Kitchen Beautician: A Heavenly Mash



My favorite at home remedy for dry skin is simple: coconut butter and a couple drops of olive oil. Coconut butter is an incredible moisturizer and promotes elasticity in skin. Extra virgin olive oil is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants. These two are a mash made in heaven! Blend two teaspoons of coconut butter and 10 drops of extra virgin olive oil together in a bowl using the back of a spoon. Apply a thin layer anywhere skin feels dry once or twice a week. I use this on my lips, legs, arms, elbows, and hands. Cover and save the rest in the refrigerator. Due to the coconut craze right now, coconut butter should be pretty easy to find. It’s the perfect summer skin prep!

XO Lauren via TheBeautyDepartment

Photo: Dan Forbes / NY Times
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  • Anna Gorbacheva

    Is it better than Aquaphor?

  • Dominika S

    I’ll try it out for sure :]

  • diana seitanidou

    i will try it if i find coconut butter! never heard of it before!!

  • Emmy Rho

    Thanks so much for the tip! Having just come back from a carribbean vacation I could use this for my dry skin!


  • Helena Monique Clarke

    For serious defcon 5 skin dryness, Olive oil in the bath water is great as well. But for just seriously soft silky skin and a good all around moisturizing, grape seed oil, which is lighter and less strongly scented is great for me. Just add a bit to bath water and it’s all good.

  • Emma Pugh

    this sounds perfect for Summer/Spring! Thank you



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