banksy! The one and only. The British street artist infamously known for his satirical graffiti was back in LA earlier this year. He left behind trails of stenciled artwork, which are finally being recognized as local treasures (some cities are even putting plexiglass over his work to protect it). I am a huge fan of his workโ€“not because he is a big name, but because his art is downright brilliant! Some of it is a tad controversial, but it’s still super creative…

I think my favorite work by Banksy is the stencil he did of the maid sweeping soot under the wall (image below). How did he think of that?


As intimidating as it might seem, I think it’s important to expose yourself to different types of art. A great way to do this is by embracing young, innovative creators like Banksy. Not only is his stuff cool and fun to look at, it engages you in something that is culturally relevant and interesting.

What’s your favorite thing Banksy has done? If you aren’t familiar with his art, check it out at or watch his award winning documentary Exit Through The Giftshop and let me know what you think!

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  • yelka x

    I’m also a big fan of him! He is really creative and different from others artists..

    I like this one that you’ve posted and also this ones.. : :) well and much more.. :)

  • Emmy Rho

    this is really cool! I had never heard of him before but really like his work.


  • Jennifer Houlahan

    I love the texture of his painting, it makes it seem ‘aged’. So interesting and awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • Melody Carpenter

    it so cool that you are a fan of Bansky, i have been a fan of him for a whiIe; I love how he satirizes everything

    i went to look at some of his artwork when i went to bristol as this is where he is from in the uk. i put some picutres on my page if you want to look at them :)


  • Kristina Hoenel


  • Elena Deschanel

    Haven’t heard of him but it looks really cool! :)

  • Kimberly

    I’ve never heard of him but his creations are beautiful!

    – Xxx.

  • DREW Humphries

    This guy IS pretty brilliant!! His work reminds me a little bit of the sidewalk/pavement artist! (

  • Pressilla van der Poel

    I didn’t know Banksky, but after reading this, I started to look at his works, and wow, he’s brilliant!

  • Anna Griffiths

    Check out the above ^^

    Some banksy work that i spotted in a town near me… we think its banksy its been framed anyway!!


  • Beth Schilling

    Banksy is fun. I saw Exit Through The Gift Shop – interesting movie for sure. I really enjoyed the disfigured telephone booth in the movie. Definitely a movie worth checking out – makes you think about what “”art”” really is.

  • Tom

    Check out some photos from his exhibition here in Bristol .

  • Carlie P-S

    This is amazing, I’ve seen his work before, and he never ceases to amaze me.

  • Stephanie Ramos

    Banksy <3. I love Graffitti art. His Documentary is really brillant, everyone should watch it!

  • SmileYoureBeautiful

    This is amazing! I love seeing sidewalk artists with so much talent. On the yahoo homepage they were talking about this artist that paints the most amazing scenes on sidewalks! Take a look:

  • Keeler

    I loved Exit Through the Gift Shop and highly recommend it (watch on instant Netflix). I have seen Banksy’s work when I was living in London, it was amazing and so unique and was all over the city. It was the first I had seen of the “”new”” street art and it inspired me to look up more artists like him. -Thanks for mentioning him Lauren!

  • TessaAbingdon

    Wish Banksy would come decorate Sydney with awesome graffiti.

  • Fabio Ribeiro

    one of the best artist today is Vladimir Kush
    believe it is better than Salvador Dali.
    Look at his pictures on facebook

  • Sarah T

    There is a very very famous Banksy piece here in Brighton, England. Randomly, it’s on the side of a pub outside the city train station but it’s covered in perspex now to protect it. It’s always part of my tour of the city when friends/family visit …

    but my favourite has to…

    I love discovering them in different cities. It feels a bit like winning a treasure hunt, you’d forgotten you were playing :) xxxx

  • Anna Gorbacheva

    it is pure talent !! never seen anything like that….

  • Mariella

    i love him! he is brilliant!!! :)

  • Katelyn

    I saw a Banksy when I was in Paris last month! His artwork is amazing!

  • lucy schafer

    This is amazing, For sure searching up some more of his art!!!

  • Hilary

    I love Banksy. Exit Through the Gift Shop was amazing.

  • Tammi Cruise

    Lauren, will you be selling these in petite sizes by any chance? I love your line at Kohls, but I am only 5′ tall! Any hope for us shorties? :)

  • Tammi Cruise

    I’m sorry, I was just looking at Paper Crown’s lookbook, I apologize for posting on this categories section! I must say however, that this picture is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • yuan yi

    thank u for sharing the picture is beautifull

  • Stace Face

    Very cool! I loved his website

  • mary1024

    Wow that is amazing, thank you for posting. I love art!

  • Yaressy Ramos

    Very cool, is really awesome

  • Di

    that is soooo cool!

  • Amal.S

    I really enjoy Banksy’s work because it is interesting and a symbol of hope for many people. Recently he painted on the Palestinian side of West Bank Wall that completely surrounds the Palestinian city, Qalqiliyah. I particularly like the girl being carried away by a bunch of balloons. He has created many other images on the wall, which can be found online. I bumped into a website that shows most of the work he created on that wall. Follow the link below to see them javascript:mctmp(0);



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